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  1. Jay8454

    cruelty to animals!

    Kinda wish they would.
  2. Jay8454

    cruelty to animals!

    These guys never check their traps. Video game Gia is screaming her head off! Server performance Gia killers! <img src="" The edit was to fix picture size "integrity".
  3. Very Positive for the PVE aspect. Going to reread it again.
  4. Jay8454

    Creature Designer

    Komodo dragon, make it seem mostly harmless but, will defend itself or randomly leaves you alone. (Some of the scripts you use for the seagull might work. Because you hit it, bring it down to red, it takes off and, comes back and attacks you again.) But when it bites it doesn't damage you it does torpor chunk over time as would a real Komodo Dragon would but, you run away and your torpor starts to rise rapidly and here come the Dragon to eat you. Your only defense is to kill it or find a large rock to climb up! "Too bad you couldn't climb a tree"
  5. "Captain, sense a minor exasperation in the crew regarding the Trees or the' skills." "Oi, do realise the earliness we have set sail but I fear the crew may have a slight peterance toward the' lack dair of respec." Respec I have noticed a lot of people with the slight annoyance of the "Respec" part of the skill tree. One big complaint is and I have experienced it myself, some sort of confirmation of the "Respec" choice. Could the lack of this choice temporarily be allowed for more respec times due to the early evaluation of this early access game? "Captain oi, just running this across yer bow, io take great pleasure to swabbin the decks in early access"
  6. Jay8454

    Pier bollards

    also, addons to the pier options for two or more ship docking.
  7. Jay8454

    suggestion "City Planner" skill line

    if you're talking something like the bank building I like something this.
  8. Jay8454

    Jatheish 24hr x3 Tame Thank You!

    That's the one. that's the video
  9. Thank you for the x3 tame for the short time. We got 2 elephants it greatly helped out our huge company of 2! Someone posted using the bear to help, and some said armor helps too. My friend was the feeder and did still die a lot but it was double. Not tomorrow the great schooner journey 2 map squares south to the elephants home. We're hopping to breed for our other neighbors (company of 2 also), and give them the offspring. I don't know if you read my small idea about the large herbivores and making them harder to kill and having to take there offspring in the wild as an alternative to the harsh bolo taming. I not, no big deal keep making a great game.
  10. Jay8454

    Creature Designer

    Jatheish, use the accordion to make music for the animals when they mate? Also, for the babies.
  11. Jay8454

    Creature Designer

    Jatheish, termites!, and the hive, you feed them logs and they turn it into thatch
  12. Jay8454

    Almost impossible to tame elephants

    Well, thanks Pax for the bear idea. Wait till the nerf the bear and that's out the window. The sneaking for you works and yes, I am sure you have that skill/perk as we do to. Not making it up about the repeated dying think you just got lucky.
  13. Jay8454

    Creature Designer

    A giant Eagle! rideable too. Make Alaska great again!
  14. Jay8454

    Creature Designer

    Wolverine, to get that mushy paints feel again! Yea, that ~begrudingly sums it up for the bear as I see it too.
  15. Jay8454

    Creature Designer

    Beyond the norm, I think that's what people that say, "less ARK". Make families of animals not all on the beach, make us have to explore inland to find them.