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  1. Whitehawk

    @devs. We love you guys for giving us single player!

    As long as all the resources are available there is no need for the whole grid, we play a smaller grid on private servers and it works fine.Also if you already think they should do a fast travel mod then you know the maps too big for sp,and the ark maps are way smaller too.
  2. Whitehawk

    @devs. We love you guys for giving us single player!

    ARk has single player,conan exiles has single player,ESO you can solo ,No mans sky has a single player,Dark and light,Outlaws of the old west,citadel forged with fire has sp,I don't see why all you hard core atlas pvp'ers are complaining yet again.You don't see the point in solo or small group players on the servers anyway and this way you get to see them gone.I agree that having the whole map is pretty damn ludicrous in sp mode though,It seems they are trying an easier option than creating an entire sp map that stands alone,maybe by us playing on a ghosted server similar to the way events are done in some games,like your solo base in WOW.But however they do it the whole map idea is just a plain waste of effort.And you are right that in trying to please everyone all they have succeeded in so far is making the game grindier, especially for small groups and solo players,so maybe single player mode is a good option for a lot of players.
  3. Whitehawk

    SoD fleets are a bad idea that needs to go away

    Or alternatively you could turn the game into an ocean version of doom and have enemies dropping more enemies outa their backsides when you shoot em.why do some people believe that an mmo should be the same style of gaming as a hack n slash or first person shooter?where you seem to think its not good enough unless your bursting your blazing way through a barrage of baddies and hammering your mashed up keys every damn minute of the game for all its worth?As soon as someone (who I might add plays pve,not pvp!)says they don't like some aggro or other they get called out for being un mmo patriotic.Maybe If a player wants to just constantly fight someone or something or they get bored,then they might be the one who needs to rethink about what an mmo should actually be,and maybe its them playing the wrong game.
  4. Whitehawk

    @devs. We love you guys for giving us single player!

    When you come home from work with some time to spare and you cant be bothered to look at the players next to you with the 20 ships and shipyards they never seem to use,but leave there like giant lag magnets,then single player will be a small bit of light relief.I don't think we need the whole map though cos I don't believe the premise that it will be easy on the ram and lag free.And how will the endgame pieces be available?I guess we'll find out in a month.
  5. Whitehawk

    SoD fleets are a bad idea that needs to go away

    what difference would it make to anyone if the sotd only aggro'ed armed ships?from what a lot of you are saying you can sail past or sink them all blindfolded,and as you do your resource runs fully armed then you'll still get all the great sotd action you love so much,as for giving up the game just cos I don't agree with one aspect of it,if we all did that there would be no mmo left would there.We all have things we'd like to see changed,even some of the atlas fanboys i'm sure,that's the point of the forum,its a place to discuss game related topics and views and for the devs to see how we all feel about the game.If you're gonna blow a gasket over someone else's opinion then maybe its you who should take a break eh.
  6. Whitehawk

    SoD fleets are a bad idea that needs to go away

    I'ts when I'm sailing back,if I could make to the shore I would,,I don't get halfway across the grid with a warning popping up saying,30secs till wind drop!If you turn sail now you can just make it!It's not like the cyclone warning,at least they tell us about that. You do play atlas I take it?
  7. Whitehawk

    Template for Sails & Flags?

    When you use the paintbrush,just outline the sails in their paintable areas all round the outside.I then use the free programme atlas paint,because it has the updated game colours in it.I've also found that if you draw directly to sail in an art programme it can load pixelated a bit,so I now draw in photopaint at 300 dpi then drag it onto sail,makes it smoother.
  8. Whitehawk

    SoD fleets are a bad idea that needs to go away

    yeh but my problem with the sotd and some other players agree isn't how easy they are to beat in a fair fight,its when u r unarmed and just doing a run for resources.ok you can outrun them a lot of the time,but not when the wind damn well disappears and you're dead in the water.I've even had them sink me when I was on a raft!Also not everyone has hours on end to play this game either so kiting isn't always an option.I think they should't be allowed to aggro you unless your boat is armed.
  9. What's funny is when a lot of us complained about having to defeat the kraken to get the sub,some of the players were telling us they'd solo'd it and it was easy.
  10. Well I'm looking forward to single player,but the promise of the whole map and no memory problems,not biting on that, but we'll see.Sails means i'll have to redesign all my artwork again.Personally I was holding out for an airship too,but one step at a time eh.At least they have been listening to the players,which is more than I can say for some of the other MMO's I play.
  11. Whitehawk

    SoD fleets are a bad idea that needs to go away

    Oh yeh cos you'd get a million volunteer 'friends' doing a salt run,Oh hang on 'NOT', also some people might not seem to realise this, but this game is worldwide and sometimes we are at completely different time zones.And you might wanna add that to the fact that some of us actually have non digital real lives too,yeh just imagine it if you can,real life 'friends'.but thx for your advice anyway.
  12. Whitehawk

    SoD fleets are a bad idea that needs to go away

    I still think its crazy when I'm doing a run for salt in an unarmed sloop to be mobbed by sotd,I think they should have an aggro meter that only kicks in if the passing ships are armed.
  13. Whitehawk

    Get rid of vits

    The vitamins bar gets silly at times in this game,I'm not needing to eat through hunger but I have to eat for vits,then I get an overate penalty.When people literally find it easier to let their character die to replenish their vits bar rather than have to keep getting food ,then surely there is a problem with that aspect of the game.
  14. Whitehawk

    Farming Broken?

    none of mine grow anything now either,and no matter how much fertilizer i put in it registers as empty.
  15. Whitehawk

    Bad mecanics to play

    Well if you are the type of person that jumps to defend the perpetrator and assumes i've been trolling then I'm so glad you're not a dev of this game,or hopefully not a high court judge in real life either eh.btw I reported the group to the devs of the game and they are sorting it.