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  1. Jawa

    Mythical shipyard

    I kind of think this is a perfect example of why the game is struggling. This is basic information that should be readily available on the wiki or somewhere and should be explained by the developer not not left to back of napkin mathematics by fans who ultimately end up contradicting each other and not providing a definitive answer, not to mention having to sift through forums to find the relevant conversation.
  2. Thank you for clarifying!
  3. This is all I see. Is this because it's PVP? Is this because I'm on a claimable island on a pvp server? I've heard people talking about claim timers on Freeports and I know i've seen claim timers in the past but I don't remember where or the circumstances. This honestly seems like it should be a simple question to answer that I should be easily able to look up but it's not. The wiki says that it should be claimable but it's not, the company have messaged my company saying they don't play anymore and their entire base has decayed around them so the 8 day timer that the wiki says has long been met. Thanks in advance.
  4. Yeah, That doesn't do anything. There is no options whatsoever beside the tames, I have no way of interacting with them. Does the kind of island I am on make a difference? I'm on a claimable island that does not have a current owner. Will that affect taming in any way?
  5. Hi, Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I can't seem to find it when searching. How do I claim abandoned tames? A company on my island has stopped playing, their base has decayed etc but they have several tames left that i wouldn't mind taking over. I believe I saw a timer before stating when animals could be claimed but I don't see it anymore and it was some time ago since I last saw that. It might have been patched out. So yeah, how do I steal another persons animals? I'm playing on EU PVP if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance o/
  6. Jawa

    Can't Whistle NPC Crew or Unseat Crew

    Same boat here. Can't interact with any of my NPC's. Can't unseat them.
  7. Jawa

    The War of B5

    Thank you for the update! That's unfortunate. The exploiters are a sometimes necessary evil since they expose the broken game mechanics that need to be fixed. But the lack of enforcement of punishment for cheaters is demoralizing. And when they state that they wish they had more Dev's then it's indicating a financial reason for allowing this behaviour, which leads to the big question, do they not have the money to tackle exploiters and cheating? (How many Dev's does it take to ban an account? One would think its just a few clicks of a button) or do they profit financially more from allowing more exploiters to buy the game etc. I do not know about programing so i'm sure there are a bunch of reasons things take time, but not only did they do nothing about the issue which was presented with videos and pictures, but they didn't reply here either. There aren't any software issues that i'm aware of that would prevent one of them from posting a few words here.
  8. Jawa


    What kind of mechanics do they have in place around Freeports? I can't park there anymore since the ship decay speed was destroying my ship overnight. I'm not sure if that's a bug or if it was fixed.
  9. Jawa

    The War of B5

    Was anything ever done about this by the devs? Is there any conclusion or what kind of support should we expect from the Dev's if we become the victim of this?
  10. Jawa

    Another Chinese Exploit?

    I've seen your posts in other threads in regards to this topic, and I know you feel quite strongly about it, but I think you're intentionally ignoring the point people are trying to make. I don't say that to get a rise out of you. But people have selected a PVE server. If the developers want PVE players to require base defenses like that to protect against random raids from SOTD or marauding animals or NPC Pirates or cannibals, then that is fine, players should be expected to deal with that as that is what they're intended PVE playing environment is. But, if people are using exploits to grief players, then that would go against what players SHOULD expect in a PVE server. Exploits are exploits. Just because it is possible to defend against it, does not mean that people should be quiet about it, or not complain. That is the point of these forums, to voice their concerns or ask for advise. You've given partial advise on how to protect yourself from SOTD attacks, but your delivery has also been given in a tone that says "Suck it up and leave if you don't like it". Additionally players should not have to invest significant hours into building base defenses against exploits. That's not the intended play style as far as I can tell that the developers intended. If I'm wrong, and developers intend for us to be the victims of exploits then I'll just shut my yap. In the meantime, I think people should be allowed to voice their concerns and irritations so that the Developers might gain an idea of whats affecting the community the most so they can prioritize what exploits to fix. That's not going to happen if people just shut up and deal with it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  11. Jawa

    The War of B5

    Bump! Regardless of you getting your ships back, this kind of behaviour isn't acceptable. Unless this is what the Dev's want in a PVE Server, if so, they should come out and say it and we will need to shut up and just learn to deal with it. This kind of behaviour is more damaging to the game overall than some of the bug fixes and glitches which they invest their time in repairing. Why fix a game that people don't want to play because of a toxic culture and environment of exploitation of game mechanics. I appreciate that the Dev's cant find a stick big enough to touch this topic with, but it's something that should be addressed. So far they haven't even said "we're looking into it" in this post. An update would be nice and frankly deserved!
  12. Here's the thing. My raft is taking damage, My ship is taking damage beside it. I'm not using them or anything they're just parked there, but the rafts that are causing the issues take no damage and have no decay. Why is my raft taking damage and needing repair when the one beside it isn't?
  13. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm trying to build a small port on a Lawless zone but there's an abandoned raft that's sitting right in the middle of where i'm trying to build. It's decay isn't going down and the player who owns the raft and his Company are nowhere near me. How do I go about removing it so I can build? I thought perhaps the decay would go down on it and it would eventually disappear but that's not been the case. My own raft and ship beside it seem to have no issue decaying but the other persons is permanently stuck at around half health and I can't seem to claim it. Quite frankly I'm almost willing to look at alternatives like exploits at this stage to remove it. Thanks in advance!
  14. Jawa

    Lawless land decay rate

    The base repair in the lawless lands. Is it possible to just have an NPC set idle there to repair the base? If it’s only going to cost some gold to have them there it might be an easier option. I just haven’t tried it yet. It’s on my bucket list. So if I have a small base on the lawless zone, is just passing through my base with fast travel enough to reset the timers? I ask because I’m primarily a solo player and can sometimes end up away for several days on my ship exploring or treasure hunting. Would fast traveling back to the base for a few seconds at the start of each lot in keep my base in tact or do I need to stay in the zone for a certain length of time?