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  1. Whitehawk


    I've been asking for airships since day 1, after all they were in the original rendering of the game but they did look horrendous. Personally I think they should go down the airships steampunk road, I mean we have got a steampunk sub already. And as for making people leave with airships and fast travel etc, well, they've left already.
  2. Whitehawk

    ATLAS Patch: v405.9

    At the end of the day there have been people who have used this forum to make personal and abusive remarks towards the devs and I can understand they would not even rise to answer them. However there are a lot of us who are supporters of the game but are now getting to the point of struggling to play Atlas as much anymore and we have been playing since release. The bottom line is we don't want Atlas to fail. I understand that the devs have Ark to do as well as atlas, but personally I believe that it's like having your own children, you feed your own before you feed someone else's, or at least equally. And if you can't do that let someone else take over the parenting. Nobody can get criticized if they give a project 100% and it still fails. And I still say Atlas is better than ark.
  3. Whitehawk

    ATLAS Patch: v405.9

    Tbh if Atlas does end up failing, i'll be so gutted. Not because of how much i've spent on it because i've had my money's worth many times over in the last year. No, i'll be gutted because of how much potential this game has got, with a dedicated dev team Atlas could be amazing, imo it already outshines ark anyway. Some of us on this forum have been playing since release and we still do, I think that says a lot for how far this game could and should go.
  4. Whitehawk

    Why have you left us ?

    The trouble for me now is early access, everything seems to be able to be released unfinished now with a never ending licence to take as long as you like developing the base game.I used to think it was a good thing but now i'm not so sure. Early access needs to have precise development guides and set time limits, otherwise it can be used as a never ending excuse to do nothing or do very little to improve a game. Bannerlord 2 is finally out now as early access, and even though it's a great game to charge almost full price for it is plain wrong, especially as it's the players who will be doing the testing and feedback. i'd love a job that pays me for work I might or might not do for two years.
  5. Whitehawk

    Why have you left us ?

    I've been playing atlas on pc since release, and on xbox since release too, and even though I still enjoy the game for the most part I am getting bored a bit now. When I sail to another island now I know what to expect to find before I arrive. I can't say for deffo that Atlas has been abandoned, but regardless of that it's going to take a lot of additional content to keep it on it's feet, and I think by the time the devs show an interest again it will be too late anyway. And if another pyrate game gets released in the meantime then atlas won't stand a chance in the long term, short term yes, but not for the long run. There just isn't enough to do now. Also bearing in mind I've started from the beginning again, 4 times now too!
  6. Whitehawk

    PVE Needs mixed PVP

    They could have an attack system where you can attack a player, ship or base but it only becomes pvp if you are attacked back, meaning they have accepted the challenge. That way everyone can be active for pvp but ignore it if they are not interested. Obviously the damage would only start once the challenge is accepted.
  7. I turned off pirate encampments because they were a nightmare, and as far as I know they have never worked properly at all.
  8. Whitehawk

    Blackwood Map, no Hydra or Drakospawn

    I never got a hydra spawn at all on blackwood, I used cheat codes in the end to get the sub. I couldn't even spawn a hydra in with commands.
  9. Whitehawk

    Some advice

    Once you get outside the freeport grid the metal is all over the place, are you still in a freeport grid of islands?
  10. Whitehawk

    Too much negativity

    Well I think the burning question we all need answered now is.......Who's your favourite muppet? Mine's Animal btw.
  11. Whitehawk

    Too much negativity

    As A pc game I would say I got my money's worth from atlas, especially the hours i've played for the price I paid. But the xbox version is a different matter. It could and should have been better than it is and they charged a lot more for it too, (prob microsoft doing some of that though).
  12. Whitehawk

    Now genesis is out, is the focus back to atlas?

    Unless they gave people the base game of ark for free, then re - introducing atlas as a dlc or a new world in ark would be grossly unfair. Also not everyone who plays atlas actually likes ark.
  13. Whitehawk

    We don't need any more ship types.

    Frankly, you obviously just want to rant and vent at someone so go ahead and waste your time. I've played atlas since pc release and also play it on the xbox too. through every wipe I might add and I still came back and still play. I think i've earned the right to an opinion on where the game is headed. And imo Atlas needs to break away from ark completely and stand on it's own now.But by all means, use petty arguments and rant on. But you'll be talking to yourself, believe me.
  14. Whitehawk

    We don't need any more ship types.

    I'm not moaning about more tames at all, i'm stating that it's either a pyrate game or an ark dlc, and we have loadsa tames and barely any ships and yeh they did add a few tames to the already large number we can have . but they added no ships at all. In a sailing pyrate game.
  15. Whitehawk

    We don't need any more ship types.

    The trouble is, without introducing more ship types (even more realistic options would be a start). Then what is atlas? just an ark dlc. After all they constantly add more tames to please players, but if we wanted more tames we could just play ark. I and many others bought atlas for the pyracy and for the ship building. Otherwise, why bother releasing atlas separately at all?