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  1. Plenty of people in-game right now to start a new adventure.
  2. Added a second mod to the list. Adjusted imprinting times.
  3. Server's been updated with the latest patches. Give it a shot!
  4. Plenty of people in-game at the moment! Feel free to join!
  5. Changed our server name and added contact information if anyone has any questions before joining.
  6. We've added new magical lore to our own very custom server!
  7. The server's currently down for quick maintenance. We're adding the eco's RP decor mod! How exciting. Join the Discord for more info!
  8. We've switched to a more stable and overall better host. Check it out!
  9. New islands were added to the current map granting access to more resources. Further rates were changed and improved. Added many more mods.