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Found 20 results

  1. I am playing Atlas RP on twitch for a while now. I recently found out how to bind Emotes to keys which is awesome for RP and my viewers don't have to see a menu. There are 2 Emote Keys that I can bind to other keys freely. Can we get more of them? Please With 9 keys i could fill my NumPad and do better RP. Thanks in advance
  2. Let's forget companies for a moment and talk about settlements. I have a crazy idea and I can't wait to hear from all of you how bad and stupid it is First the Simple explanation Companies can only have 1 Island which merges Company and Settlement into one and the same thing. Players can join multiple Settlements. Second the complicated version 1. Get rid of Companies (just hear me out) 2. Implement Crew (explained below) 3. Expand on the Settlement mechanic so that Settlements become a substitute for companies Crew A crew is just a casual party of players who meet and want to play together for some time and do stuff. This group is absolutely temporary. The limit should be about 5 - 10 people. The leader of the Crew is the captain. And if the Captain owns a ship the crew can use sails and stuff. Maybe different settings for chests but ... details. Or maybe it is bound to a ship like the settlement is bound to an island. Raid Group Just a group of crews. This is also temporary just for raids like the kraken or a fight. Settlement The settlement works at least as we know it right now. You claim an island and all that stuff. That's why we need the Crew as a small substitute for the company because it would be difficult to play with other people. The Settlement owner can allow single players, or a whole crew, to become a permanent settler on the island. From here the whole thing could work as a company but it is bound to the Island itself. Players are not limited to a single settlement/island. They can become a settler on several islands. Maybe without limit. There are different ranks for Settlers and with that different things they can do. Building houses, building cannons, etc. The Settlement owner can set basic laws and of course taxes on farming and trading in player shops. (Or for docking your ship?) Alliance An alliance is formed between two settlement owners. Each settlement has the alliance rank and it applies to every settlement member of the allied Settlement. So why this change and where are companies? Companies are gone in this idea. This applies to players on islands. There are no companies on the open sea. Just temporary crews and maybe bigger raid fleets. The ocean is lawless. You are just you and your crew and your ship. If you set foot on an island. The options you have are determined by your relationship to the settlement. The thing I see here and that is the main point where I hope we can solve some issues with the game, is that right now people identify too much with an abstract name or company. If they identify with a settlement, at least in my fantasy, we could get a more open world. More cooperation (even on PvP). More trade. More piracy. I don't know. I think this sounds wonderful.
  3. First, I don't want anyone to keep the full inventory after death. That would be stupid and i know it! BUT If this should become an MMO and stories should emerge we need to connect to our character a little bit more. Why bother about cosmetics if they are gone with the next bug or shark? So here is an idea I don't know right now how long a corpse stays until it despawns but let's assume it is 5 minutes. If you die you have the option to respawn instantly (if there is a bed ready) Or you have the option to wait until your corpse is gone (5 minutes here) and to keep your inventory. But only Armor and equiped weapons and tools. Everything else is gone or is left behind in a bag. That way you can build your character and keep it. Or if you don't want to wait because you give a s**t about cosmetics you can just respawn as usual. Your corpse can still be looted by someone else and if the person takes your pistol. You won't respawn with it of course. So you could wait 5 minutes and still be naked. Maybe we could get the name of the Thieve and set a bounty on his head
  4. Well look no further! Atlas Roleplay Evolved! PvP/PvE/RP Whitelisted 3x3 Grid Server with enhanced Rates is here! From the creators of ARKRP comes the next big RP community, this time for Atlas! Encounter diverse groups from traders to vicious pirates! Join a company or form your own as you make an impact on the server's ever growing lore! The server is also open to both Voice and Text RP! And it is located in the United States and features players from both NA and EU! Comes with all types of climates and all kinds of bosses in the game! Come join the discord and be a part of the community! Whether you are a streamer, a PvPer, a PvEer, or a hard core Roleplayer, this community is the place to be if you are looking for a toxic, stress-free place to enjoy Atlas! IF you have questions feel free to add me on Discord McDugals#3523 Discord: https://discord.gg/tVW6EZU Whitelist page: http://atlasroleplay.com/
  5. Kappinski

    Selling Ships

    There should be an option to change the ownership of a ship without the necessity to claim. An option where you give away your ship voluntarily. Wit that option you could sell ships to other players or tribes. Why should you do that? Well for gold or for roleplay. You could banish people from your tribe and set them out in the ocean on a raft that they can actually interact with.
