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  1. Hello all Over 1100 Mythos for Sale in our Item Shop. Location: J4 (Muckel Tuckel) near the lighthouse. Add 4 Bears - not spayed/neutered. Last updated: 25 October 2019
  2. Thank you KUMMBA Add 4 Bears - not spayed/neutered. Last updated: 18 October 2019
  3. Hello everyone we are back We add a Wild Level 41 bear - not spayed/neutered. Last updated: 15 October 2019
  4. Veini

    Where is my Game

    Hello for you
  5. Hello everyone FOR SALE: ONLY 1500 GOLD EACH BEAR - until 1 June 2019 We added: new Horses
  6. Bears on SALE each only 1500 Gold - until 22 MAY 2019
  7. Sorry we do not sell crabs at the moment
  8. Hello @Habitman first I would like to point out that this topic is about our animals. But we answer because because we do not want to leave it that way. 1. We don´t carpet the entire island with floors. Most of floors are where we build or planned to build or where are important ressources for others. 2. In the Regions Message we announce that there are 3 Public Taming Pens + Workstations. Everyone can use these. In addition, if someone would like to have a longer settlement with us, he/she can contact us. Which is also readable in the welcome message. 3. Our island is one of smaller islands. There are only a few building areas where you can build reasonably well. If we left this all open, the island would be riddled with taming pens, foundations, or billboards for taming after a few days. And the building border/range is very large unlike lawless regions. And then nobody can use the area anymore. 4. We already had several companies that intentionally set foundations on resources (iron nodes) or in the water to crash/sunk other ships. How should a settlement owner protect himself from this? So we take care not to build on the important resources so that all our visitors can use them. You should always look at both sides. The settlement owner's and the visitor's. And as mentioned, anyone can contact us if anyone want to stay longer with us. Unfortunately, your statement here has nothing to do with the topic. Sorry for my english..
  9. Update with new Animals. (for example 6 new Bears)
  10. Hello @Shay the Giraffe is a Male Giraffe. Yes you can pay with Silver (6300). Edit: Silver from 5500 to 6300
  11. Update with new Level 42 Giraffe, Level 35 Giraffe and Level 38 Lion
  12. Hello all Welcome to the Lavapo - Trading Lounge Area. Here are the most important information: ++In Stock++ Last updated: 25 October 2019 Bears: 6 Giraffes: 0 Lions: 0 Horses: 0 Ostriches: 0 Tigers: 0 Rhino: 0 Olfend: 0 Over 1100 Mythos for Sale in our Item Shop. Location: J4 (Muckel Tuckel) near the lighthouse Our Animals can you find on Discord ++Discord++ https://discord.gg/UTWxSDU ++How can I contact you if interested?++ If you are interested in animals, you can pick them up from us. You can contact us directly Ingame or just write here or in Discord to Veini ++Do you deliver?++ No ++What are your prices?++ All prices for the animals can be found in the corresponding category (Discord). ++Do you trade for certain items?++ No ++Are the breeding animals castrated (Spay or Neuter)?++ Like most breeders in the game, we have chosen castration in our breeding animals. Good breeding animals means a high time investment. But we can make exceptions on a negotiated basis. Our Wild Tamed Animals are not castrated. ++Where is your location?++ PVE EU Our island is in J3/J4 (Muckel Tuckel) Our last added tames. All other Tames can be found on our Discord Bears
  13. Veini

    Breeding needs a drastic look at.

    Yes, we tested the NPC crew. Unfortunately it does not work either. The baby stops eating anyway.