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  1. They need to fix bugs and exploits, and then test it, make sure all is good, and then (and only then) is it suitable for release. So, if while packaging for steam a new issue is discovered they have to start again, test the new patch, and then prep for steam. And if while this is happening they discover a... and so on. And, on top of that, we are talking about humans, not robots, so they need sleep, food, coffee, an occasional 2.5 minutes with their lovers etc
  2. Still sitting at 43%, but no, I can't really test it from my day job office, as I said before.
  3. It looks like the CPU issue has been patched, but I am unable to test properly for a few hours yet, however logging in via my phone shows 41% CPU usage.
  4. See, that is an insult, please take my original advice and don't be that person, be better than that
  5. the words 'yes' and 'no' are not insults. I mean, if I had called you a fool that might be considered an insult. But I haven't called you a fool, or an idiot, or a... well, you know what I mean becasue you are not stupid, are you?
  6. umm, the internet is bigger than this one website. No I am not going to go hunt it down. Accept my words or do not accept them.
  7. I know becasue @Jatheish has said they are looking into it
  8. I know they have staff looking into it, and I believe they will have a fix out soon, possibly today or tomorrow
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