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  1. So here is the thing people keep going on and on about pvp and pve, there are some off us who play on pvp-RP servers we love to immerse our selves even more in the game and be that pirate who chases down a ship to plunder or that trade ship who tries to out run the black flags and then we have the navies as well. We want to immerse our selves entirely in the game atlas has great potential for this and in time with mods it will shine just like ark did role play in ark was amazing to encounter and made the game last a lot longer for some off us cause we needed that immersive fix and the friends around us. For me as a role player albeit a bit new to the voip style off role play a glowing evil wolf jumping in hell even a normal wolf jumping in and shredding everyone in very few second is a break in that immersion, a farmer, cook or even other civilians would hardly carry 10 slots off pistols, blunderbuss or even carbines, maybe a bow and arrows maybe knives perhaps but to walk around and explore one needs this much protection. A fellow role player pointed out to me that when a human with a shield can tank a 200+ alpha but a rhino or elephant or even a bigger predator like a lion or tiger gets shredded it make him wince. this is early access as many has pointed out the game is needing a lot off polish and elbow grease but could it be possible to look at wild creatures across the board before looking at balancing out pvp? is it too much to wish for that one day i can have my lion with me and it wont get shredded by two or three wolves, or hell even my self walking around an isle in plate armor with a bunny on my shoulder can i have a fighting chance for once to survive those encounters, with out having to carry every conceivable weapon available? I know asking people to be a little nicer to each other over all might be a naive wish from my side but i have been reading these forums and the absolute disregard off other people just for them having a difference off opinion from who ever is absolutely saddening, we are all humans and should take the time to speak our minds yes but when doing so take the time to breathe relax and cool off, throwing insults at people you disagree with just floods good threads with pointless he said she said. that said i play on role play servers i enjoy this form off play i do not want to be in mega companies to survive my at some point farmer wont be in a military or pirate crew she will be living on an island with her live stock who as things are now will be dead before they even have a chance to produce, breeding live stock in a closed off farm should not kill the babies if they are native to that island, i understand there are plans for greater things here and i liked the breeding in ark all tho the official times are nuts its a game not a job we have other things to do than sit and stare at a all tho very well made pixel baby and stuff food down its throat or build giant arrays off air conditioners or as i saw earlier today grills to keep babies alive or line a barn with penguins? I know they want us to keep playing and for long hours when in smaller groups perhaps but i do hope they will take a look at what is a little to much over the top, i have a wish for a little more decoration items perhaps treasures i can place down but i am sure once the modders get their hands on it we will see a lot off that. that is really all i wanted to say a little reminder that we are a portion who play a third or even fourth type off play style. In memory off a bear and his two lion escorts
  2. Experience for creatures is rather broken at the moment i have several where the experience stopped before they even leveled up and some that gain it way to fast or way to slow on top off that survivability is very low on tames, you can how ever sit on a mount that isn't broken with the experience and gain experience for the mount while they craft dozens off things to defend your home from super wolves.
  3. Alpha bunnies make great lion squeaky toys..... But im in the boat with you on this tho alpha creatures are way to common i see several daily, and f.... me if its a wolf or lion.
  4. Have to say i play with a small group on a role play server the alphas are immersion breaking and way to many hopefully at a later point we will have mods to help with this i dont see alphas as a challenge the way they are now i see them as a broken raid boss placed out side his raid zone. had to say i play mostly solo since there was not an i play in a small group. and alphas are way to common i would prefer rares and or named creatures that possibly were group or raid bosses for better loot at the moment all you get if you manage to live long enough is a little more meat hide and experience. I am hoping they will be rare in the future or have a much better reward when actually managed to be killed.
  5. Perhaps have the wolf howl now and then and the lions and tigers roar the snakes hiss i mean the rattlers are already very loud when close but they could rattle like a true snake would it might be to much work tho but that would be a cool feature and warn people a little more than a glow you cant always see till you pretty much die. As for tames i enjoy having creatures i love ark, i know this is atlas and creatures are a skill you choose but atm it does not feel rewarding to chose that skill tree at all your babies die to weather unless you sit for days staring at them and force feeding them or stack a barn full off penguins, your tames constantly get eaten by lesser wild creatures and alphas, well on my island, taming them is a bit to much off a rush for them to instantly die when a lvl 1 wolf decides to make it the first course off dinner, im looking forward to tames being a supplement that is actually useful other than being bags off meat to throw at the world or passive farm animals to use for food and balanced vitamins. Perhaps that should be the focus off the tree then to have only farm animals and passive mounts that can outrun predators in a pinch? dont get me wrong i love having a lion, a tiger and some big beasts off burden to carry things but atm wild life is just way to powerful compared to a tamed one, and when a 61 player gets eaten by a lvl 1 wolf the game starts loosing its shine i have had to take a day or two off to decompress i hardly ever need to do that im a very relaxed and calm person when gaming it is after all just a game, but with this i invest to much time in taming trying to breed a creature to then fail or loose it all to very strong wild life i get it its supposed to be dangerous out there in the wilds but when a wolf runs across an island to eat someone something with that creatures ai is a bit wonky. Thank you for taking the time to post the essay it was an interesting read.
