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  1. Yeh you can do the hand painting, but I want the ability to import pictures and save them, like I can on my pc.
  2. I don't know about the trade winds, but my galleon in sp is now slower, I used to get 12 knots now it does 9 - 10.
  3. What about glass in the game u know for windows n stuff, I mean they do have glass windows in ark after all. Btw paper, sometimes u need to jump up on a ladder then click climb.
  4. First of all i'd like to point out that unless you start Atlas with other people then you always start out solo. Secondly there are a lot of ways of making your base less detectable, although it will now be tougher with a smaller map. but if you look for long enough you will find places that aren't easy to see or stumble on, but in an exploration game no matter how well you hide, your base will be discovered eventually.
  5. Amazing, a 3 question pyrate Q and A ? Where you pick and choose what questions you answer ? To make the player base feel like they are included ? And you're serious ? Mr Anderson, we have a problem.
  6. I personally am not sure where Atlas is heading, but one thing is for sure, people have a right to play it and and enjoy as much as people have the right not to. Besides I and many others have had our moneys worth so far. If people are that bothered about a realistic pvp pyrate game, then inundate ubi with requests to speed up skull and bones. I mean that's been in production for nearly 3 years now and so far I've only ever seen a demo!
  7. If you type factions in the search box and tick topics, you might find a few.
  8. Have you read any previous posts on factions?
  9. Ive just been to a freeport where the passage is so narrow I didn't think I would get my ship in, so I have also noticed terrain and islands have been done with pvp in mind. On a plus side the smaller map has improved my xbox graphs and performance. It would have been good if they could have added a bit of content, even a damn carpet would have been nice. But overall the update did go quite smoothly, and as has been said, on time too. So lets see what they do next. That's if people can handle the overcrowding in pve anyway, at least in pvp you can blow them up.
  10. America? Is that the only country in the world with free speech? Or do you think it is the only country in the world? Try not to be so narrow minded and stick to Atlas game talk eh.
  11. Ok, so apart from the usual spawning into the sea, (SP) .no resource bugs(again) and getting stuck, which all seem to happen everytime now. What does everyone actually think of the new update? For me I am not happy about the wipe again, and maybe another one coming for pve eventually( maybe not). But for now at least, pve seems almost like business as usual. Haven't played the pvp yet so can't comment on the claiming etc. And I haven't claimed any land yet in pve either. Is that still the same?
  12. A player told me he found some gems in c10, emeralds I think.
  13. Yeh I mean what makes you think you all have the right of free speech (or text anyway)?
  14. Like I say, there is only so many times you can rearrange furniture, before you realize you need a new house.
  15. Yeh they are being too non committal about future plans for pve, I don't read so much as what they do say, more about what they are not saying. But I still think they will give it a month to see what happens with the player base before they change pve.
  16. Mmmmmmmm I love roast duck!, But seriously guys, gals and others, I get that we are all passionate about Atlas, but I think we should leave the pvp for the new map tomorrow eh? (well almost serious anyway).
  17. yeh Atlas uses a lotta memory on my pc, but I have the xbox version too, and believe it or not it runs better, but takes a massive hit to graphics.
  18. Have you launched in low memory mode?
  19. could just be where they are working on the update due in 2 days.
  20. I meant people that criticize pve players actually, as i play mainly pve, and secondly its a forum, And I have been in the game since start and have watched everyone who no longer plays boycott any good idea for the game. So yeh I'll type what I want to thx, and I don't need permission to do so. thx
  21. I've got a feeling that they will see the player base and sales on both pvp and pve for a month or so and decide what to do with pve server after that. But for now with eu and na pve server combined, I doubt if the gameplay is gonna be that great for xboxers anyway.
  22. They are still advertising the game as pvp or pve on xbox site btw.
  23. It's not just about attacking other players though, which for some reason certain pvp players don't understand. It's about playing styles and the way you have to build. I dunno why I have to keep writing this cos you'd think pve critics could read, but here goes again, I personally do not want to build triple thick brick towers with no windows and ships that are floating wood tanks. How the hell is that even realistically a pyrate ship if it looks like a one colour rubics cube with guns? And since when did golden age pyrates ride giant crabs?
  24. If it does become a forced pve,( and i'm not saying it deffo will) but if it does I will stop playing the mmo, I'll prob still play sp, There are a few mmo's I play anyway so it wont be a massive loss, just sad really as i've played since release. On the bright side though ffonline is supposed to be coming to xbox soon so I guess I'll wait for that too.
  25. Most mmo's I play I will at least try to play both pvp and pve, although I prefer pve. But they are two very different styles of play in the way you would build to everything else. I just think there is no reason to force pve to play pvp or vice versa. Some mmos mix the two quite well, there are some where it is a nightmare though, red dead 2 being one. But speculating aside, I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks anyhow.
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