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  1. So, we're trying mods on our dedicated server. We add the Mod ID to the configs and it loads, etc. eco's Decor is an example of one of them. We'll play for a while and make lots of custom stuff from them, and then shut the server down, add another Mod ID to the list, restart the server and none of the mods load. We go into the game and everything mod-related is missing. Restart the server, and it loads the mods this time, but we're still missing all of our mod content. This has happened twice now, exactly this way both times. Does this happen to anyone else? I don't know why this is happening. We're basically at the point where everyone's afrait to use the mods because they're afraid to lose it all.
  2. We had to update our server for it to show up. It seems if your game client is updated, it wont show you servers that are not updated to the same version. I don't like the idea of forced updates without the chance to test them first. Should be like Minecraft where we can choose to use what version we have, and match the server version. Although I guess I have to recognize that for a game in development that isn't really productive for the development team. Steam forces the game to update, so if you updated, you'll have to play on a server that's updated.
  3. Updated the server and my game, and there's no new seed vendor in the Freeport. EDIT: Turns out there is one on the other Freeport island in the same region, just not on the primary island.
  4. I have a dedicated server that we run here on a separate PC from where we play. It's running all fine and we have multiple players from around the world. But, us that live here, and play within the network cannot stay connected more than 5-10 minutes at a time. We all get the dreaded "Lost/Timedout connection to host" repeatedly. I've googled and googled for hours and only came up with "turn your graphics down" which doesn't seem to help us. Here's the thing: It only happens when we connect to the external IP address the game uses. We can play fine without disconnects when we use the server's internal network IP. All other players outside of our network do not have this problem. They can connect and play with the external address. Normally, I'd just tolerate it, but the problem is, when we sail to another region, then BAM. We get disconnected regularly. (every 5-10 minutes.). I believe this is because while we can force the game to connect to our Freeport region with the internal address, all of the regions are set to use the external address so when we sail out of Freeport, it actually connects via the external IP. I was wondering if there's anything in the config files that I could change to adjust time out tolerance or something, but didn't find anything. I don't know how to fix this. We've tried using a gaming VPN too, and no luck. There seems to be so many people having this issue, and no good answers. It took me like 2 weeks of troubleshooting to get my server running, I want to be able to enjoy it
  5. Yep. I have this problem too. I used Cay_H_WR_E and there was nothing on it, not even the Freeport town. I had thought maybe I put the 2 Islands too close together and one was being overlapped but sounds like that's not the case.
  6. I'm running a private dedicated server, and it's driving us insane that player characters "go to sleep" while they log off. It is causing some issues with placing flags. Also, there are many copies of our own characters (There are only a handful of us right now). WHen player logs off, I want them to be gone. Is there a way to do that?
  7. In case anyone else has this problem, you have to open the map in Server Grid Editor or Atlas Server Control and add an island who's name ends in _E in order to get the town. Only islands who's name ends in _E include the town. There are only a few.
  8. I get this constantly on my dedicated server. Ever get it fixed?
  9. Turns out, I needed to reboot my router.....for the port forwarding to take effect... .which I could have done 4 days ago....
