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  1. Jay8454

    Autopilot Travel

    Or maybe an AI to do is but for a very low limited time. That way you can go back (if a single player and check an imprinting juvenile ).
  2. Survived 3 Blown off Panels on Schooner! (Semi Story like) It did happen. As a single-player just have a fast story and how to survive aboard ship if... The titles/subject states it I left the edge of one map to another with my ship (schooner), to right into the middle of 4 Ships of the Damned my schooner is unarmed so I pointed for the best wind and way out kept my head (not true screamed I QUIT I QUIT!) when my schooner got free from the seeming/never/ending bombing or her tail I pointed to the nearest island in sight and went down below to find calmly (not true still yelling UNFAIR UNFAIR!) 3 ship panels have been blown off and water up to my wast I calmly went through thoughts, should I scuttle her and come back and salvage? Yes, that is what I'll do, but I have to buy more time and get closer to land. But how can I do that? OH!, my bucket it's in the smithy, I raced to the smithy to find it, my bucket was not there! So, I had to make another one fast, but there is not enough materials SH1T! Went to the chest found paste and made the bucket in the smithy, by this time only my head was above the water I made the bucket and started bailing double left click get more water, right click trows it overboard. The water in the bilge is now swim able crap! CRAP!, land is still too far off I am miles away BAIL, BAIL,BAIL,BAIL,BAIL,BAIL,BAIL, bail ~the water is going down even though I still have 3 panels missing... keep bailing bail,bail,bail,bail,bail,bail ~the ship stopped? It did!, I am saved I made it to shore and can I anchor yes! I anchored the ship bailed more water till it was down to about an inch, then I have a bear on board took him to the nearest fiber and cut trees fast! Got back to the ship (always in sight) not much more water was in it (due to being anchored). Made 5 (2 spares) ship panels in the smithy and placed them. The water was getting up to knee high again still leaking a bit with water while the panels nit in, bailed a little and all good! All the water drained out and looked at the island I landed on. Things I think helped me most putting points into sink rate/spoilage and the bucket and a way to get to the bilge easily. I ended up landing on a freeport island I found and I can only assume that the SOTD's were glitched into the server grid because it's not normal for them to be in a freeport grid.
  3. Breeding and baby raising is better. Imprinting needs improvements. Juvenile the animal is pretty much self-sustained by the troth. I am going to use the tiger for this and the problems with still imprinting. After I got to the juvenile stage I made sure the troth was packed with meat of all kinds, keep in mind I have other meat-eaters too that use the troth too, along with fruit and veggie eaters. Inbetween the imprinting is an 8 hour wait I calculated there are 6 imprinting sessions. I did 2 and the last one the baby tiger died because all the meat went bad/spoiled in the troth. Even as a one or two-player company/group this is just not user friendly. I noticed that bone marrow gives the tiger baby a very slight feeding boost and noted that bone marrow is very hard to come buy. Why not figure a way to use this source for the imprinting because 8 hours in between is a crazy amount of time X6 that's a job a real job. Why not use bone marrow to lower the clock. It was a hard thing to micromanage the baby 5 hours hot/cold and that was not easy to do by myself. Or code so small groups have less time to imprint, code so if someone leaves a company they can not rejoin for a month. I don't know that was a really close to game killer when I get back after setting my alarm to sleep and it had died from starvation. The game is based upon mutipliers why not use the same concept used on ships the more XP a ship has the multiplier gets slower. The more people in a company the imprinting multiplier IS slower. The less people in a group the multipier is faster for imprinting. In a round about way this would make large groups seek out the smaller groups. "Hey guy, could you breed our tigers 200 gold for your time, 2000 for a full imprint" Breeder, "No, I want 100 mythos 500 for my time and 1000 for a 50% and 5000 for a 100% imprinted X,Y,Z!" You want players to interact or do you want them to play water polo over ones left in the ocean over 8 days? There is a mod maker in the modding community that makes a trader mod, one of the traders sells imprinting food, there is that too.
  4. Jay8454

    Stuttering Help!

    I did fix this by eating Sh1t, it sucks because I balance health and like NOT killing myself. DUMB!@
  5. Jay8454

    Stuttering Help!

    The game runs fine, other than walk/running forward, backward, left, and, right. I can not press [E] on a ship steering wheel. What did I do? I did verify, restart/reboot. I can not fix it. Could if be C8 NA PvE server?
  6. Parrots Suck Make them Whistle Accordion Song's
  7. Jay8454

    What am I doing wrong?

    Is it possible that they made it switch between items fed? Like Chickpeas' and then wheat?
  8. Jay8454

    What am I doing wrong?

    There is some issue with the elephants I get beat to death and give up an hour into 70% or so. I do it like I used to on the ground with a bear to bolo. It is crazy I used to tame for friends but now is completely sucks balls. FIX IT!
  9. Jay8454

    Weekend Tame XP? Please

    Weekend Tame XP? Please
  10. Jay8454

    Total Structures

    I till have ALL the old ones! But those are now backup! YAY! TOTAL IS BACK???!!! We'll take it!
  11. Is there a setting limiting how many things I can place on a ship?
  12. I don't use Twitter only to see fast what's going on it's my quick way of seeing if I need to update. Thank you
  13. 12 minutes after, it's working! Disregard.
  14. ATTACK THIS' Isn't working sound plays but animals do not bide. As I said, hit the period key (.) and aim the target let go, sound IS heard but animals do nothing NO big red downward arrow appears. Tried a few ways and same thing happens.
  15. I AM TRULY LIKING THE FPS I GET! I host an unofficial Blackwood server and run 10 mods and I get around 70 FPS running in a forest and ocean I get around 100 FPS. Really nice and the water is looking good. Nice improvements so fare and sadly I have to work in one issue, the Pirate camp can they be made to work on Blackwood?