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  1. Seven Seas Roleplay [Heavy Text Roleplay] Find info on our Discord using the following invite code: bZexd5 Build. Defend. Rule. Explore the Lost Isles of Arcana along the Black Coast in an RP server that features the great depth of detailed custom made lore as the world of Atlas becomes enshrouded in a dark era where the surrounding kingdoms are engaged in an arms race over the precious ominous resource known as Shards of Mythos, which were fragments of the Patron God of the technologically advanced lost kingdom of Arcana, Mythos. However, a corrupt kingdom of tyrants has forged a heinous pact with the reawakened Demon King Devos and his unholy horde known as the Army of The Damned and reborn legion of mythical demons ravage the land. Who will you be in a world filled with scholars, templars, merchants, soldiers, nobles, priests, and pirates? What world would you help build in an RP server where your decisions impact the storyline and the welfare of the different kingdoms?
  2. this is true on unofficial servers and official servers for me. I tried making a company too, and still wouldn't work. this is a game stopping bug if I am always stuck on freeports. I have tested this on PVE and PVP. Same results.
  3. Unless there is another way other than shoveling sand to get salt, its counterproductive to try to get a small random chance to get it out of the sand in order to supply the Preserving Bags. And the Preserving Bags consume so much salt that one person assigned to the task cannot keep up with demand in a group as well as prepare/farm for food.
  4. I am in this sinking ship too...I am unable to login/p[ay.
  5. I am unable to join any server now. Even with tiles with low or no population on it.
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