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  1. No, it just means the devs don't read this forum anymore.
  2. Atlas started existence as an Ark dlc. It's pretty much always been one too. And now with the mash up of Pyrate and fantasy and steampunk it's rudder is finally broken. When skull and bones comes out in november Atlas will be pretty much dead, after all if you want a survival building game you still have ark and a few others. And if you want a Pyrate battle game you'll have skull and bones. where will that leave Atlas, a game that's lost all direction?
  3. The trouble is, Atlas has started to go Rust.
  4. As far as I know the only community that seems to be treated to any decent communication is on the Atlas discord.
  5. Atlas is a buggy mess. It's always been a buggy mess, and until the devs put on their big boy pants and realize that the decisions they make affect real people and cause real frustrations, (we didn't get the game for free I might add), then Atlas always will be a buggy mess.
  6. Atlas is as close to being a legit Pyrate game as Disneys robin hood was, to being a historically accurate documentary!
  7. I had to fish in pools on islands, in my blackwood map.
  8. The last time Atlas was alive, so was the brontosaurus!
  9. All you'll get on this forum sadly from some players as well as Devs is the early access excuse, They should change the games name to Atlas EA eternity. Maybe the game is being developed by the 3 wise monkeys now .
  10. The trouble is I think we could all see the potential when Atlas was released, now tbh all I can see is the early access excuse, and loads of missed oppurtunities.
  11. What's putting me off Atlas more than anything, isn't so much more modular pre fab ships, it's how bad they look. They don't resemble real ships from the golden age of Pyracy barely at all. There's hardly any decoration and they look like floating boxes with no streamlined shape or form.(I wont even mention the trireme in detail) If all ships are gonna end up this way in the future then I think most of the older loyal players will be gone. And tbh I don't see them getting many new players either. When you consider all the source material available for old galleons and brigs and ships of the line etc it makes me wonder if they even bother looking. It was bad enough when people were building their own floating boxes , but at least they were doing it for a reason. It seems like Atlas has become a boiling sea of ideas with no clear single destination. That's what happens when too many people try to steer a project. You end up with a disjointed mess.YOUR PRE FAB SHIPS LOOK LIKE FLOATING GARDEN SHEDS. I have honestly seen better ships drawn in story books about Noahs Ark. Seriously Devs, take the criticism now, before it's too late. Cos if another Pyrate based game gets released that's even slightly better , you'll be sunk.
  12. There's an old saying, your friend is the one that WILL tell you when you've got a problem. Early access should not be used as a never ending excuse to slack off on your commitments. Atlas imo started well and got better for a while, then completely lost its navigation. A lot of us critics on here have stood by the game since the beginning, and yeh there was no need for the personal abuse that the devs got at the start, or even now. But criticism about a game, especially on a forum dedicated to feedback, should be expected and taken seriously.
  13. Ah so the Devs were doing US! a favour when they released Atlas. Sorry I didn't realize. Usually games are released to make money as a business venture. Or to satisfy someones need for creativity. And hopefully make money too. I can't believe how naive I was when I first bought Atlas on steam, and then again on xbox (paying nearly 3 times the price of pc at the time) you see I thought that by buying and supporting an EA game that I was doing the game company a favour. I bet they only took my money so that I didn't get offended by thinking they were treating me as a charity case.How uninformed could I have been eh?
  14. A lot of people first bought Atlas because it was launched as an open world survival Pyrate game. Then it was discovered to be an intended ark dlc that was never used. The devs imo unfortunately are unwilling to break away from the ark dlc completely to create a really good Pyrate game. Their ship has lost its rudder and is adrift at sea. Personally I hope someone comes up with a really good open world Pyrate game soon, cos that's what I want to play. The devs of Atlas are too associated with ark to do a completely separate game imo.
  15. xbox players get shafted in cross platform games anyway, the game usually costs over twice as much, the lag is awful and the graphics are severely reduced. There aren't many companies that really care that much about console ports for games, it's just milking the cash cow even more. And I have nearly all my steam games on xbox so I really do know the difference. Even ESO that I have played since release on pc is the same. When I put a help ticket in on pc its answered in 24 hrs, I put one in on xbox and never get a reply at all. Tbh console players should boycott games developers that mistreat them, but lets be honest, that's never gonna happen.
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