  6. Welcome to JetEye Paradise! We host gaming servers for various different games! Currently our servers are running Atlas on a 7x7 grid which is split between two servers located in Thailand and central USA. You can seamlessly sail between these servers and venture across the entire grid. The rates are 10x Tame, 5x Harvest, 3x XP for PVP and 5x Tame, 2x Harvest, 2x XP for PVE. Power Stone quests have been implemented and tested fully. If you have any questions or issues, use either the reporting channel here or on the Facebook group JetEye Gaming Servers. There are currently 50 slots per server. To Join, Search for JetEye 7x7 PVPVE Modded. The direct connect info is for one of the US servers and for one of the Asia servers. Feel free to invite as many as people as you would like!
  7. I am missing one key aspect of the pirate fantasy and that is stealing ships. Of course it would suck to come online and your ships are not only destroyed but even worse, they are stolen. So here is my idea: Every ship is claimable like it is now but with one change. If the ship is not anchored, the further away it is from any coastline the less time is required to claim a ship. So from the current default time of several hours down to 1 hour minimum if in open waters. If a claim occurs in open water the default of 1 hour is increased/decreased by +-10% for every crew member the defending group differs from the attacker. The moment a claim flag is placed on a ship it can't be scuttled and parts cannot be demolished. For example: If the defending ship has 5 crew member (npc, tame or player) and the attackers get on board with 5 members aswell it is evened out and the claim time will be 1 hour. If the attackers have 6 members on board. The claim time is reduced by 10%. (Of course the numbers are just an example more or less might be better/worse) So what does that mean? Finally we can board enemy ships and steal them. It would require a lot of skill and strategy. This would open up new strategies and possibilities for PvP and Roleplay. Your ships would still be safe in your harbor because of the insane amount of claim time. I have never seen a ship without crew in open waters. So it would bring a new aspect to PvP. Not only stealing a ship. But what about stealing it back? I would love to board enemy ships, fight on the deck, kill the crew to get an advantage over the other crew. If this is a viable strategy, it could change PvP fights. Would love to see rope shots for ballistas to actually attach your ship to the opponents (but that might be too much) So what do you guys think?
  8. Find info on our Discord using the following invite code: https://discord.gg/M8qCVDZ Build. Defend. Rule. Explore the Lost Isles of Arcana along the Black Coast in an RP server that features the great depth of detailed custom made lore as the world of Atlas becomes enshrouded in a dark era where the surrounding kingdoms are engaged in an arms race over the precious ominous resource known as Shards of Mythos, which were fragments of the Patron God of the technologically advanced lost kingdom of Arcana, Mythos. However, a corrupt kingdom of tyrants has forged a heinous pact with the reawakened Demon King Devos and his unholy horde known as the Army of The Damned and reborn legion of mythical demons ravage the land. Who will you be in a world filled with scholars, templars, merchants, soldiers, nobles, priests, and pirates? What world would you help build in an RP server where your decisions impact the storyline and the welfare of the different kingdoms? Featuring Kingdoms from different nations such as: ○ The Viking Nation of Thornfjell ○ The Roman Legion of Pantheon ○ The Imperial Japanese Nation of Oda ○ The Lost Arcane City of Arcana ○ The Chinese Pirate nation of Zariya ○ The Tribal themed Savannah of the African nation of Zion ○ The Templar themed Holy Empire of Aerowyn ○ The Militant Nation of Britannia ○ The Merchant Kingdom of New Vilayet ○ The Pirate Kingdom of Tartarus ○ 8x Taming, 2.5x Gathering, 4x XP ○ Improved breeding, hatching and maturation times ○ Improved tamed creature and player stats ○ Several islands per shard ○ Faster health recovery, increased player damage and much more! Mod Collection [Easier] ○ Threat Zone Structures ○ Unlock Haircuts and Emotes ○ Rations ○ eco's ATLAS Foliage ○ eco's RP Decor ○ KWAKA'S PIRATE JUKEBOX ○ Armor Skins ○ Bitkit's Clothing ○ Chronicles RP Town Builder ○ TwitchRP Community Mod ○ Atlas Plus Beta ○ One Pay Crew Feel free to contact me on Discord or Steam for any questions! 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪#0110 (Believe it or not, there's a "spacebar" there so just highlight it here!)
