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  1. Let’s see since the last hotfix for server issues the following things which were working before the hotfix aren’t working now. Markets post patch my warehouse filled with iron 1 stack to 7 nothing else changed including trades. Redo the market unable to find any new trades. Maps post patch on one of the new island the map spawn point is in the middle of the air. Supposed to have been on a cliff I assume and I’ve had some spawn points in the middle of mountains instead of beside it Sailing pre-patch animals still fall off crossing borders and in one instance during a cyclone just wiped the animal off the deck. Post patch crew poof, fall off and or die crossing borders. ENTIRE CREWS. Lost two full sets of crew and one ship when they all disappeared and I couldn’t avoid some SOTDS. Any animals post patch on the deck that don’t fall off the saddles mysteriously stop working they have to be overlayed with a new one they can’t be removed. seriously fix SOMETHING! oh and I keep changing ages when bedding around, my food stats also change. I went from level across the board to needing vitamin c. When coming back from death I came back dying from vitamin d poisoning. Or dying from lack of some stat. Meaning I need to find food to live but yet I start getting the overeating warning and start dying anyway. Again. FIX SOMETHING! AT THIS POINT ANYTHING would be nice.
  2. Surprised it doesn’t have a warehouse a market a quarry and a lighthouse on it surrounded by fence posts lol.
  3. Oh well. I’ll figure it out next weekend when I have time.
  4. A regular PC. That worked the day before the wipe. I haven’t had time to try again until this morning.
  5. So I cant seem to get the game to load. Verified files then did an uninstall and reinstall. Still getting stuck on Primal Game Data. Had ZERO problems before this wipe and update. what the hell did you guys do to this game?
  6. Turn around and go back in. Sometimes it has everything to do with the direction your traveling when you enter it.
  7. I just want NPC pirate ships on both PVP and PVE. make it a real pirate game in PVE they can do part of the fun part of the game without the PVP aspect. But at this point I don't see them making any more effort into pirating in a pirate game but it would be nice.
  8. I don't see why they couldn't just put limits on island ownership as well as limits in other ways (allies). One company one island period. If you want to allow more smaller or medium companies flourishing making the island pointless to be concord since they cant have the massive companies just taking over island by island since they can't own more than one anyway. Yes that will abuse allies but since that would lead to some infighting and more sea battles I don't see why that cant be an option. I'm sure someone will argue against this and I actually welcome it as I don't understand island ownership in PVP anyway. I've never even tried to own one.
  9. Well hell why don't we have thunderstorms? I've never even thought about that until now. if anything is added PLEASE add this weather idea. It would be nice to sail nights and have a spectacular night sky.
  10. So another 3 weeks. I was actually hoping for more time. I wanted to hit the FOY 6 times lol. Gotta have goals of some sort.
  11. So more fun times. If you want a way to get rid of junk animals instantly build one stock it and then demo the building. Everything goes including the animals. So I found a real use for these! Instant way of deleting animals :). Otherwise so far they are useless. Poop doesn’t collect, unloading puts them all over the place including under buildings, and baby’s that aren’t caught when unloaded die in less than a minute irregardless of level.
  12. I found two baby bears in one that I swore I didn’t have any males in but I did and they are all level 1died instantly after taking them out. The one I birthed outside and put in the tame house hasn’t grown at all but hasn’t died either. I’ll take it out and finally let it grow. Kinda dumb to be honest. What is this supposed to have helped? I can’t even get the poop to collect again. They stopped entirely.
  13. Well after a lot of redos the bucket in the front has the fert. And apparently when placing the one I was playing with it was underground. Great. It places on floors and trust me do that.
  14. Ok so these things take up a lot of room, they don’t place flat, they don’t collect poop or make fert even when tatch is added. Monkeys won’t go in and removing tames in a group is a fucking mess. Great addition! How is this supposed to work for breeding? Wtf is this idiot thing for?
  15. What the fuck kind of update was this? Not only do pillars not work still my base and it’s docks that were still left from the last update fell down as well. Not only can I not put the pillars down to rebuild they won’t go over two pillars down over water. please keep adding more shit while the rest of the game falls apart.
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