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  1. By the time Atlas comes out of early access, humans will be living on the moon!
  2. I'm surprised nobody asked if Atlas was ever coming out of early access tbh.
  3. So wipes are destined to be seasonal eh? every few months then we will lose all our game progress and buildings etc. Rust at sea.
  4. I dont know if it still works, but I used to be able to go into steam settings and servers, and connect directly from there. It was a long time ago though.
  5. No, it just means the devs don't read this forum anymore.
  6. Atlas started existence as an Ark dlc. It's pretty much always been one too. And now with the mash up of Pyrate and fantasy and steampunk it's rudder is finally broken. When skull and bones comes out in november Atlas will be pretty much dead, after all if you want a survival building game you still have ark and a few others. And if you want a Pyrate battle game you'll have skull and bones. where will that leave Atlas, a game that's lost all direction?
  7. The trouble is, Atlas has started to go Rust.
  8. As far as I know the only community that seems to be treated to any decent communication is on the Atlas discord.
  9. Atlas is a buggy mess. It's always been a buggy mess, and until the devs put on their big boy pants and realize that the decisions they make affect real people and cause real frustrations, (we didn't get the game for free I might add), then Atlas always will be a buggy mess.
  10. More pre fab = less Atlas imo. Also I'm guessing the new tame house is gonna look nice as an erection on any ones land. Hire a designer guys.
  11. Atlas is as close to being a legit Pyrate game as Disneys robin hood was, to being a historically accurate documentary!
  12. I had to fish in pools on islands, in my blackwood map.
  13. In outlaws of the old west they also have them giant bears, trouble is u can use them to put in front of doors etc to grief people. One company did it so much they had to shut down the server. I had a cabin where the company wanted to build so they surrounded my entire area with bears, fortunately I had an upstairs door to my cabin or I wouldn't of been able to get back in. And this was in pve not pvp. The rest of it seems ok though imo.
  14. The last time Atlas was alive, so was the brontosaurus!
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