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  1. I am just returning to PvE was on the NA server before so now have moved to the EU server. I have played on that server before the most recent wipe and it was playable. Since coming back my ping is always above 130 and the game lags horribly. It makes sailing nearly impossible. I am curious if other players are also experiencing this or if possibly it is something on my end. Any suggestions? Do we think they will patch this soon so I can enjoy it?
  2. So starting over on the game, found a sweet area on lawless to build a base. Open concept don't want to wall it in so that we can share resources. But people keep building really close as you can't really claim a space without building on it. My husband has now rage quit the game because people can't not build right on top of us and I'm facing a move to somewhere less busy. Any way of securing your base area without walling the whole thing off? Thanks
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