  9. Hello all! I am looking for folk to join my company on Pirates vs Imperials. My company is caleld Vastra Fone Foundry, a Swedish Empire related company and part of the Imperial Royal Navy Alliance in-game. Tis an roleplay server with nice folk! The Rates are: 10 X exp 10X Harvest 10X Mating Increased Carry , Intel & Health There is contested islands for PvP between the Pirates and Imperials but both have their own PvE islands. Hope to see ye folks! Long live King Carolus Rex! https://discord.gg/wDYxAnS
  10. Hello, A couple of my friends and I have been trying hard to RP on the official Na PvE. We have a dock, pub, and town all set up on the norththern part of the north eatern island in D13. Any of you that want to RP we are on usually around 6 pm EST. Hope to see y7ou guys here. We have trading posts up and have food and drinks. We are also trading animals like bears. Come say hi and get some Rp going!!
  11. The Atlas of Nibiru is a newly launched Role Play server for Atlas. On AoN we are creating a new community of players, people who are looking for light hearted RP experience. Players who want to play the game and understand that PvP involves players vs actual players, and not players griefing huts while the owning players are offline. We have increased skill points and harvest rates and a 6 sector Atlas Grid allowing access to all of the biomes in vanilla Atlas. For more information visit https://atlas.nibiru.nz/ and join our Discord. Some things to be aware of, PvP is enabled but all PvP must be in character and vs other players, no griefing, no offline destruction etc. AoN is an adult playground. While we have very few ways of enforcing it AoN is an R18 server, you must be at least 18 years old to play here. Discord membership is required, we use it to keep in touch and to be a community. OOC (out of character) insults and harassment of players is not ok. Repeat offenses will see you being banned. In Character insults and harassments of other in game characters are of course permitted. Roleplay is mandatory in the in game chat. We have a Discord for OOC discussions. Lore friendly names are required in game, and we recommend you use your in game character name in our Discord as well. No claim spamming. Each company may make 3 claims per company member, that is a 4 member company may make 12 claims (this rule is subject to change as the server and the Atlas game develop). All actions must have an in character RP reason. Total destruction of other characters property is griefing unless there are valid RP reasons for doing so. Destroying a ship in a battle is part of the game, total base destruction is not. Basically when raiding another player raid like you would in the real world, get in, get the gold and get out as fast as possible.
