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  1. Yeh and I do play cross play on xbox sea of thieves with a friend on steam too.
  2. wasn't microsoft doing something where if you buy the game on xbox you can download it automatically on your pc? the only thing I can say though is not to link it to your xbox account because if you do it will link to one account so I doubt if crossplay will be possible. As far as I know if you buy the steam version then you can play with xbox players the same.
  3. I often wonder why players think everyone on the whole server, should lose everything they have every 6 months because some toxic player is spamming and blocking. Why cant they just block the toxic player?
  4. Yeh a pve Pyrate game is entirely possible, especially with npc ships and crew etc. The only problem I have with Atlas pvp apart from unbalanced battles etc, is the fact that it's not a Pyrate game in pvp because all you do is fight each other, which Pyrates rarely did at all. If all they did in the golden age was kill each other no other forces would have allied up to put an end to it. Atlas is NOT a pyrate game, its a survival game with Pyrates and Pyracy in it. Oh and i'm forgetting the other great Pyraty stuff like, Flying dragons, submarines, blah blah blah etc.
  5. I think there are some videos on yutube that might help, I do it in single player with the controller not a keyboard. You have to pause the game first.
  6. Look people, we are talking about devs who think a bowsprit is a figurehead, and that players want ships that look like squid. so unfortunately I do not think that sailing realism is too high on their agenda. Atlas is not a garbage game, yeh it uses early access like a serial killer uses childhood neglect, an excuse for everything. And it deffo needs some direction. But it still has potential, even at this late stage. As for the pre fab route, I agree this is a very wrong turn as there are games that do it much better. Also the more pre fabbed the game gets,the less reason there is to keep playing it. Once you've krakened the game the only thing left to do is attack each other, Which would be ok if the fighting was decently balanced. And adding gold to buy ships after saying they want everyone at sea as fast as possible doesn't make sense at all. I doubt if Atlas will win any innovation awards, But I still say it has potential.
  7. It should work, it works in other games for me. As long as you have the xbox gamer tag saved on xbox for windows, then the xbox player adds you as friend, they should be able to invite you into the game.
  8. In POTC When Davy Jones loses, Will becomes Captain of the Flying Dutchman because the ship can't sail without a Captain. But also he has to give his heart for the job. For Atlas to grow and succeed the Captain needs to have his heart in it. The Atlas ship needs a Captain.
  9. Sorry for getting you wrong there chuck. And yeh they have made a lotta changes for pvp. I'll be honest though I think SOT has the edge if you just want a raging sea battle.
  10. I've said in previous posts that i'd settle for less customization if it meant more realistic Pyrate ships. Sadly that doesn't seem to be the case. We seem to be getting disney kids Pyrate ships instead. Even potc had realistic ships and that was disney. In sea of thieves there are only 3 types of ship, and you get it back whenever you sink. But they do look like ships at least. and they do have furnished interiors so they are not like floating boxes, unlike atlas ships. I think in some ways early access can harm the direction of a game, because a dev may have a vision that gets waylaid due to player comments. It's glaringly obvious that the Atlas teem needs to hire a good leader with a fixed vision.
  11. How ironic chuck that you only state facts not opinions and then add the phrase, (no one cares about pve) . But don't worry it's ok to be wrong eh?
  12. Well if you are not telling porkies, then i'm sorry to say your butts bacon!
  13. Fallout 76 had some of the best software programmers in the world. When it was released it was a buggy mess. And there are many games the same. Sorry but you seem to know less about programming than I know about period pains.
  14. you can use a pin code on the storage if I remember, it's been a while. Also in settings the company admin can change permissions for members.
  15. It's interesting how video games are made to help and enable players to escape the stresses of life for a while, yet whenever a monetary and economic system is introduced, the real world starts to infect the virtual one.
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