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  1. Wichtelman

    wipe on 28th

    do you really think there are enough active people left that this will be a problem with decay active?
  2. Wichtelman

    2x 3x 4x bonus weekends made me quit

    i did not quote you elrod... i just think it is kinda without words to say players quit in 1-2 hours cuz they do not like a survival mmo and cuz of that the devs should adjust the game and dumb everything down... ok he does not like bonus we and a lot of other players do like it so what? id say most players quit cuz of the terrible performance but thats just my opinion...
  3. Wichtelman

    2x 3x 4x bonus weekends made me quit

    i think this thread is kinda hilarious... atlas is a survival mmo and even if it wasnt there will always be a huge gap between casuals and no lifers or solo/small group vs large group... if you remove certain elements you get humilated with skill and if that is not possible nobody would buy the game cuz it would be boring... that said what is your goal in a mmo like atlas? as i started i did not care at all about what large companies did and dwelled on lawless thinking im mighty with plate and carbine vs animals... specially if you choose to play pvp instead of pve... sink ships and destroy stuff without consequences and get everything for free? all i can say about this is... delusional+ignorant... probably does not matter anymore in the current state of the game as you can basically solo on official pretty easy...
  4. Wichtelman

    Worth it?

    throw... reason = you waste a lot of time if warriors glitch into the mountain or fall down and you can not use tames to speed it up...
  5. well there are islands without any berries and mess tables feed npc crew all food... i think that is a pointless limitation for silo's and also for the flag's...
  6. btw why can you just put berries into silo's and not every food?
  7. Wichtelman

    resource drain of flag

    this new feature does not work properly... we put several k gold in each of our flags and npc chests but as i log on today almost all flags have no gold and islands got unclaimed... while the other chests or mess table that should feed the npc's on the island are still full... wtf... (note the chests and flag are high rank so normal members can not access it)
  8. Wichtelman

    Single player beta this weekend maybe...

    so whats the difference between private server god mode and single player pve? more time investment? personally i think if it is like a playthrough story that might be fine till you beat the game... anyways watching a single player stream on twitch now...
  9. Wichtelman

    Patch 207.999 Gold Consumption

    all our towers and ships in use have like 1k gold in the chest for their npc's and it still drains from the flag... does not sound right...
  10. Wichtelman

    Great player loss!!!

    so what would happen if one fraction wins and wipes the other side? season over or just pve till wipe? i gues it would have been interesting at least...
  11. Wichtelman

    Great player loss!!!

    if you know how to do it right a 10 player company could have a base that is almost unraidable by no matter how many players for several reasons... yes you can not defend most of your tames and ships BUT that is the same for large companies... it really does not matter how you slice it if you are casual you have no real chance vs the no lifers cuz their supply is vastly superior...
  12. Wichtelman

    How do I claim/steal abandoned animals?

    if the island is still claimed even if the base is already decayed how are the tames still alive? i did it on pvp in freeport and i saw a timer...
  13. Wichtelman

    How do I claim/steal abandoned animals?

    stange cuz i did just that like 2 days ago...
  14. Wichtelman

    Great player loss!!!

    tell me some good non early access multiplayer games released in the last few years...
  15. Wichtelman

    Great player loss!!!

    well you guys saw how atlas was during the 6x event and tbh i dont think that this or improved performance will save anything anymore... if they would have started atlas in the current state it might have been different and with less player loss... if you quit cuz you get raided/defeated instead of improving/learning you should not play PVP mmo or survival games...