  12. Long Hours - Roleplaying (RP-PVP) ( Discord: http://bit.ly/LongHoursRP ) * 3x Harvesting * 2x Taming * 2x2 grid (4 servers) working perfectly! * 25 players per grid. * Wiped 1/4 for a fresh start * PvE islands, Power Stones and Boss Islands working. * Roleplaying community with a ruleset that will quickly go over to whitelisting. * Active admins for a good community overview, helpful staff and experienced in both roleplaying and server administration. Ahoy, pirates, whores, scallywags, commonfolk, dwarfs and noblemen! Long Hours - RP are ready with a 2x2 grid where Atlas life will unfold itself for a selected few. Your life is your own and in your own hands. What will you do with it? Where will it lead you? Start your journey today, claim your land, fight your inner demons and rise to the end of the occasion. Find crew mates and build community. Fullfill your inner pirate or become a soldier in the navy. The choice is yours. We want a broad community and (everyone) is welcome to ride the winds, build their houses and start their lives. Join our Discord and get the server info today: http://bit.ly/LongHoursRP Basic Rules: * Age: 16+ * No racism or hate speech whatsoever. This will result in immediate ban. * Be polite and helpful to your fellow players. * No KoS (Killing on sight). If you want to kill someone you need a reason or at least roleplay a good reason out of it. Remember NLR rule. * No grieving or exploiting. WELCOME SAILORS! MAY THERE BE WINDS IN YOUR SAILS AND COIN IN YERR POCKETS!
  13. Seven Seas Roleplay [Heavy Text Roleplay] Find info on our Discord using the following invite code: bZexd5 Build. Defend. Rule. Explore the Lost Isles of Arcana along the Black Coast in an RP server that features the great depth of detailed custom made lore as the world of Atlas becomes enshrouded in a dark era where the surrounding kingdoms are engaged in an arms race over the precious ominous resource known as Shards of Mythos, which were fragments of the Patron God of the technologically advanced lost kingdom of Arcana, Mythos. However, a corrupt kingdom of tyrants has forged a heinous pact with the reawakened Demon King Devos and his unholy horde known as the Army of The Damned and reborn legion of mythical demons ravage the land. Who will you be in a world filled with scholars, templars, merchants, soldiers, nobles, priests, and pirates? What world would you help build in an RP server where your decisions impact the storyline and the welfare of the different kingdoms?
  14. As it says in the title, I'd like to see some form of books or letters with seal-able envelopes to aid in RP and game-play. You could send messages via a courier to another island and set up trades by post, use books to keep tally of trades and pricing and other info. It would be a great aid to role play and add so much to the game.
  15. Scrubtimus

    Custom Music Sheets

    I have been fiddling around with the accordion free play. I couldn't help but learn some songs and make the long sea voyages with my friends more vibrant and nostalgic with He's A Pirate. I think the free play and sheet music of the accordion could be added onto with role playing content in allowing individuals to turn their sheet music blank and have a customization feature. This would simply be a guide for someone to play a specific set of keys, and would destroy the buff of the previous sheet music which it was written over. I think if the sheet music buff carried over this would be an issue in that it nullifies the mini game and allows individuals to simplify their songs should they choose to, hence why I purpose the blank sheet be void of buff as well. The customization of sheet music could be locked behind a skill tree or could be accessible to all and used as a RP feature since it gives no benefit to the player. The blank sheet could then be used in a free play fashion to make the sheet music key presses by taking note of the relevant key presses as they are played. It could even have 2 options, one to make the song and the second to set up the key presses for the sheet music mini game so as to make varying difficulties. Separating the mini-game keys from the actual song played would permit more advanced users to simplify their pieces for others to enjoy, for example the piece can contain octave changes but the mini-game could simplify to remove the octave changes for a steadier flow--there is currently a minor delay in free play on octave changes with the accordion. A key limit on each sheet should be in place as a safeguard in case issues might arise with the feature. TLDR, Custom sheet music. This would simply be a guide for someone to play a specific set of keys created by another player. It would destroy the buff of the previous sheet music which it was written over. Thank you for reading, May your travels be filled with shanties and tall tales, Scrubtimus
