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  1. BadBug

    Can’t level up

    Leveling up is dependent on discoveries. They are probably capped.
  2. BadBug

    Where is my Game

    Thank you
  3. BadBug

    Where is my Game

    it is 35 min past 12:00 No game yet on xbox market place
  4. Look forward to it. I'll be on Xbox and you will have a head start.
  5. BadBug

    ATLAS Roadmap

    I'm on Xbox
  6. BadBug

    ATLAS Roadmap

    I love the cross play. Cant wait for the next update
  7. BadBug

    Livestream Q&A

    Xbox version release date?
  8. BadBug

    Captain's Log #35: PTR and other News

    Xbox release date please.
  9. I tried on managing company but it has no option to change !!!!! Anyone knows how if it is possible?
  10. BadBug

    EA reviews are hurting

    I love people that review survivor games but never the less they don't put in the time to play. Survivor games are for hardcore gamers.Not for everyone. When they ask what is there to do? That says that they do not get the concept of surviving LOL.
  11. BadBug


    Its sucks . I'm stuck at work without any good stream to watch.
  12. Am I the only one that finds that cool? They are showing stuff that will be in the game. It might be an exploit now, but the game is not released yet, so I'm sure it will be patched.
  13. BadBug

    Got banned wrongly

    Dam pets this days. Must have typed something while you were taking a shit.
  14. BadBug

    Trying to clear the Air

    If you got banned on BattleEye you will remain banned on any game that uses battlEye.