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  1. I am still getting the same crash after update has anyone found a solution
  2. I doubt it but seem to have them scratching thier heads, some sort of news would be a help as i currently pay for a private server for me and my friends and cant even use it! Frustrating me to say the least but early access and all that
  3. Any news on this? is still doing it for me!
  4. Np change for me this morning stilll crashing tried adjusting client bandwidth didnt help
  5. Yeah still getting this error message for the offical and my private server as well
  6. Not played the game in a while cause of IRL commentments when i do, i have come back to it i get this. i have updated drivers, varyfied game files, reinstalled. I am at a loss as to why this is happen worked fine a month ago, Anyone got any suggestion?
  7. starting today at 17:00 CET untill Sunday at midnight the harvest amount will be increased to x4 and harvest XP to x2, We give you an chance to build up and settle in and explore the grids
  8. I think you make a good point, however i think it could be cool if the more complicated and higher tier BP like legendary and Mythical BP's should be kept like that cause if you think about it IRL wise you wouldnt pick a manual to build a car and be able to it without some training, but you probably could build bicycle.
  9. PVPVE RP server which is a 2x2 Custom map! Map includes all quests, PVE islands,Lots of island to be claimed, each grid has its own biome. Mods- Peachy’s furniture Peachy’s decor Peachs’s Ship Decor Server Settings 2 x Harvest 2.5 x Taming Syode Gaming has 2 company’s currently recruiting: Tolanas Colonist Tainted blades Active admins, who enjoy RP and PVP but do not enjoy griefing or wiping. Contact through us through discord if you would like more information on us and to learn about our other servers Connect through stream line copy and pasta URL steam://connect/ Discord https://discord.gg/gjRT2C
  10. Did you resolve this? i am having the same issue on my server.
  11. Ribsin32

    Syode Gaming Atlas server

    These are taken on the server we have running and are submit by the communtiy
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