  16. So here is the thing people keep going on and on about pvp and pve, there are some off us who play on pvp-RP servers we love to immerse our selves even more in the game and be that pirate who chases down a ship to plunder or that trade ship who tries to out run the black flags and then we have the navies as well. We want to immerse our selves entirely in the game atlas has great potential for this and in time with mods it will shine just like ark did role play in ark was amazing to encounter and made the game last a lot longer for some off us cause we needed that immersive fix and the friends around us. For me as a role player albeit a bit new to the voip style off role play a glowing evil wolf jumping in hell even a normal wolf jumping in and shredding everyone in very few second is a break in that immersion, a farmer, cook or even other civilians would hardly carry 10 slots off pistols, blunderbuss or even carbines, maybe a bow and arrows maybe knives perhaps but to walk around and explore one needs this much protection. A fellow role player pointed out to me that when a human with a shield can tank a 200+ alpha but a rhino or elephant or even a bigger predator like a lion or tiger gets shredded it make him wince. this is early access as many has pointed out the game is needing a lot off polish and elbow grease but could it be possible to look at wild creatures across the board before looking at balancing out pvp? is it too much to wish for that one day i can have my lion with me and it wont get shredded by two or three wolves, or hell even my self walking around an isle in plate armor with a bunny on my shoulder can i have a fighting chance for once to survive those encounters, with out having to carry every conceivable weapon available? I know asking people to be a little nicer to each other over all might be a naive wish from my side but i have been reading these forums and the absolute disregard off other people just for them having a difference off opinion from who ever is absolutely saddening, we are all humans and should take the time to speak our minds yes but when doing so take the time to breathe relax and cool off, throwing insults at people you disagree with just floods good threads with pointless he said she said. that said i play on role play servers i enjoy this form off play i do not want to be in mega companies to survive my at some point farmer wont be in a military or pirate crew she will be living on an island with her live stock who as things are now will be dead before they even have a chance to produce, breeding live stock in a closed off farm should not kill the babies if they are native to that island, i understand there are plans for greater things here and i liked the breeding in ark all tho the official times are nuts its a game not a job we have other things to do than sit and stare at a all tho very well made pixel baby and stuff food down its throat or build giant arrays off air conditioners or as i saw earlier today grills to keep babies alive or line a barn with penguins? I know they want us to keep playing and for long hours when in smaller groups perhaps but i do hope they will take a look at what is a little to much over the top, i have a wish for a little more decoration items perhaps treasures i can place down but i am sure once the modders get their hands on it we will see a lot off that. that is really all i wanted to say a little reminder that we are a portion who play a third or even fourth type off play style. In memory off a bear and his two lion escorts
  17. Agoris

    pvp US East RP TPG Server

    Why join this RP US East server? Well here are a few higlights 2x2 grid with most of the types of Islands available. Friendly Admin staff. (Provided the coffee flows) 20 person cap per server with expansion if needed. Discord. Roleplay. That's always fun right? Mod voting. Really we're just a small group of gamers wanting to have some pirate fun. So Jump on in if you want. steam://connect/
  18. Kappinski


    I love the idea that you can carry water barrels. I think that you could put them onto a carriage but never tried. I would love to see more cargo that you can actually lift. Barrels would be perfect to be filled with other liquids like milk or grog. And you should be able to pick up the Preservation Bags. There is no point why I should carry a barrel of water but not a bag of food. The same with small wooden chests. You could load/unload cargo better and don't have to run 20 times by foot xD .... well I never tried the carriage with animals.
