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  1. The trouble with the anti spam argument by paying for ships, is the fact that it's the large companies who constantly ship and shipyard spam everywhere. And they don't care as much about paying for ships anyway. Strangely it fit's perfectly into 2020, doing something without any logical reason what so ever and not caring who you aggravate. The devs should go into politics, while there is still a demand for people who think like they do.
  2. The problem is they use early access like it's a "get out of any criticism shield" but it's not. Tbh a year ago i'd have been happier with a steampunk theme than what they have done to it now, if they went the full hog and added airships etc, but they now live in two camps, and they are too late to the party. And at the rate they add content, it won't be a steampunk style game till 2032, and still be in ea! it's like they have a stale cake, but think if they give it a new topping people will buy it and forget it's past it's sell by date.
  3. Frankly, building my own ships was the best thing about Atlas. Now that's gradually disappearing it makes me glad I quit.
  4. Well I played conan from release and still do, although the game crashed and never reloaded in steam for me.I play xbox now, and it is pants in comparism. To add insult to injury, at the time I was the longest lasting player on that server too! Conan pvp is just a damn grief fest, I built a massive double structured castle, and someone destroyed it just for the hell of it one night, because I didn't lick their butts on chat like everyone else did cos they were a massive tribe. And also, like you said you bought all the cosmetics, and so have most of the players on pve. I didn't btw. not any. I think Atlas are gonna lose money down the pvp route. And rust at sea does seem to be what they want for some unfathomable reason. That's if the game ever gets finished at all. Looking at their track record, I seriously doubt if it will ever leave early access. I love dark and light, but 3 years later still ea. Outlaws of the old west still ea.
  5. As I've said before, they want the pvp route cos it's easier, you don't have to keep adding shed loadsa content to keep people interested, like you do with pve. That was obvious when we asked for more interior furnishings for housing and they blatantly admitted they had no plans to do it. I mean who the hell wants the inside of a building to be an empty square block in pve? Where as if you are hardcore pvp that prob won't bother you at all. Welcome to rust at sea.
  6. Hmm, you obviously don't live in low rent social housing eh? The only thing that isn't too heavy for these walls is a poster! and that's pushing it.
  7. You're lucky, my Missus just wants me to put up more shelving all the time.
  8. Yeh, I can only imagine the lag i'd get sailing anywhere near their buildings. It would look like an old cine film from 1900! Nice work though.
  9. Atlas is becoming rust with ships. Must be all the water!
  10. Yeh Boomer, they've been doing such a great job on the game , i've finally quit! been a while since u were last here eh.
  11. If you are in single player mode and you are worried about your stuff getting destroyed, why don't you turn off damage to structures?
  12. The armoured ship dock, aside from causing massive lag, is gonna be a red rag to a raging bull. ie a good challenge for a large company of bored griefers. Talk about over engineering a solution without eradicating the problem. you could provide offline storage, so that the ships aren't in the game. Yeh harder to execute admittedly, but at least it would be a permanent solution to lag and offline raiding. All you've done is give the small group less hope, and the larger company more of a reason to attack. Maybe instead of gaming devs you could employ someone who understands human nature, cos you clearly don't .
  13. I bought outlaws at release and really enjoyed playing it. The griefing can be really bad and the support is non existent, but gameplay is great. Recently though some steam games have stopped loading for me and outlaws is one of them. But maybe one day they will put it on the xbox. And dark and light.
  14. I'd just like to say too, that instead of gold for ships, you could earn notoriety points by acts of pyracy, ie stealing attacking, raiding etc, then the amount you have will go towards what size ship you can have. At least that way it would encourage Pyracy and make ship buying/building more enjoyable.
  15. Tbh when I bought Atlas I was always hoping it would become a true pyrate game with the odd maritime legend thrown in. Like an open world version of Pirates of the caribbean. I guess it went down too many alternative routes for me, ie subs torps and dragons etc. Personally I hope skull and bones hurries up for release.
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