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  1. please don't do player shops, add a freeport auction house.
  2. In my opinion and literally everyone else i have ever spoken too think the gorgon's stun is far far too long at 30 seconds and should be reduced and the fact tames can be stunned also is pretty dumb. ive made a poll for you all to vote on, whether its seen by the devs is another thing.
  3. This post is about the issues some people have when trying to tame a Shieldhorn and the Razortooth. In order to tame the Shieldhorn or the Razortooth you must have the correct Power Stone for the region you are in, without the stone you will get the text "Too heavy to entrap!" when you try to bola it. I hope this information has helped you solve your problems :) To obtain power stones, you must first travel to one of the power stone islands and defeat the boss of the island (a Hydra or Drake). Players in proximity of the kill will receive an Artifact Key in their inventory with a 2 hour spoil timer. You then need to locate the entrance to the Artifact Chamber and find the Artifact Altar. Press interact (default e) on the altar will give you the power stone which you can then find on your Compass. The last Power Stone you get when you fight the Ghost Ship Power Stone 1 - Purple - 014 Power Stone 2 - Blue - C6 Power Stone 3 - Turquoise - D12 Power Stone 4 - Green - F8 Power Stone 5 - Yellow - G3 Power Stone 6 - Orange - H6 Power Stone 7 - Red - M12 ^ Power Stone 8 - White - O7 | Power Stone 9 - Cyan - Ghost Ship Boss [Sails around the map, locations in the Text link above] |