  10. I've been bashing my head in on my desk trying to get a server up and running for like 4 days. I believe I have the server running perfectly now, but the problem is, I cannot access the server from the external IP address, only the local machine IP. I am an expert Minecraft server admin, so I'm pretty familiar with forwarding ports, and getting a server up, but this is doing me in! I have forwarded the ports that I know of on my router. Every time I check for the open ports on Open Port Check, it says they are closed. (My Minecraft server ports are open). The Atlas server settings are so complicated, I feel like I MUST be missing something here. I started out doing this myself, but finally found Atlas Server Control and have been doing everything in that now. I have spent hours googling and reading and there are hundreds of people struggling with the same thing but no answers, at least not that have helped me. For the sake of security, I will obscure all but the last 3 digits of my IP addresses for this discussion: Local machine IP, which allows me to connect: ###.###.###.102 Router's public ISP IP address: ###.###.###.201 I have a Linksys EA8300 router if it matters. Here's the information on the settings that I have: The game ports are as follows, as set in the ServerGrid.json / Shards in ASC: "Port"=57560-57590 "GamePort"=5760-5790 "SeamlessDataPort"=5003 Redis is using 5018 (Successfully, I think?) Here are my router settings: https://i.imgur.com/B85rAzC.png Here is the settings in one shard of my server: https://i.imgur.com/rj9vKMz.png (Note, although this screenshot shows my local machine ip address in the IP field, I have tried both public and local IP address in the shard IP. I'm not sure what's supposed to be here, exactly. The ASC wiki says "internet facing" ip, but that doesn't work either.) When I use the Steam server interface to look for the server, and use the local IP (###.###.###.102:57560) I see my server fine. After forwarding the ports on my router and adding rules to my machine's Windows firewall, Steam says "Server is not responding" when looking for the public IP ###.###.###.201:57560 Here's all that I've done so far: Went through all the json/config files and ASC settings to make sure the ports and IP's are right. The only question I have is whether the server/shard's ip should be public or local? (...###.102 or ...###.201?) I've tried both with no success but it's not clear to me what that should be anyway. I have checked several times that my port forwarding settings are correct on my router. I have tried all kinds of different port settings, not just the current ones listed here. I have checked and rechecked the Windows Firewall (and disabled it) and had no luck. I have downloaded and looked at CurrPorts to see the traffic from my machine and what ports are being used. I see some questionable things in there, but not sure how to interpret them or if they are a problem. Mainly, ShooterGameServer.exe is using for each shard. (remember, this port is the "SeamlessDataPort" in the shard settings.) I also notice that ShooterGameServer.exe is using (shards GamePorts!). I think this is suspect, but I don't know what settings are causing this. (Here are some other screenshots that might matter: ShooterGameServer.exe using both and on various ports. If this is wrong, I'm not sure how to fix it: https://i.imgur.com/8RADTWV.png Atlas Server Control.exe using remote port range of 47555-47590 for TCP, but the local port is constantly scrolling through higher ports. I have no idea what this means. I have tried forwarding the 47555-90 range to no avail. Port check says they are closed. https://i.imgur.com/tkpoVVW.png I have tried every which way to write the rules for Windows firewall rules. I've tried specific ports, port ranges, all ports, turning off the firewall. I have even added rules that say allow access on all ports to ShooterGameServer.exe, Atlas Server Control.exe I've come to the conclusion that this probably isn't a windows firewall issue, but something I've done wrong in the settings. Any insight/help is appreciated. I really want to get this working, but I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks!
  11. I'm sure this is because I missed something somewhere, but I dont know what. I created a map with ServerGridEditor and I have a dedicated server from a hosting company. After hours and hours of work and troubleshooting, I finally got in the game and am running around, but there's no animals or fish. Its completely lifeless other than trees. I tried the respawn dinos setting in the command line, but it did nothing. What did I do wrong? I googled but didn't find any answers. Nevermind. It seemed to be a problem with the host. Running the map on my home server works just fine.
  12. In case that anyone else has this problem, I solved it by deleting my ..\..\Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Content folder (local game, not server) and had Steam verify and repair the installation.
  13. I'm posting this here because I believe it has something to do with my dedicated server. When I log on to my server, my local client crashes with this error. I only get this problem when I try and log on to my dedicated server. Other servers work fine. But I have no idea what this means. Any ideas?
  14. Hiya! I'm rather new to the game and had a question about placing structures. I can only seem to get things placed to snap points. There are the red, blue and green "handle" arrows on items, but I don't know how to use them. Usually in games those are "grab-able" to move the object in 3D space. Am I missing a hotkey to toggle that instead of using the camera to move the item? Thanks!
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