  19. Roleplay It Out is a community dedicated to providing high-quality gameplay and immersive experiences. Welcoming both new and veteran roleplayers. It is important to us that everyone is treated with respect. Our goal is to cultivate a friendly environment that people from all backgrounds can come together to roleplay and enjoy the experience. Come join our growing community and become a part of the family as we gear up for Atlas! Website: https://roleplayitout.com Forum: https://roleplayitout.com/forum Discord: https://discord.gg/353znEn Join our discord if you have any questions about the community or server. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. • 4 Servers based in Los Angeles (will be expanded on as needed) • Custom Map • Custom Rates • Roleplay PvP • Mods Q: Is the server currently available? A: It is pre-ordered and will open up once configured. Q: Do I need to be a member of the community to play on the server? A: Yes. All of our servers are whitelisted. Your steamID must match the IDs permitted to join. Q: How do I join? A: First you need to head over to https://roleplayitout.com/rules to familiarize yourself with the rules. After that, you can create an account on our forums and click the Apply button. Follow the steps carefully. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours. Q: I'm new to RP, is this a suitable community for me to join? A: Absolutely! We welcome everyone regardless of their roleplay experience. All we ask is that you keep an open mind, accept input from other members, and follow the rules. Q: I've had a bad experience on other roleplay servers. How is this community different? A: I think we've all been there at some point. Those experiences can range from bad RP all the way to staff abuse. Roleplay It Out was founded on the principle that everyone will be treated equally and with respect. The server will have a lot of customized elements, including the rates, map, and mods. This is our first step towards providing a more immersive experience. The configuration will be based on our experience hosting other game servers, promoting more roleplay, and increasing server longevity. We believe that progression should be earned. After all, this is roleplay. Rates The rates will be played around with to find that perfect balance. Most likely they will be lower than vanilla. The reason for this is to increase cooperation between players. Lower rates mean more trade, more piracy, more navy and more of a reason to interact with other members of the community. Map The map will have a layout that balances between freeports, lawless open water, potential territories for factions, naval presence, and trade routes. We want to ensure that no matter what role you're playing, you're not at an advantage or disadvantage. Mods We will most likely be adding mods when the support is available and on an as-needed basis. The goal with mods is to make sure all the essentials to roleplay are there. We'll never do anything crazy. We want it to fit within the Atlas universe and pirate theme. The Navy (we'll come up with a clever name later) will be a whitelisted role that any member of the community may apply for. Members of the Navy will be given the authority to patrol and enforce laws. There must be a balance between trade, piracy, and those who enforce the law. This will provide a risk vs reward to those wishing to be pirates. Those in the Navy must adhere to strict guidelines regarding what they can and cannot do. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about our community and server. If you think this is a good fit for you, we would be happy to have you. So stop on by and join in on the fun. We look forward to roleplaying with you! - The Roleplay It Out Team
  20. The Condemned RP-PVE [NA][Private Server][3x3 90slot][Heavy Text RP][18+Mature] "A lot of the old seadogs say that once, we all lived up there, in the sky. That the land itself soared over the seas and that none knew the sting of hunger, or had to fear the chains of the Army of the Damned. The old buggers say, that maybe those days aren't behind us, that the machines and magic is down there now, in the depths. Who knows, if they're still down there? Still, it's probably best to get your sword arm strong, and aim on point if you want to live long enough to find out." A great many ages have passed since the Calamity, the end of the Golden Age. The lands that once filled the sky, now dot the sea as various islands. The technology of old has long been forgotten, and where once mighty nations united to bring about the greatest age, society has collapsed into one of feuding warlords, and coastal city states, it is now an age of terror - where demons and undead seek to claim one's body and soul. - an age of lawlessness and chaos, where piracy and brigands roam the seas. While this is the state of the world, for some reason, this particular area of the world has become walled off by the very sea herself, a peculiar sight - but one best left alone. WIP OOC: The Condemned RP-PVE is a TEXT based Heavy RP server. Currently, we are seeking only mature and experienced RPers to join our ranks. * Two Admin-backed Factions, one of law, order, tyranny, and the other of chaos, crime, and violence. Though one does not have to join these two, or any for that matter, being a solo hermit is discouraged. * 2x Gathering/Increased Taming. * Longer Days/Nights . * Random RP/Structured RP events. * Mature and violent themes. * PVP Events will be centered around RP, making PVP an RP driven experience that will be designed more for narrative purposes and fun, rather than the stress filled nature of open server PVP. Currently, in the early days of Early Access, we are mostly tuning/gathering ideas and waiting for the ability to cluster servers and use custom maps. Please understand, wipes are going to happen, frequently, in these early days of EA. Interested? Please join - https://discord.gg/jJtch6z If the link somehow expires, find me on Discord. @ NorseKorean#3251