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  1. I started a topic like this a while ago the devs replied to say it wasn't in the plan yet, but you never know now it's on xbox too.
  2. Whitehawk

    Refund if possible

    Well my hands are a bit arthritic now (age) so I've always played with a controller anyway. And All the steam games I've got have almost filled both my drives too. The one thing that the xbox does do better for me though is patch speed, steam seems to bottleneck updates so they take ages, my xbox takes minutes.
  3. Whitehawk

    Refund if possible

    I do agree, but xboxers paid twice as much than we did on pc, however since playing the xbox version now too, if that was the version I first bought I don't think I would have enjoyed it quite as much, but now I only play the xbox version as I've got used to it. There is a lot of things that annoy me about the xbox version that are better on pc, however that's part of buying a different platform. And even though I feel for anyone who buys a game they don't like there are so many you tube vids you can watch now before you purchase, whereas when we bought a copy on first pc release we were buying blind.
  4. Whitehawk

    No Fuel

    They should just change it to level locked now, lev 50 would be ok. no need to just keep making it more difficult to run, that's just taking a part of the game experience away from a lotta people. After all it's only an exploration vehicle really anyway, Why bother going to all that effort to make the undersea so nice if not everyone gets a chance to see it?
  5. Whitehawk

    xbox sail designs

    I take it that's a no then. thx
  6. Whitehawk

    xbox sail designs

    Hey Devs just asking if it's possible to port images to the sails and flags on xbox like we do on pc? thx
  7. Whitehawk

    Suggestion: Fast travel with ship.

    The game is pretty divided on fast travel options, I'd like to see it happen but doubt it ever will. But a schooner with one large speed sail is really fast if you're solo.
  8. Whitehawk

    Unable to connect

    Ah ok, well I hope you find a solution soon.
  9. Whitehawk

    Unable to connect

    No I mean low memory mode in steam, right click on the game its a startup option. I had the same thing it was something to do with windows 10 double booting every game. Hope it works for you.
  10. Whitehawk

    Unable to connect

    start in low mem mode and the try, you might have to readjust the settings though.
  11. Whitehawk

    Cross Play = Endentured Servitude

    Well in defence of pc players they did actually have everything they'd built up wiped to cater for crossplay. Also pc players did all the original testing of the game and feedback for the last ten months. I play both pc and xbox and I can honestly say that the pc players are a lot more communicative with each other and this is probably why they grouped up faster. Yeh I hope they sort out the chat prob with xbox cos the damn controller is in no way good enough for typing. And even though I think people who bought the xbox version didn't get the greatest deal I don't think it's fair to blame pc players for that really.
  12. Whitehawk

    Official Xbox/PC cross platform

    The thing is because atlas is cross play they will have to look into allowing the mods eventually.
  13. Sorry but if someone has been playing longer and is a higher level that's not cheating, They did the wipe to put everyone on an even start. But you can't just keep doing it everytime someone is better at something, if you did there would be no such thing as sport at all cos no one would be allowed to win in case it upset someone. Chetaing is a different thing altogether but that wasn't the reason for the last wipe.
  14. Whitehawk

    Ship building realism

    I was building a brig today and had all the usual snap probs etc but managed to get it looking reasonable, but it got me thinking, would I swap some of the custom ability for realism? It's great being able to plonk down planks where you like but because of the way you overlap ship boundaries it can end up looking like a warship version of noahs ark. Instead of the naval or pyrate vessel I first visualize. But I thought if it did snap to the ship form properly I would be losing some of the ability to build how I like. Do other people think that losing some of the custom ability in ships would be worth swapping for more realism? It would be nice to have both.
  15. Whitehawk

    how is no one talking about this?

    All these games and the things in them start as artwork do they not?