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  1. Kappinski

    Atlas full release?

    They have an open position for a senior Game Designer. So if it would be dead they wouldn't put money in it. Feel free to apply
  2. Kappinski

    Crows Nest

    You can attach rope ladders to every Crows nest.
  3. Kappinski

    love We need more love from you devs

    Looking back, it feels more like the devs need more love from us xD
  4. Kappinski

    Blackwood Map - Wheatgrass

    I played for a long time on blackwood with some other people, doing RP. We never found Wheatgrass and got it only from the admins ^^ Sorry! As far as I know there is none.
  5. Kappinski

    3D positional Audio

    As far as I know Atlas switched to Vivox for VOIP with the release of the Xbox Crossplay version. Since then there is no 3D positional Audio. So peoples voices are the same volume as long as they are inside your hearing range. Does someone know if this will change in the future? Was it cut down for release to a simple version and does this need further implementation or is it just impossible because of the Xbox system? Thanks
  6. I am playing Atlas RP on twitch for a while now. I recently found out how to bind Emotes to keys which is awesome for RP and my viewers don't have to see a menu. There are 2 Emote Keys that I can bind to other keys freely. Can we get more of them? Please With 9 keys i could fill my NumPad and do better RP. Thanks in advance
  7. Kappinski

    Livestream Q&A

    Will ATLAS be the next GTA V in terms of RP?
  8. Kappinski

    Livestream Q&A

    Uhhh its Q&A time, how lovely Any plans on implementing a group function that let's people play together without touching their Companies? Any plans on improving the player shops? I would like to offer gold to get resources. Any plans on physical cargo loading? I would like to carry a chest or a water barrel exactly like an explosive barrel. Any plans on implementing a crows hideout where you can send them all across the ATLAS to deliver some letters? (Like in Game of thrones but probably too much RP) Any plans on player made treasure maps? (Where I can bury a chest with my own loot and I can give the map to someone else) Any plans on reducing ship claim time below 1 hour if on the ocean? (I want to pirate stuff)
  9. Kappinski

    It was at this moment he knew he Muffed Up...

    This is material for the show'n'tell
  10. Kappinski

    Now that Colonies had failed, now what?

    Yeah you could make an alliance but this is too big imo. If you meet other players and you need some help with a treasure map it would be nice to let them onto your ship and let them man the cannons. Just in case! Or Most of the time you are not the only one in your company and to make a full alliance has a huge impact on everyone in both companies. You could sail with others for some time in a group. There is just no way to play with a player of another company if there is no alliance. An even if there is it is hard enough. If you are the captain of a ship you should be able to decide that a certain person can use stuff on your ship without making a huge decision like changing the company or making a full alliance. From there it would be possible for players to socialize on another level. To join more than one company would be a possible solution but that's a step too much I think.
  11. Kappinski

    Now that Colonies had failed, now what?

    I think what doesn't help is this black or white, 1 or 0, yes or no approach to playing with others. You are either allied OR at war. Thats it! You should at least be able to set someone or a group as neutral. You should be able to create temporary groups to let people interact with your ship or house without touching anyones company. And maybe you should be able to join more than one company. I think people are way too attached to their company. Make it more about your connection to local islands and other players than about having the right color in your nametag And the thing is that the colony update could be seen as a first step in that direction. Imo colony wasn't implemented 100%. Maybe 15%.
  12. Kappinski

    Xbox release soon?

    If they sell it for 9$ again I would say its a nice present. And I think a spike in players and feedback + the press making some "one year later" articles is worth more in the long run than some money in the short term. A great Xbox release could bring players back to the PC version as well.
  13. Kappinski

    Pinked out? what's that?

    I am sorry that I didn't take your problem seriously but the temptation to post shit was toooo powerful xD peace & love
  14. Kappinski

    Economy is key

    I agree! Ships and tames would be very complicated and is better done at your own island. But you could sell certificates Absolutely not. I don't believe this is a good idea. Every feature that leads to less ships traveling from A to B acts against the core element of the game if you ask me. And anything else you proposed just leads to more convenience. This doesn't change anything imo. Things I would say are necessary for Trade: - A safe market for the trader - A safe market for the consumer - Goods that have actual value - Currency that has actual value If you have this the market regulates itself by supply & demand (I hope). And by "safe" I mean a safe place where nobody holds a gun to your head while your are shopping or someone wrecks your player shop. I don't mean without any risk and that is why I think that there shouldn't be any feature which makes sailing from A to B unnecessary. But if I look at atlas, none of the things I mentioned are something that we have in atlas right now. I would say it is possible for a large company to provide safety at least . But Resources, ships, tames and gold are not as valuable as they should be. You can get everything on your own. The most valuable thing is time and that is what you save. But you cannot buy it! This system needs a lot of work and I think that the game would benefit from something that makes invested time less valuable. I am not saying that you should waste your time but the progression system for you as a player should value time. Which leads to the good old problem of losing all your shit. So we can turn this over and under and again... but in the end merging Sandbox survival & MMO into each other seems almost impossible. I hope they succeed.
  15. Kappinski

    How "i feel" the Devs can save atlas.

    How about getting back to topic? I see a lot of threads drifting into discussions about anything but the OP's topic ^^ Maybe it would be better to post suggestions into the suggestion section of the forum. It has been cleaned up and isn't cluttered any longer with ideas that are already implemented. Which is good to discuss new ideas and bad because we lost all proof that the devs are listening to ideas Of course the OP is an isolated idea and neither I nor you or anyone here can formulate ideas that take every little detail of the current game into consideration. That's why professional game designers exist ^^ But it is a good start. I think it is good to change the Headline because the old headline was destined to attract posts which wouldn't lead anywhere. To sum it up 1. Automated ship routes Very few of us seem to like it. It could lead to more cargo ships and this could lead to more piracy and more fun stuff happening. BUT the only difference to the situation we have now would be that an NPC is sailing the ship instead of an actual player. So it is at least questionable if one NPC could change the whole game. I highly doubt it! I think the reason for a lack of piracy is not easy to determine. The game is a complex system with many factors that play into that. I wouldn't mind auto ship routes but I don't believe that it would have the described effects on the game itself. Because even if there would be more ships for small companies to raid. They couldn't do this because the revenge of the trading company would be harsh. So it would be convenient to have this but I don't think it is a solution for anything. 2. I agree with the exception of a WoW-like auction house. Make it a physical marketplace 3. This is crucial! On a baseline this is something that needs change. Almost nothing in this game is worth anything. Resources are meaningless. I think the farming and crafting system needs a little bit more depth (New World's crafting system is a good example). As far as I can tell the main reason for trade right now is "I don't have to spend time on it myself" be it farming stuff or taming animals. There is nothing special you can trade. There is nothing with personality you can trade that has actual impact on the game itself. Take any WoW item with cool stats for example. That is something unique! Higher tier items get just higher numbers. They don't change. And this is dull and empty after a while. So a little bit of rarity or specialness or millenial items or how tf you want to call that wouldn't be that bad. But again. Each idea on its own doesn't improve anything. We need a set of different features that work hand in hand that it almost feels like a redesign of the whole game. And honestly I hope that the devs have a list of such features and will blow our mind someday with a real MEGA patch. So why bother discussing ideas here? It is a creative process and every shit idea can inspire someone else to have a less shit idea and so on. And maybe these "someone else" are the devs Happy Brainstorming guys