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    Sail max. velocity doesn't work

    Maybe fixed on PTR? Anybody checked?
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  3. DemonSpy

    Global ship limit

  4. DemonSpy

    Sunken Treasure (Shipwrecks) Not affected by 2x!

    Whales not giving x2 gold too. Just standart 800-1000.
  5. DemonSpy

    bugs Animals starving on stasis again...

    Seems fixed
  6. DemonSpy

    Atlas Calculator Taming & Stats

    How do you explain this damage? Everything in your calculator seems fine, exept you dont count hundredths of a percent so its might be little incorrect when 10+ lvls applied P.S. I know that this bear is bugged. Your tables correct
  7. DemonSpy

    bugs Animals starving on stasis again...

    Any reply from devs?
  8. Hello everybody! One of most exiting things for me in atlas is breeding animals to make really OP monsters. But today I lost 3 babybears..... again.... They were 14-15% of mature (should be able to eat from feeding trough) and with full inventory of grown vegetables. Then I filled multiple feeding trough with berries and after that i went to sleep for at least 3 hours. When I woke up feeding trough were almost (but not completely) emty. Thats strange coz 10 bears cant eat 6 feeding trough full of berries in 3 hrs. I left babybears just next to feeding trough that found half-filled in the morning..... so I lost like 8-10 hours of realtime..... again..... Looks like Patch v18.9 was cancelled.... Fixed an issue with babies not eating from inventory/troughs when in stasis. Strange that I cant find message about babybear death in company log..... they disappeared? Devs. Please. Fix. This. Again... Best regards, Despy. P.S. found message. Starved to death....