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  1. Pve/pvp isn't quite the same as single player. Not until your shipyards disappear every time you log out!!!
  2. The problem is they dont really want solo players. Some online games think you can force strangers together and somehow it all magically stays good and friendly. It's fine if you already have friends that play, but personally either starting a company with total strangers or joining one is a huge risk, which I have found out on Atlas sadly. The games company mechanics ,do not make joining or starting a company of unknown individuals a good prospect for a solo player. It's just too risky, (more so joining than starting).
  3. We were talking about factions on here as far back as 2019, and it was still never unanimous on how it could, or should be done. But personally I think in some ways it would make pvp better. Mainly because it would make mega companies less of a threat to the solo player, if it was implemented properly.
  5. It looks like they have abandoned single player now, or just can't be bothered. I wonder how long before pve goes the same way? Do they actually realize that they are selling the game and not giving it away for free? It's £24.99 atm for xbox. For a game that is fast getting abandoned just like dark and light did.
  6. The only way you could test it, is by using a single player dedicated server and invite a few others to join. Start a company together and then the owner leaves the company ,and see what happens.
  7. If your character is already gone, then you would have lost all your structures already if it depends solely on company owner. I can't say I am sure whether it works like that or not.
  8. The devs should be able to restore your character for you. If not, (although I am positive the devs can) you could join your company with your new character and get promoted up the admin rank.
  9. Online or single player?
  10. Devs to do list, 1, try to get out of bed. 2, try to remember what I do for a living. 3, try to forget what I do for a living. 4, Go back to bed.....
  11. I quit multiplayer a long time ago when I lost everything due to a glitch, after I'd just built it all up again after they wiped.I rarely play single player now either . Mod won't work btw, as I now play on xbox. Thx anyway. It's like dark and light, an amazing game, and they just left it to rot.
  12. That still doesn't solve the problem, and I need to be able to walk around the ship from the outside to build it how I want. Still, maybe one day the devs will fix the problem. Especially as Atlas is still advertised as having single player.
  13. There's no way I'll have time to build the ship before signing out, it takes days for me to design a good ship.Crazy. I might start building and selling cars with no engines and call them early access, so I can't get sued. Of course the advert will show them running and looking amazing though.
  14. So what is the point of single player, if I can't actually build any ships?
  15. Hey people, anyone else having their shipyards disappear , in single player? Place one down, start building ship, sign out. Sign back in and its gone, every single one, every time.
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