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  1. Is there any known bugs with ships stopping leveling? We have a player who's ships are not earning XP. She has a sloop that has been stuck at 507 XP for weeks (Level 4) and her Galleon wasn't earning XP when fighting SotD. This doesn't seem to be the case with other players. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this.
  2. The answer is: No, they are not bugged (in this case) I just was dumb and was trying to play a drum song on the accordion....
  3. Yes, this is true. Sorry it didn't help you in this case. But it will help in the future from unauthorized changes to your files during an update.
  4. Hey friend! I just spent the last 6 weeks fighting to get my server online. It's hard! One of the biggest problems is theres about 100 guides and all of them are only like 40% complete One thing I found that was super helpful, is the Atlas Server Owner Support Discord server. https://discord.gg/ARHwrB56UZ They have tons of guides and people giving live help and are really good at asnwering questions. I asked a million questions and they were very patient mostly. Also, do yourself a favor and download the Atlas Server Update Utility by Phoenix125 (Google it) - It makes managing your server so much easier. You can also get help for that on Discord.
  5. I also recommend joining the "Atlas Server Owner Support" discord server and check their "Guides" channel. They have lots of help, including an unofficially updated version of Server Grid Editor with the new islands.
  6. Yep! This happened to us too, and even changing the setting back did not restore the fog of war, even when we forced it. It seems like once it's clear, the game thinks you've explored everywhere. We learned the hard way to make sure your ini files are read-only at all times They added a couple of things without telling us that screwed us over. We were really pissed. If you keep your ini files read only they can't change it after you edit it. If you want help creating a batch file to open/close them all at once, let me know.
  7. Hmm. If I understand the problem correctly you guys are having trouble with bottles not giving maps for a grid that's offline? That sounds like a sensible conclusion, but all of our server grids are always online and we still have about 1 in 3 bottles are "empty" and don't give a map. Is this maybe the same problem you are having? I always assumed that it was the way it was supposed to be - there's a chance that some bottles are empty. Maybe not?
  8. You have to edit your map and add a new kind of island called "Cay_S_Hub" using the Server Grid Editor. I don't think the official link is updated, you can get the island downloads if you join the "Atlas Server Owner Support" Discord and click on their "#Guides" channel. Look for "islands.json" to download, and replace the islands.json in your ServerGridEditor's installation folder and it will add the new islands to the editor. Then you open your ServerGrid.json file with your editor and add the new Ship Hub island ("Cay_S_Hub") It will appear in your grid the next time you start the servers.
  9. As the title said, I can no longer play (equip) green or yellow songs. Just red. I just played a green song a few minutes ago, but suddenly my green and yellow songs wont drop into the accordion. I made a second accordion and they wont drop there either. Red has not problem. Are they bugged or am I missing something? I unequipped, made a new one to try, and even restarted my game.
  10. These words, are never the right response, especially when your opinion is the miniority. Take yourself elsewhere.
  11. Except, the whole point of giving players early access to a game in development is to get feedback on changes...Grapeshot is really doing things badly and apparently completely ignoring players. Seriously. That's where the community's anger is coming from, that it's become completely clear that they used early access to take people's money. Their entire business model is based soley on early access cash and nothing else. And no matter how much anyone wants to hide behind a "in development" disclaimer, taking money means you have customers, not testers, no matter how many times they say it, it doesn't make their obligation to customers any less real. . . this game has been in "early access" development for 2 years and is soaked in disasterous decisions. So take your "just calm down" and go somewhere else.
  12. So, in addition to all the other BS you just pulled without telling anyone (Forcing the new settlement system without putting it in the patch notes? Great.) I see you're still plowing right ahead with the new ship plan despite your entire customer base begging you not to. You are terrible at what you do.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that. That's frustrating! I did see Phoenix125 mention on Discord he's going to rewrite the Mod Updater in the old version of Python so he heard you. I saw some other messages from him mentioning he's working on fixing a lot of problems with the Mod Updater. He released a new version of ASUU last night, but I don't know if it includes fixes to the Mod Updater yet.
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