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  1. Jay8454

    This pretty much lost me

    Fatorio here I come!
  2. I think you should go back the way it was, there is now enough islands to support that on PvE ( the old flag system). This new system is not going to work for PvE I was an optimist on the new way but as I stare at another player that made it to a 15 point island seconds ahead of me. The chess player in me tells me this will not work. the player says he has others joining him later. ??? I told him/her, "I am a single play and if you have others why both with this?" So, this is going to lose players I am amongst the first. I won't be playing this any longer it has wasted 575 hours of my real life.
  3. Jay8454

    Wolves in J4 TO HOT may need to remove them.

    I know, your kinda missing the point the new way creates douchery. Trying not to shout here. lol! Also more times than not people will just have the go f your self attitude.
  4. I landed on an island that was not claimed started making a base and... Some asshole came by and destroyed all my stuff what a stupid claim system. Some sphincter JUST CLAIMED THE ISLAND! COME THE FUCK ON! What is has this game become? That person (~sphincter) didn't even bother to say anything! So much for the developers dreams of everyone working together! Jat, Gene Roddenberry died and then people became jerks! I have tried to be reserved till now this game sucks more than a Hoover, no a Dyson!
  5. Jay8454

    Wolves in J4 TO HOT may need to remove them.

    Hey, don't change a thing! Matter of fact make more death there. Some asshole came by and destroyed all my stuff what a stupid claim system!
  6. Wolves in J4 TO HOT may need to remove them. It is a desert area and I can tell you personally we do not have wolves.
  7. NA PVE Not hittable Bamboo 42.16/42.42 Nothing happens.
  8. Jay8454

    Bad Frames Rates NA PVE L5 Map

    Bad Frames Rates NA PVE L5 map Play the EU PVE and smooth sailing.
  9. Jay8454

    Bullish Suggestion

    The Bull may need a look at because it seems that it gathers very much less than a standard hatchet or ax. Hatchet amounts 4, 6, and 10 Bull 2, 3, 6, and a rare 8 Maybe just 1 more hit point than the hatchet because it is a very bloody tamer. Full disclosure I have one bull, this seems to be the only animal for gathering I can tame by myself at the moment.
  10. Jay8454

    Water taps are not working

    As stated water taps not working.
  11. Jay8454

    Elephant taming and giraffe taming bug

    I am having a similar problem it's random. And yes loss their tame fast! I gave up after 26 deaths a lot of meat from me. I am so glad other people are having these issues and it's not me alone.
  12. Jay8454

    Taming an elephant ?

    I have all the skills don't have any bear to help but it just doesn't work. It goes in reverse and I die a lot after the 26 body I give up the tame bar never goes up. Is it maybe broken? Using grown chickpeas they have worked well in the past. I wish the taming would get a rework, I play this at the moment alone all my friends have given this game up.
  13. Jay8454

    Really Want Tranq Taming

    A lot have https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/66018-remove-violence-from-taming-skill/#comment-324684 Just yesterday I got killed 6 times taming a bull very bloody too.
  14. Jay8454

    Weather effects, Vitamins and Fortitude

    I use to be able to dip in the water and the wicking effect worked but now not so much.
  15. New Claim System creating arguments PvE. Go back to flags! As a single player, not really understanding the tax. I land on an island at 5% and see the tax go to 20% in 30 minutes. I ask and basically get told to fuck off.