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  1. Rand al'Thor

    PrimalGameData_BP Loading Continuously

    That doesn‘t work for me. I get instantly a message „connection lost to host“
  2. Rand al'Thor

    Server I9 down for 10 hours 0/150 players

    I am unable to join since at least 72 hours. Not normal, it seems like there is no support. Since I bought the game, I played only 2 minutes and after I died I couldn‘t login anymore.
  3. Rand al'Thor

    where are the devs?

    Or who could even never play ...
  4. Rand al'Thor

    PrimalGameData_BP Loading Continuously

    I try since sunday to connect. I played until now for 2 minutes in total, lol
  5. Rand al'Thor

    Can't Rejoin Atlas after homeserver Change

    Just created another topic because of the same problem ...
  6. Rand al'Thor

    Problems to connect to EU-PvE Server

    Hey! I started this topic because I have a problem with my game. I guess you have a lot of problems to solve at this moment. I wrote already a message over „Contact“ but I got no answer or reaction yet. My problem is, that I am not able to play at all. I started on 29/12 to connect to the game and tried to connect to the EU PvE server, where I have 2 mates who started at D8 (they traveled to E8 already). As I had problems to connect to the same server, I tested a random server on EU PvE and I was able to connect. I created a charachter (RandAlThor or Rand al‘Thor ... can‘t remember the name) and than I played for 2 minutes (To begin, I spawned already at the wrong place). After 2 minutes I died and I tried to change the Home Server to E8. But I got a connection timeout and since than, I am not able to connect to any EU PvE Server. When I tried to connect to servers with much online players, it takes some time than I get message „Connection Timeout“ and on others I get instantly the message „lost connection to host“. My guess is, that my charachter is stuck between 2 servers and I am unable to join the game because of this. I tried to connect to EU PvP and I had no problems. I really tried everything but I can‘t connect to the PvE Server. I don‘t care even if you delete my charachter, but I want a solution. In my steam I have 5 hours online time on Atlas but I played only 2 minutes. I am not very satisfied, but I hope that someone can fix my problem. Thanks in advance for your help!