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  1. Bear - increase them to Tame/ride level 3 due to their large utility, overall stat distributions and cargo saddle use. Perhaps revisit cargo saddle in general, add flat movespeed debuff. Perhaps two tiers of cargo saddles. Chicken - Strong unique utility Cow - Strong unique utility Bull - good utility mid tier tame, unique attack Crow - Good spot. visit respec'ing in general with recipes such as the route ark took, or some other method like FOY/quest based. Elephant - Strong unique utility Giant Pig - Add seed creation as a feature. Feed it your crops and get seeds. Ties in with current use. Giraffe - Add thatch gathering on par with bear/elephant utility Horse - Good Spot Lion - increase damage by minimum 10% along with similar per level damage scaling. Currently lions are on par with bears in damage but have the grab utility. Bears have the hp/weight/stam/charge/cargo saddle over lions. Monkey - Good spot, unique attack and passive Ostrich - Good Spot. unique mobile mount. Parrot - afaik only grants level based insulation. Changing this to fortitude or adding an additional passive to make them more useful such as +5% gold from maps or a music buff duration/strength increase. Penguin - increased radius of buff, change to buff so it is directly based on the level of the penguin, increase to per level hypo buff Rabbit - good spot, perhaps additional noises/stances/ear gestures for storms. Noises could be kept predators, gestures could be storms/weather. or keep same noises which change purpose to weather when on a boat. Perhaps ears up, noises are for creature warning, ears down noises are for weather to limit need for more sound production. Rhino - Great spot, unique utility and unique strong attack style Seagull - Good Spot, unique buffs. Consider small fish retrieval or a passive buff to fishing. Sheep - Good unique utility, adjust domesticated wool cap to increase based on domestic level or tamed level. Vulture - add small animal hunting/retrieving with increase to spoilage durability in inventory Wolf - fine for mid tier tame. Utility as all around mediocre beginner carnivore. Nothing unique aside from they drop what is needed to tame them. Perhaps a pack buff (3+ members) +10% damage or +10% damage resistance is needed and a minor flat hypo buff for rider.
  2. Recipe Amy's Bubble N' Squeak does not adjust Vitamin C as listed. It adjusts Vitamin A to stable levels as intended with 0 affect to Vitamin C levels. Thank you for your time The Seafaring Scrub
  3. I set up a farm of 56 plots and filled each with 6 fertilizer to prepare to seed, I seeded 2 with beets the rest unseeded. I of course waited 2 hours prior to seeding the rest to allow the rain to collect in my plots. All 54 plots were unseeded, with their 6 fert each left to gather rain water. Upon returning, I found each unseeded plot somewhere around 300-600 water with 0 fertilizer in them, the 2 beet plots were still at ~317k-300k fert. Total, 16,200 thatch, 312 feces worth of gathering lost, as well as my patience. Thanks for your time, I hope I never have to see an animal feces ever again. The Seafaring Scrub
  4. Presently farming is permitted only for cooking purposes, with limited scope. Berries, cooking herbs and medicinal herbs are off the table for farming. This requires importing herb and berry supplies, as well as regional vegetables or fruits that cannot grow in certain soil types. I propose an additional skill be available for herbal farming. For folks without herbs, cooking and medicine are import heavy. Though not an inherent issue, I wonder why not give folks interested in specializing an outlet for their interests and build onto the current farming system. Soil types permitting, this would open these skills up to more players of different parts of the map that wish to specialize.
  5. When playing the accordion in free play, there is a noticeable lag between shifting octaves. When an octave change is made there is a fraction of a second where the notes played will be in the previous octave before refreshing to the new octave. This lag is prolonged the greater the server ping, making a greater window for the notes to be in the previous octave and resulting in longer pause time for me to employ to play my songs properly. In the best case scenario there is still a minor lag time. Thanks for your time, The Seafaring Scrub Edit: Apologies, I have a new outlook on the input lag being a feature to change octave mid note to queue the change for the following note. Again, sorry. Thank you so much
  6. A lighthouse when at a distance with the spyglass shows 'Demolish Allowed' on enemy and personal lighthouses. When I get closer, the lighthouse shows its true state. The bug is at a distance it always shows 'Demolish Allowed' regardless of the state the lighthouse is in. My guess is the threshold is the typical render of structures, and once out of that range the 'demolish allowed' message shows. Thank you for your time. Loving the game and looking forward to crabs. The Seafaring Scrub
  7. Dismounting sheep while they are on a floor/ceiling has a chance get the player stuck falling. I have to punch the sheep repeatedly when this happens in order to move it forward allowing me to finally return to the ground.
  8. As far as I am aware, at the moment there is a set list of plants to farm and cultivate. I would like to suggest that herbs be given the same. My thought is that it is not in the game so as to facilitate trade and limit healing. I am currently enjoying the need for specialization in the skill tree, and suggest that be the limiting factor on herb cultivation. The way I envision it is by separating the ability to plant and harvest herbs and medicinal herbs into several skills. One grants an herb pot for growing herbs such as mint, another allows for the cultivation of seeds from the herbs themselves. The next allows a larger pot, or more refined pot to permit medicinal herb to be farmed, then an additional skill allowing seeds to be obtained from medicinal herbs, or a recipe to turn the herbs collected into the seeds. These skills could be locked behind the Farming tree, or split between the Medicine tree and the Farming tree so as to further limit specialization and create Medicinal farmers. The ability to harvest the medicinal herbs can also be locked to a final tier, giving a set of gardening gloves which grant the user--who also has the relevant skill--the ability to cultivate their herb crop. Stay healthy, ye scallywags Scrubtimus
  9. The pianoforte was an Italian invention around the year 1700, just in time for the later portion of the Golden Age of Piracy. Before that the harpsichord was an established instrument existing for hundreds of years, on which the pianoforte was based. I understand it would be a tall task, but the notion of playing a piano--or form of stringed keyboard instrument--either after a long sea voyage or on a ship is captivating. I hope down the line that it could be a mod that becomes official. May your travels be filled with joy and song Scrubtimus
  10. I have been fiddling around with the accordion free play. I couldn't help but learn some songs and make the long sea voyages with my friends more vibrant and nostalgic with He's A Pirate. I think the free play and sheet music of the accordion could be added onto with role playing content in allowing individuals to turn their sheet music blank and have a customization feature. This would simply be a guide for someone to play a specific set of keys, and would destroy the buff of the previous sheet music which it was written over. I think if the sheet music buff carried over this would be an issue in that it nullifies the mini game and allows individuals to simplify their songs should they choose to, hence why I purpose the blank sheet be void of buff as well. The customization of sheet music could be locked behind a skill tree or could be accessible to all and used as a RP feature since it gives no benefit to the player. The blank sheet could then be used in a free play fashion to make the sheet music key presses by taking note of the relevant key presses as they are played. It could even have 2 options, one to make the song and the second to set up the key presses for the sheet music mini game so as to make varying difficulties. Separating the mini-game keys from the actual song played would permit more advanced users to simplify their pieces for others to enjoy, for example the piece can contain octave changes but the mini-game could simplify to remove the octave changes for a steadier flow--there is currently a minor delay in free play on octave changes with the accordion. A key limit on each sheet should be in place as a safeguard in case issues might arise with the feature. TLDR, Custom sheet music. This would simply be a guide for someone to play a specific set of keys created by another player. It would destroy the buff of the previous sheet music which it was written over. Thank you for reading, May your travels be filled with shanties and tall tales, Scrubtimus
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