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  1. The Pyrate camps have always been totally buggy, sometimes they would be under the ground on my maps. In the end I had to disable them again in the settings menu.
  2. If it was true that they wanted all players out there sailing and battling as soon as , then why introduce gold for ships in the first place? Also they stated they wanted to make it easier for small groups and solo players, So again why the gold cost for ships? They are contradicting their own roadmap. Maybe they should go into politics instead of game development!
  3. I know there are new laws in some countries concerning video games and encouraging players to gamble. And it varies depending what country you are in too.
  4. Replaying Atlas is like going back to a bad ex, you know they keep making promises they will never keep, yet at the same time play on your emotions to keep giving them more chances ,stating how you knew who they were when you took them back and you knew things might not change. In the end you realize they are toxic for you. You count your losses and move on.
  5. The problem with pre fab ships is also that everyone is evenly matched, whereas when ships are designed and built by players,there is an element of the unknown when attacking or being attacked. It gives someone who is better at building, an edge in battle. Pre fab ships will get predictable and boring eventually.
  6. Dark and light In my opinion is the best game these devs have produced, and over 4 years it's still in early access, I don't know why they never brought that out for xbox. At least it has plenty to do in it. And single player works really well. But still Early access over 4 years, What does that say is gonna happen to atlas? As for the plant pot.........
  7. Well at least when Atlas is completely dead, the devs can bring out a book called " How to mess up a Pyrate game."... And make money that way eh.
  8. I thought the whole road map for atlas was to aim towards getting everybody out at sea fighting and exploring. Well adding gold for ships has done the complete opposite. It seems that the devs own sextant is completely broken now, cos they are no longer following their own map. What a waste of all the potential that Atlas used to have. More tames and turtle shaped ships indeed. ARK DLC, YYAAWWWNN.
  9. I'd still rather wait for the series X, that way I won't be buying both of them. Cos I know games are gonna come out for the series X that won't run on the series S. And tbh I actually don't suffer many lag probs on my one x, only if there is 50 or more players in the same area. And that only really happens in eso pvp. Even then its rare I get too much lag. But I have no idea when the series X will be available to me, it could be another year.
  10. Tbh I thought of upgrading to the s, but I like having a disc drive, also I dont want to have to buy all my games again. And as far as I know the S is 4 terraflops, but the X is twelve, which is a big difference. And means if I did buy the S , I'd end up having to buy the X later on too.
  11. I've tried it recently and it doesn't seem to work any more(worked before last major map change). It used to be, Cheat givealldiscozones If you can get it to work, let me know.
  12. Pve/pvp isn't quite the same as single player. Not until your shipyards disappear every time you log out!!!
  13. The problem is they dont really want solo players. Some online games think you can force strangers together and somehow it all magically stays good and friendly. It's fine if you already have friends that play, but personally either starting a company with total strangers or joining one is a huge risk, which I have found out on Atlas sadly. The games company mechanics ,do not make joining or starting a company of unknown individuals a good prospect for a solo player. It's just too risky, (more so joining than starting).
  14. We were talking about factions on here as far back as 2019, and it was still never unanimous on how it could, or should be done. But personally I think in some ways it would make pvp better. Mainly because it would make mega companies less of a threat to the solo player, if it was implemented properly.
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