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  1. C'mon people, don't you think life's punishing him enough already? Where is your compassion?
  2. Can you not spawn at a freeport anymore?
  3. Yeh I always think if rust didn't exist, there would be a lot more spiders with no legs. And tbh Atlas is gonna end up some weird ark/rust mash up soon anyway. And any game like that the griefing is gonna be crazy. Some people like games like that and some don't. But I personally don't wanna feature on some adolescents youtube channel as a griefing victim cos they cant control their tantrums. But lets be honest, even if game companies won't admit it, they know they are eventually trying to sell their stuff to kids, no matter what the age limit on the game is.
  4. C'mon people, get with the programme. The more stuff that's automated and done for us, means the more time we can spend on our ships using our Pyrate torpedoes on each other, swearing, and making lewd comments about everybody elses mother. Just what I need after a miserable day at work.
  5. Well Atlas started life as a breakaway dlc from Ark, but now it's becoming so much more. It's now a breakaway dlc from Ark, but ,with some ships.
  6. The tame saddle platforms remind me so much of another game............
  7. The problem is , the gaming industry is like the wizard of oz, we see the big face/logo of the company and assume there is a team behind it. Often, smaller companies like to give us this impression because it inspires confidence. Unfortunately, sometimes when the revealing curtain is drawn aside, we see one person pulling lots of strings. And imo it highlights my biggest issue with the internet, Websites are simply a facade of what companies want us to know and see.
  8. Well tbh their past record isn't great, I mean look at dark and light, great game great idea, never left ea. And it's not the only one like it either.
  9. I never understand offline raiding either. Would those people cheat at solitaire? I know in eso pvp you can't lose any possessions, but there is nothing better than having an out an out mass melee battle. Win or lose.And all the xp is nice too.
  10. I used to think that it was mainly reasonable adults posting on this forum, I'm beginning to think I was wrong. There is no pve vs pvp conflict, as both play styles atm are played on completely different servers. There is also a single player mode which is pve too. They are just the different play styles that we all bought Atlas for. Both pve and pvp have a right to complain about the current state of the game imo, early access or not.
  11. The fact remains that the devs think they are giving the pvp community what it wants. And the pvp community have definitely been the biggest complainers. Though I will admit a lot of the time for good reason, as in pvp you have a lot to lose (or gain) whereas in pve you don't. But really both communities are being royally shafted here, as neither party seems to be ending up with a game they actually want anymore.
  12. I don't get all the hate on this forum from the (elite) pvp'ers against the pve players. For one, Atlas made over half of it's money from the pve players, who I might add stayed around while the early pvp players quit in droves. Also pve is just a different playstyle ,in the same way as people, we have different personalities. And as for telling pve players to quit all the time, I think pvp players forget that they are not the only ones who paid for Atlas and was given the impression that it would be a better game than it actually is. I pvp in most of my games, and I enjoy it cos i'm good at it. But I accept that pvp is not enjoyable for everyone. Especially if your playing as a family, cos pvp players can get really abusive when they lose eh! If they merge pvp and pve together you will lose a lot of previously loyal players , and the one thing Atlas wanted to be was an mmo, which it won't be if it loses a massive portion of the player base. The most successful online games similar to Atlas are pve with pvp zones, not the other way round. Or games with separate pvp/pve servers.
  13. If you are on pc, have you tried starting in low memory mode? it used to work for me.
  14. Well, you not coming back is a definite reason to keep pve servers running for eternity! Bravo!
  15. Well as much as I love black sails, it was actually a prequel to treasure island, Which is a work of fantasy. However, I agree that they probably will mix pvp and pve together, even just for financial reasons. But I dont think its fair that the pve players will be the ones forced to change their playstyle to accommodate pvp, and if they keep pve just so the pvp players can have easy pickings in a mixed map then the pve players will just quit.. But that is probably what will happen. Also this game seems to be moving away from Pyracy and going back down the deisel/steampunk route again with Pyrate elements, whatever that will be like. Frankly imo its either gonna end up like rust, or just another ark dlc. Another one bites the dust.
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