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  1. Limit flags and upkeep with gold . Good ideas that we discuss it before in here , from the very beginning of the game.
  2. Sad but in other hand its clear proof such players should be Banned forever.
  3. I assume its for speed . Gunports Closed you have more speed.
  4. The brigantine needs 10 of each side gunports, not 6. Make it a better ship, for default . So we dont need to put hideous gun placements on deck. That makes more sense if we use gunports instead of crappy shotgun ship designs. Questions comes in chain ... we need more ship types , thanks. (i guess devs will add more shiptype bp's in shops ? )
  5. Remove the foy completly... Its not fun Its a nightmare if you hit age 90 I invite dev team to play as a 90 year player, go to the lag fest island powerstones, try to be alive until reach cave and after , die repeat like 30 times and do it again . After you feel what we feel remove this pain in the hydras bass asap. Thank you
  6. Good call , agreed with OP and make addition ; make skill tree visible so people can see entire tree before wasting points.
  7. (Pve-eu) I see in my island 4 men company had 36 claims and today it rised to 41 ! Imagine 4 players 41 claims and only greed stops them for more ! Anyone can confirm that hey see Empty 1/2claimed islands around .
  8. There is many suggestions and topics similar i know, just want to share my ideas about claim system. You can see many islands claimed by one company or player. They build enough for 2 flag claim spot but the rest is empty land. This is a huge kickback for new and growing players looking for land. Make claim flag "upkeep system" : 10gold/hour each flag after "first flag" . First company/players flag free plus every flag need hourly gold upkeep. more flags more upkeep you name it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1634996804
  9. i think it spawn in the same locations all servers
  10. thanks wish to more about your opinion. What was the best thing in your FoY advanture ? (If you ask me , trying like 50 times and dying 50 different ways)
  11. Really good post and a jewel in this forum , not much likely you found these days here. Mostly i agree and like follow post suggestions i humble add some ideas perhaps. Looking forward...
  12. Still people open similar FoY topics but without any suggestion. Maybe we -players- cry so loud devs would not hear us. About rage quit we have topics , about devs sux yes same topics. We are here the development. Because we are playing this game. We have the prons and cons here, so let our voice to be hear . FoY is broken ? Not yet complete ? Premature ? I know , we all know it already. What will you suggest ?
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