  6. I gathered stone for my fuck off alpha wolves wall and lost my two lions and the bear i was using to an alpha yes maybe i should have stayed on the lion to use the abilities but there was an oshit moment and supposedly the wolf and his rider took care off many alphas in the past this is way to fast for slow brains like mine to react tho, but that is my day in atlas.... if i could live on my boat alone maybe that would be viable...
  7. They do as off the latest patch And yes what ever pet you had with you will be eaten by any animal that kills you some swear by melee boosted monkeys to help you flee an animal the poo throwing slows down your foe.
  8. parrot, bunny, crow, seagul and then you can pick up and hug penguins and i still dont know how i feel about holding a chicken like that its weird and a little to sexual looking on some chars. i may have forgotten something not sure.
  9. Well hello mr elitist you must have been a hardcore raider back when bosses were impossible to beat with out resistance gear. having to place traps everywhere is really no solution first off the traps may at some point prevent precious resources from spawning, then how is that a challenge`? woho i can trap this thing that one or two shots everything i have in my stable? including me sure if the ai worked correctly and they didnt aggro from across a very large island on to the crew mate they already murdered with her mount and pet, i dont see a challenge i see a broken feature needing attention, if you have to get 40 people together coordinate them and then stand on high ground then the creature is to powerful to be a common spawn like it is at the moment, they might as well belong on cyclops islands and the likes? i dont see the alphas becoming rarer as a carebear move i see it as making the game accessible to players who arent in elite company's or might not be extremely super perfect aim bots who can beat the game by trapping a creature then stand for an hour shooting at said creature hoping it does not glitch out and heal fully so you have to stand there another hour, or as the post at the top said trap it leave it there in the hopes nothing new will spawn then get jumped by a new one, they are way to common, ark alphas while a pain in the rear if you got unlucky werent nearly as much off a problem, now this is not ark this is atlas but wanting to be able to play the game for more than 20 min before hitting a wall off constant deaths to try and get an alpha away from your home is not a care bear wish, you want a challenge go live with the cyclops and other monsters, that might actually be a better solution have the damned alphas only spawn there.
  10. I agree with this the breeding is already to much time we want to go sailing the seas not sit in a barn watching over babies that will die to temperature changes on an island that supposedly is their habitat? as it is now taming and breeding feels useless, and not fun. make breeding a habitat thing, remove baby being affected by temperatures if on the island their parents breed on. or add stable bedding for creatures the bedding helps insulate the creature and spoils over time having to be replaced, ingredients for crafting could be straw, thatch, berries, vegetables, organic paste and perhaps fleece. I hope its simply an imbalance that we havent yet gotten too see being balanced out.
  11. 1. Taming its hard and has no reward with this upcoming patch it will have even less off a reward to have fought down the biggest meanest lion and made him your friend, the nerf to them will have them die to lvl 1 wolves the moment you get jumped, after having fought it probably died a few times to the creature it will get you salty and not have fun. (Perhaps nerf creature vs player damage instead off nerfing their health?) 2. Alphas they are way to common and way to overpowered with little to no reward for finally managing to kill one, the nerf to tamed will make small companies have even bigger issues surviving the attacks of one and the buildings will get destroyed due to the glitchy ai. 3. Wild creature damage vs tamed creature damage /health the natures cry and natures toutch don't feel like they do anything and when you have a leveled creature tamed trained and then loose it to a wild lvl1 creature it is no longer fun and tames seem pointless. 4. Breeding if we have to have this make the babies able to survive its highly useless to breed at the moment unless you have a pack off penguins or sit and baby the animals for several hours this is a game to have fun with not a job please do not go the ark way off having people sit in a barn staring at creatures to make sure they survive, if the creature can breed on this island the baby can survive its that simple even zoo's dont sit in a pen with their baby bears having them die to heat stroke and not be able to do anything about it is hurtful to watch. 5. unsure if this point is just me not having found merchants yet or something else but make rare seeds a commodity from some merchants for unofficial servers it is very hard to have all the islands with all the potential seeds around. 6. Cooking food needs to be more valuable when cooked some recipes are to hard to craft and those you may have a chance off making are not worth the effort off dragging water to the grill constantly/ perhaps let the water pipes be connected to the grill? 7. i want to love this game and in some aspects i do the sailing is fun the risk at sea is perfect and it seems a lot better optimized than other games this big the building has improved a lot and feels nice you can make gorgeous houses and castles the six points above are just my issues with the game and things i wish would be considered for all players not just pvp players who yell the loudest, do not turn this in to wow where the rp and pve players who are more relaxed arent heard. 8. Please make these houses hollow with a door snap point maybe window snap points they are gorgeous. Apologies for going above the three issues i have been needing to vent this some where
  12. I second this or simply remove them we just had an alpha wolf destroy our small building since it hyper focuses on that and kill our company over and over it reduces the fun and they have no use atm other than experience bags off meat when you finally manage to kill one the ai is also wonky and unpredictable i had one run away from me and all the way across an island just to eat the same crew mate it initially killed. I loved ark i want to love this game too but constantly having to retame creatures and hide on a rock or cliff to avoid alphas is killing the fun off it, we also role play and having a glowing evil creature murder everything is rather immersion breaking. would love to see tamed creatures actually able to fight alphas, but mostly they have to be trained a lot and you have to have a specific combo with the right stat roll and since you cannot breed the strong predators and fighters yet an alpha quite quickly disposes off your entire stable.
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