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  1. can u still sink other players ships with extra weight?
  2. Well if u r gonna have submarines and torpedoes then what's wrong with an airship?
  3. I think all the water is making Atlas Rust !
  4. I hope this is just a glitch, my galleon is sailing so slow at the moment, that i'm building a new schooner for faster runs. And I always do the sails last.
  5. you're lucky getting 5 mbps, on my xbox it was downloading in kbps, it wasn't a broadband problem either cos I checked. I guess it was a microsoft issue somewhere.
  6. Game companies do not go on kickstarter or use ea because they are on the verge of bankruptcy, they do it because it's safer to use somebody else's money than to invest their own. Years ago new companies took their own risks which meant a greater commitment to their business so that it wouldn't fail. Cos they used to believe in their own products.
  7. Personally I don't have a problem with people communicating in their own language, as I think it would be a bit arrogant of me to expect them all to learn English. Especially as I haven't learnt their languages. But you are right that the best solution would be a decent translator. Not only that but it helps with the flow of the game.
  8. I still don't understand why they can't add a fleet commander skill, so you can control 3 or more ships from the lead ship. It makes perfect sense for small companies, and the title is in keeping with naval and pyrate lore.
  9. You've only got a game to play because all your so called butt hurt people bought it in the first place ! "Get jobs man"? Grow up, "Man" ?
  10. Tbh I think you will find the devs are pretty well covered by their ea disclaimer that is available to everyone to read pre - purchase. Not that I agree that ea should be used to just drag a project over years while still taking payments, but as microsoft or steam have set absolutely no parameters or rules concerning ea then the only option left is for gamers to refuse to buy into it. Which I will be doing in the future.
  11. Can you not weigh an enemy sub down with anything? I know it used to work with ships.
  12. Loads of xboxers claim to be able to import pictures onto sails and save them on their xbox, but I have tried every way of doing it and it's never worked. Yeh you can do it on pc. Next time someone want's to be a smart ass and brag they can do it on xbox, ask them to put up a tutorial. And yeh I know paintbrush works, if you want sails to look like a blind chimp painted them.
  13. Petty recriminations and childish insults are not what this forum was made for as far as I know, Also If someone wishes to moan about Atlas on the Atlas forum then that is their business. If you don't like people whining then don't read it. Also I have bought all this companies other games and not one of them has left ea yet, and Dark and Light is over three years old. And if the op is wasting his time moaning, then how much time are you wasting reading it? Yeh I agree if someone gets personal in a post then we have the right to answer back, So I do understand at least part of your retaliation. But trolling? No.
  14. Yeh I agree, 3 factions would be best because it would ensure a constant battle going on, they could colour split the map like in ESO tamriel pvp. Pyrates vs traders vs navy. I am mainly a pve player in most games but if pvp is done right I always join it. Also if they allocated you a faction by numbers then it would always be fair, and they could have a friends notification list so you could be in the same faction when a place becomes available. They could always give you a choice option, but put you in a queue if you opt to choose.
  15. So firstly yeh we all bought into an early access game and the lack of any stability that goes with it. That doesn't mean it will happen again. I certainly will not buy another early access game from this company, and maybe any other for that matter. Cos tbh the get out clause of "we can take your money and do what we want" needs an update, to at least include a time limit for ea games. Until microsoft or steam start to impose a limited ea time then i'm out for any future investments. I still say for what I paid I got my money's worth of hours (pc) not xbox, xbox version was a mug off considering the game differences, the port is so bad I barely played it. But i'd like to have stayed committed to Atlas for the long haul. However with the upcoming "rust" at sea patches I cant see many players committing serious time and effort anymore, me included.
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