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  1. Whitehawk

    Dirty tribe, Easy Raid

    Poo happens, especially in mmo's, It's not pleasant at all, but it is part of gaming. What you are attempting to do here is no better than what you say was done to you. You need to just move on and forget about it, you'll find other gaming colleagues easy enough. Just give it time.
  2. I've always thought that someone in the dev driving seat is either an ardent table top gamer or a massive fan of Risk, tbh.
  3. Whitehawk

    PVE Needs mixed PVP

    A challenge only pvp would be ok. So many other games do that now.
  4. Whitehawk

    bugs i find!

    Taking a dip! Have you been talking to my nurse? On a serious note most of us have been playing since video games went public, like ping pong in the early 70's. Weird thing is I don't play retro games even for nostalgia, but my son loves em.
  5. Whitehawk

    bugs i find!

    Hey pple, steady about the oldies not playing vid games, loads of us do. My friend died last year and he played till he was 80. And I once met a lady on WOW who was 86! and I don't mean her character level.
  6. Whitehawk

    LF PVE Server/PC

    I've played a few unofficial, the pros are multipliers for xp and gathering usually, sometimes they use mods too. But the cons for me far outweighed the pros. The first few no one would communicate with me at all, even when they were standing in view, no idea why. Then when I found a good server that I liked, after 3 months they went offline and I lost everything. That happened to me twice so I went back to official. Hope u find a good one.
  7. Whitehawk

    LF PVE Server/PC

    Tbh, most people don't seem to use the mics anyway, especially on xbox. Have u been on the eu pve server and given a text call out on the chat for a company to join?
  8. Whitehawk

    Island or Server with space

    Try the lawless 7 islands. ie d 7, l 7 etc. I used to find them pretty uncrowded and good for basic survival too.
  9. Whitehawk

    Galleon disappeared

    It wouldn't be so bad if we were told by the devs exactly how the ship decay works instead of guessing or learning by trial and error. It would have saved me a couple of nice ships in the past.
  10. Yeh i've asked for this in a previous post, cos I can design my own on pc, but there is nothing for xbox players.
  11. Whitehawk

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    I'm not bothered either way on factions but it would be more realistic for pyrates to be robbing someone other than more pyrates. I mean you could have for instance, Pyrate, then trade ie east indiaman company, and royal navy, each with different ships and buffs. And a personal use peace flag would be good too, for parley situations.
  12. Whitehawk

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    Yeh I agree about the ship paint, it's just too scrappy, like an old garden shed look.
  13. Whitehawk

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    Personally i'm still holding out for airships.
  14. Whitehawk

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    If they do end up with factions then the maximum should be 3. That's what most games do, Some do two, but not many go over 3.
  15. Whitehawk

    How the hell did we never heard if this ?

    the weird thing, is how similar it is to skull and bones, which is supposed to be released this year.
  16. Whitehawk

    How the hell did we never heard if this ?

    I saw this game and watched a youtube walkthrough, it looked really good, but it was first person and I can't play em. Otherwise i'd prob play sea of thieves.
  17. Whitehawk

    What Happened To Realist?

    Hold on people we might still get a conspiracy, I mean hang on pegleg, I can't help noticing that you are wearing a disguise in your profile picture..........
  18. Well the rainbow pony is all fine, but what are its specs? Will it hold it's own in pvp?
  19. Wait there's ponies on the roadmap now? Well I hope they don't mess everywhere!
  20. Whitehawk

    What Happened To Realist?

    No way was he promoting anything about atlas, just read his threads again.
  21. Whitehawk

    First time tamer

    I think when it comes to taming conan exiles have pretty much got it right. Yeh it takes a long time, but you don't have to be online, or sit outside the taming pen for hours. Also you will get the odd rare pet too.
  22. I remember on pc eu pve in d7 once when we used to get around 58 players on at the same time and the lag was insane, and once we went up to 71 players and I couldn't even move. But a lot of the bases were peppered with ships and shipyards at the time and some people just kept building bases all over the island. One company had over 4 large bases on one part of my island. So even though the lag would have been bad by the amount of players alone, the buildings and ships etc made it a lot worse.
  23. Even though I love the game, and I've read the roadmap and understand the timing etc. The fact is they are not adding/improving atlas fast enough to keep it's player base. My worry is that by the time the content reaches a good lastable level, another mmo will have been released and most of our player base will have left. This is not an industry that is soft on games developers.
  24. The reason rust is so popular says more about human nature than about the quality of the game.
  25. Whitehawk


    Well it would also get rid of the point of mega tribes as they are now. Reducing member numbers and associates hasn't worked.. whatever pvp solutions they opt for and directions they take, they are not going to please everyone.