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  1. I moved homes. Was tired of the downward spiral. The best game to come along in 5 years and it’s potential has been squandered by this team of fucking morons.
  2. Those weren’t spikes for decorations that was the skin of the idiotic turtle they plan on breaking (introducing) into the game.
  3. Guess they didn't like that I predicted the final day of Atlas as around Sept 1st. I saw the new update coming and literally sat down and laughed for two minutes. Just digging their own holes.
  4. What petty asshole decided to kick from the atlas discord and ban me from it? What didn’t like my opinions?
  5. Nothing anyone is suggesting can be done with this dev team. You’re all arguing with each other over aspects of the game that this dev team just simply isn’t interested in or even able to change. This is the PVE vs. PVP argument from PVE player I’ve started and refuse to play pvp anymore I’ve done pvp in various games since AOL. I’m tired of pvp I want a game when I can go play walk away for a few days if I want or have to. Then come back and just feed animals then play when I can. What you pvp players don’t get or even want to get is some of us actually have lives, work, families and have no interest in being “on-call”. Some of us can only do a few hours a week not 6 or more hours a day. I refuse to have a game dictate my life and for many of you, if you want that to happen, go for it. You want to do away with pve then you’ll loose the game entirely. It’s that simple. The pve players are the most consistent users of this game. But we are also the ones the most willing to leave a game entirely to find something similar to their play style. If you drop pve or combine pve few if any may follow but a majority will just leave. So even if it’s a third of the current player base no sane company can tolerate a permanent 1/3 loss of player base in a game that’s struggling to get by now. So sure advocate for dropping pve. Your just shooting yourself in the foot. For the idiot players like chickinnin or what ever his name is, I have a life and refuse to play pvp anymore because I’m tired of it. I’ll just move to valhiem for example. And you’ll loose atlas. There are a lot of people like me that will not play any game anymore pvp. If you don’t have that option then people will never even pay for it. None of you are thinking through the long term consequences “if” this game ever goes live, which is laughable at this point, if you don’t have a pve option then the game will flop. It’s that simple. Again sure drop pve you’ll end up loosing the whole game in the end. And for those that want to argue go ahead. I still stand by the first statement. This dev team cannot fix or make drastic changes in this game as it stands as a game. They don’t have the foresight or imagination to do it. I doubt highly they even have the skills. g still want a refund.
  6. I saw that later and figured screw it he wouldn't notice lol
  7. Move on little boy. Your not going to get anymore reactions to your drivel. And it's Don't and your.
  8. If your game is actively going towards pvp and forcing PVE to go to private or unofficial servers (some of which require a fee) I want my money back. I will not be forced to go to PVP A part of the game I had no interest in. I bought this game for PVE AND PVE ALONE! If your forcing a change in the game I’m going to start forcing you to give me a refund. let the games begin. G
  9. I can’t roll my eyes any further.
  10. I get it now. Took 12 hours and it hit me last night. Your actively trying to kill the whole game. You want the game to be entirely different and actively trying to make the game go away as is. still want a refund. G
  11. So yay PVP! Fuck the PVE. Sounds like you're really working on the game for everyone. Its sad when the gameplay I paid for is no longer going to be allowed. I want a refund.
  12. If you still want to play come to expond key g2 look for the base at the boomerang center. I’ll set you up again if you want. Us PVE players have to watch out for each other the devs sure as hell aren’t. I’ll be there this evening after 9pm est and off and on during the day tomorrow.
  13. I wasn’t going to post again but this struck me last night. They want PVE to go away. The new devs want a PVP game and they have stated it on several occasions. They dropped this update on PVE to get the testing done on a mass scale and knowing PVE WILL LEAVE which has happened. Give it a few more updates post wipe and they will claim PVE player base is to small to keep resources for. And they will close down PVE. This is a crappy way to treat some of the longest lasting players in the game.
