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  1. Well there is the simple fact that if everything starts costing gold, then they could start selling gold for real game cash on their website. I'm old enough to remember when game developers helped us escape from the real world, for a few hours at least.
  2. I don't think you devs could come up with worse ideas unless you took huge amounts of mind altering drugs and hung upside down in an oxygen vacuum for a week! Roadmap? by the look of some of your new game ideas you'd need a map to find your own desks!
  3. Well for one, pyrates didn't build their own ships, they stole them! so why should I need gold for my own shipyard? If you want a trade system then you are gonna have to introduce factions too. Why would I trade for something if I can steal it anyway? Does anyone remember that this was a pyrate game? Or is it trying to become a golden age life and sailing simulator? pull up the roots, kill the tree.
  4. I understand your motives and I get the idea of a growing community, but you do realize you are trying to enforce rules in a game with gameplay that is based on rule breaking. As far as I know most pyrates only ever needed a fence to shift their ill gotten gains, and they would never have trusted a bank. I wish you luck, but I can't escape the irony of trying to impose rules and create a law abiding system, inside a pvp pyrate game, based on looting on destruction. Although it does seem to show that factions would be a natural progression for Atlas.
  5. Banks make money through investments properties and loans in the real world, ( i'm sure there are less ideal ways they make it too!) And there is no reason banks in the game world couldn't make profits the same way. ie buying bulk of product for cheap like weapons , and selling for slightly more etc. Loans with interest could be a thing too. But I'm not sure about currency conversion to units, as the game currency already exists . In a way having your own currency within an already established one, makes you more of a separate country or a republic, but without an exchange rate. Btw, by blacklisting people for having opinions you are already acting like a real bank or corporation. I'm not sure I would invest in a growing dictatorship, which is what you could become if you outlaw all opposition. But then it is pvp pyrates right? so diversity is always gonna be a way for some.
  6. The enemy clan would be banned too though wouldn't they? so there would be no point. Unless they all had 2 accounts.
  7. Well the problem is Atlas has already taken your money for the game so they lose nothing at all if you don't play. WOW for instance will at least allow an appeal, due to the fact that you pay monthly. So banning people all over the shop will just lose them money in the end.
  8. Well for some people gaming is literally about winning at any cost, if I want to use cheat codes for any reason I play single player. But as for reporting a player without giving them a chance to quit cheating and leave the company? then no. I would always approach the individual first to give them the option of stopping or owning up. I am not a fan of mob rule, to me that's a lazy way of leading, the company owner/leader should be strong enough to investigate and deal with problems. But either way, cheating in a pvp game is plain wrong.
  9. The trouble is , every time someone complains about a mechanic being too powerful, we get the damage cut. I remember I used to use my sickle to fight cos it had more damage than the sword. But the devs sorted it out ok, now they are both equally useless !.
  10. Well they are gonna have to refine the banning system down to individual players if they want atlas to be a true MMO, I had someone in my company many months ago who wasn't playing fairly so I kicked him out. And I found out from someone else that if I didn't they would ban us all. I would have booted him out anyway though.
  11. The game that launched a thousand ships, is sinking fast, that happens you know, The water gets below, Seems not very long ago...........
  12. Tbh, Atlas has got more bugs than the amazon rain forest. But the great news is the devs are working on at least one of them.
  13. can u still sink other players ships with extra weight?
  14. Well if u r gonna have submarines and torpedoes then what's wrong with an airship?
  15. I think all the water is making Atlas Rust !
  16. I hope this is just a glitch, my galleon is sailing so slow at the moment, that i'm building a new schooner for faster runs. And I always do the sails last.
  17. you're lucky getting 5 mbps, on my xbox it was downloading in kbps, it wasn't a broadband problem either cos I checked. I guess it was a microsoft issue somewhere.
  18. Game companies do not go on kickstarter or use ea because they are on the verge of bankruptcy, they do it because it's safer to use somebody else's money than to invest their own. Years ago new companies took their own risks which meant a greater commitment to their business so that it wouldn't fail. Cos they used to believe in their own products.
  19. Personally I don't have a problem with people communicating in their own language, as I think it would be a bit arrogant of me to expect them all to learn English. Especially as I haven't learnt their languages. But you are right that the best solution would be a decent translator. Not only that but it helps with the flow of the game.
  20. I still don't understand why they can't add a fleet commander skill, so you can control 3 or more ships from the lead ship. It makes perfect sense for small companies, and the title is in keeping with naval and pyrate lore.
  21. You've only got a game to play because all your so called butt hurt people bought it in the first place ! "Get jobs man"? Grow up, "Man" ?
  22. Tbh I think you will find the devs are pretty well covered by their ea disclaimer that is available to everyone to read pre - purchase. Not that I agree that ea should be used to just drag a project over years while still taking payments, but as microsoft or steam have set absolutely no parameters or rules concerning ea then the only option left is for gamers to refuse to buy into it. Which I will be doing in the future.
  23. Can you not weigh an enemy sub down with anything? I know it used to work with ships.
  24. Loads of xboxers claim to be able to import pictures onto sails and save them on their xbox, but I have tried every way of doing it and it's never worked. Yeh you can do it on pc. Next time someone want's to be a smart ass and brag they can do it on xbox, ask them to put up a tutorial. And yeh I know paintbrush works, if you want sails to look like a blind chimp painted them.
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