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  1. Starting out has never been better: NPC Ships Mega Update - Released Standing & Faction System Mega Update - Released Beginner Harvest Boost! Server Radioactive Atlas: Welcome to the world of Radioactive Atlas, a 5x5 map with 20 PvE and 5 PvP grids. While we have provided PvE with useful rules, there are no rules in PvP, except for general rules like the tone of voice! Here you can loot, pillage, plunder & fight as you please. NEW!!! You're just starting? All beginnings are hard, especially at low rates, so all players who haven't reached level 30 now have a permanent x2 Harvest Boost! Our world is a special one, not only do we have Foxes, Eagles & Hippos. Wild young animals are on the agenda! Realism in a new dimension! These are also tameable, but must be raised afterwards. The seas are different... in addition to the Ship of the Damned, two NPC factions, Pirates & Navy, are fighting each other. You decide for which side you stand or if you stay neutral! But there is also a lot to discover away from ships. In our polar regions the narwhal is up to mischief, the black dragon terrorizes the PowerStone islands and somewhere on the map this mysterious black fog has appeared... You want to know more? Then visit the trading post, perhaps you'll find answers in the tavern. Here you can also offer animals and items to other privateers through our trading system or purchase goods from them. Sometimes too many animals? Our unique stable system allows you to store animals in any freeport or trading post and pick them up at any stable. Later on you can also set up your own stable! Still not enough? Then try your hand at Magic & Alchemy. Both of these sophisticated systems are only available here! Use powerful spells, create powerful potions, new metals and much more! Build something beautiful. The modpack from Radioactive now offers well over 1000 decorative items, some of which bring new features to the game. There's also plenty of structure to choose from with over 36 stone and 18 wood variations! What are you waiting for? The world of Radioactive Atlas is waiting for you! Write history! https://www.radioactivegaming.eu
  2. Sounds good, doesn’t work. That’s why we are using the workaround.
  3. Hugely depends on the Grid. Since we have a fresh start I can tell that we have some dense Grids that chew trough 12gb ram without Structures
  4. Would bee keen to know! That would be a good fix for now!
  5. Would be great to let us know if you found anything.
  6. Same issue here... Grid with 9 Islands 8 Normal ones with -1 as spawnzone, 1 Freeport as Spawnzone 0. Spawntemplate is setup correctly. I am spawning on one of the 8 Islands instead of the Freeport...
  7. For testing I removed the Spawn Template. After removing this I was able to choose different spawn options, however I always spawn on the same Island. I have a Grid with 9 Islands. 8 with Spawnzone -1 and 1 Freeport. I am also not able to spawn in the Freeport. The Spawntemplate and Spawnoverwrite(=0) is set up correctly
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