  14. I’m going back to not posting on this forum again. When the wipe happens I’ll change my name again and move on. grayson
  15. Ahhhh at least you guys have some warning of some sort. Us lowly PVE's will either have something on tuesday or nothing. but goes for anyone that looses stuff on PVE as well should it happen G
  16. Probably. Or probably not. Devs have already said we aren’t real players and they don’t really care of about pve. So you’ll either be wiped with no warning like the last two times. Or your bases will be someone else’s. If that happens look me up if you want to keep playing I’ll resupply you. Least us old codgers, the non existent pve players can do for each other. More then devs have done for us. g
  17. That makes sense then. I've gotten both whales, mermaid and T-hunter plus 159 land discoveries. So I have a little ways to go this time. I did a few stones last time and didn't think anything of it. Oh well G
  18. The veteran explorer is said to be 25% of all discovery points. I’m at about 30% 152 if I remember I’d have to look again. And I still don’t don’t have that achievement. Do I need to do some stones as well or is this achievement no longer valid? The 250% movement while loaded was nice to have. Are there more requirements or a bug? G
  19. Grayson


    I’m expecting with the next big update or the one after. Its my EXPECTATION!! Don’t quote me. It’s just what I’m expecting. They have to do the new claim system and they still have some weird errors with the new island formats (fall through rocks, swimming into and under some islands and other graphical blips). So my expectation is a few more sea creatures another ship or two and some more rework on pvp side things but a wipe will be soon is my guess.
  20. Going to wipe the game, add an absurd amount of gold for ships, make markets only work 1/8th of the time, and add more useless stuff without fixing more and more problems. Oh wait that’s atlas 2020.
  21. Enough is Enough. I'm solo player and finally got my Brig built. I had THREE Battle eye kicks just sailing away from my home island and two more when I changed servers to get a crew. Seriously WTF! You keep adding IMO SHIT to this game and yet wont fix basic damn problems. Almost 2k hours! and the ONLY time I've been having problems was these last three weeks. FIX THIS SHIT!
  22. Firstly the vitamins are meant to go down regardless of food until your fort without the bonus is above 60 you have vitamin depletion rate picked through all three (30% bonus) you have to be used to dying if your running around or have food. Once you get past that point and the vit depletion is at 30% you can last up to 4 or 5 hours of real time before you’ll need to eat or just die. Me personally I don’t worry about the grill skill. I’m currently running around trying to tame, exploring, getting stuck, or running across lions and tigers and wolves so honestly if you not near a bed don’t worry about. But no matter what you do even max fort max everything been through the rejuvenation 3 times and got all the discoveries you’ll still die from it. Just part of the game.
  23. I’m a solo and I only have a few hours in the afternoons to play. I’ve been doing solo since the beginning. I never got the whole breeding thing. I loved ark for playing around with generations and points etc for Uber dinos. But seriously 8 hours for each imprint?! I only tame with crops so where I’m currently located I have to worry about heat and nothing I can do about that but it’s short lived. Luckily I can leave them after 3.5 percent but I might get two possibly three imprints. It’s not really even worth it anymore. If your still insisting on the imprinting system to get the better animals then give us a break on something else. I’m one of the few lucky enough for a market so for once I don’t need money for routine maintenance thankfully since I don’t have any really good bear for maps for now but man this time around has been a massive struggle. Paying for ships is just wrong. Seriously wrong. At least make it scaled. Common being whatever and mythical being like ten times that. At least base the system on something like that. You can’t keep making walls for us solos who’ve been here literally since day one. I am seriously thinking after the next wipe of not coming back. Make taming and/or breeding a little easier so I can attempt to make a ship big enough to actually get odd resources and and bears for BPs for them. Please start thinking about everyone instead of huge groups who are the ones that end up leaving because it’s gotten to easy or dull. Give us a break on something!
  24. Been kicked off twice within 5 mins for battleye query but I had no problems all afternoon. Seriously wtf?
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