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  1. Whitehawk

    What Happened To Realist?

    Yeah wondered the same thing myself , checked his prof yesterday then remembered he and his friend were having trouble getting connected to the game, so maybe he just quit. Boomer is still around though I notice.
  2. Whitehawk

    Options wheel nightmare

    I think any post to them seems to be a long shot at the moment even on discord.
  3. Whitehawk

    Options wheel nightmare

    Devs, please for peoples sake take demolish and scuttle off the options wheel, and make it harder to do. Yes i've only had it happen a few times but last night I was on my galleon with all I own and when I went to lev up(x box) it went straight to demolish, you gotta understand controller sticks aren't the easiest to control the options wheel with. and i'm damn sure if I wanted to demolish or scuttle my whole ship it would never be in the middle of the ocean or just for the hell of it. I've had it demolish my sail and leave me stranded, I've scuttled a whole ship by accident too. yeh it don't happen every day I play but when it does it's enough to make me loco for a few days after losing all my stuff. thx
  4. Whitehawk

    Private P2W servers

    The only thing I would say though is that private servers also have the disadvantage to players of closing down with no previous warning, and this has happened to me. It's frustrating to play on a server for 3 months only to find it gone one day with all your hard work. It's up to personal choice though, how someone spends their money is their own business.
  5. Whitehawk

    Game save

    As far as I can tell Atlas single player is similar to the way the online saves are made, I've never found them on my pc and deffo not on my xbox. I don't find it a problem however, as this is how it would be if I play online anyway. You can use commands to import stuff lke ships and resources etc back into your game if you need to, to make up for your losses.
  6. Whitehawk

    Blackwood Map, NO FISH!

    The only place I found to always have fish is the kings arena island top right of map. I fish from the freeportthere where I built a base.
  7. Whitehawk

    Private P2W servers

    Lets be honest though no one would pay for and build a server just to play alone. So the fact is you'd want others to play. I wouldn't pay to play personally as I already pay xbox live on xbox which I don't have to do on pc. If you were to have cancer treatment and they asked if you ever donated to research would you be happy to get less treatment if you answered no? Yes I know that's an exaggerated point but I think it's the favoured donators that people are disagreeing with. Any way you look at it If someone has a server and asks for donations then that's their own business. And if someone doesn't like it they can choose a different server. I will say though I played on 2 private servers that both closed and I lost all my stuff. If people donate is this a guarantee the server will continue? Cos if so then people might think it is worth doing.
  8. Whitehawk

    Lost everything

    I didn't know you could change your characters name.
  9. Whitehawk

    Crew shoots at everything all the time.

    I get this, I close all the gunports, if I cant do it by remote I go into the ship and shut them all one by one.
  10. Whitehawk

    Private P2W servers

    Not sure if you can call someone a freeloader if you have an open invite to your server. However if someone is willing to pay you then good for you, If they are not, then good for them. surely it's no one else's business but the server owner and players. I will say though there was no need for the profanity against another forum member though. It's not exactly gonna warm people to your server is it?
  11. Whitehawk

    ATLAS Roadmap

    I like the ship building and being able to personalise them a bit. If they made complete cabins but all different design choices that would be ok. I don't like the way nothing I build snaps to the ship body though, they could make that an option. I wouldn't want it like sea of thieves though where the ship is fully built for you.
  12. Whitehawk

    Blackwood resource questions

    As far as I remember cobalt is in the blackwood map, but it's been ages since I played blackwood so I can't remember where. As for gems I had to just spawn in the sub.
  13. Whitehawk

    Beating Blackwood Snake Boss

    I did the snake boss solo with the adjustment sliders well in my favour and also entered on easy mode. And it was still the fight of my life.
  14. Whitehawk

    Problem with bank! HELP! (SOLVED!)

    You must still have your settings on individually placed individually owned. You better check to make sure you haven't. Can you still take stuff out of the bank? If you can empty it and place another one that is company owned.
  15. Whitehawk

    Blackwood resource questions

    I dont think there is a swamp area on the top right island. There's is one in the middle freeport starter island.