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  1. Darkwave

    Patch V519.5

    I don't understand the glider suit nerf...? Sometimes, that's the only way to do maps. Why change this? What is the reason for this? I just do not understand why you would change something like this.
  2. Yeah, it's frustrating. I feel your pain. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2316037820
  3. I can empathize with this, sorry that it happened. I had a player park his raft, quite literally, in my base. As far as I know, there is no recourse and nothing the developers will do. There's a ticket system, but you will get an email telling you how it is not actually active. It's one of the worst parts about PvE.
  4. All of my trade routes were gone today. I could not add any. So, I demoed, went private, then could add back some routes. Resent invite, Valentine.
  5. I did notice our trade went down. I canceled and resent and it seemed established last I was on. I noticed others were down, too, but not all. I figured it might have been from the restart. I'll rebuild if they still seem down.
  6. Hey folks. G3 seems to be down. Or is this just me?
  7. Hey there! Thanks to @Ranger1k, I read some other info and established trades with like resources. (e.g. silk for silk) That seemed to do the trick and trades were working. Awesome! Thanks for the info! Thanks to @PiszkosFred for getting setup with some trades--passive income is great!
  8. Hi Folks. I'm with the Sea Dogs playing on PvE. We're on Troheim Isle on G3. I have a Farmhouse connected to a Warehouse connected to a Market. All the things show connected. My Market is 6 Meters from its connected Warehouse. I have 14 trade routes showing, all in G3, at least requested. I have 3 showing Accepted. All say 0 Ships. I have every possible combination of trading proposed as 1:1 value. No trading is occurring however. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone provide advice? Thanks.
  9. It seems that server is down. Lots of other people experiencing the same issue. It's H3. Probably some others, too, but H3 Freeport is down. Any attempts to sail into that grid will disconnect you. You will be unable to reconnect and play Atlas again until they bring that server back up.
  10. Same. Sailed from G3 to H3. Wish I had read this before that... Cannot login now. Dang.
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