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  1. i felt like it was pointless playing and farming resources outside these bonus periods i felt forced to play within these small windows of time and it made the game un-enjoyable last thing im going to say unless you improve the quality of life for brand new players in PvP servers the game will never grow without growth everyone suffers and the game dies i constantly see new players try out the game who end up quitting within the first 1-2 hours
  2. Daish


    use a toothpick
  3. Daish

    Seriously Devs!!!

    storing your gold in the flag is the safest place to store gold full stop why is your gold not on your flag in the first place?
  4. how do i put food in the bank
  5. Lawless Islands should be in peace mode 24/7 (PVE) but the 15 min timer for ship protection should be changed to 1 hour before protected but remove all rare resources from Lawless islands but make it impossible to create items using blueprints on lawless island or in the lawless zone (freeport included) this would allow people to sail across the world without having to worry about taking their ships back to their island it would shrink the size of the world this would allow new players to have some kind of chance to progress in Atlas at the moment its almost unplayable for new players the game is currently dying
  6. ok you wan to be immune to losing if you have better equipment that's good game play maybe PvP should be removed and replaced with auto combat
  7. so you want new players in the game to have zero ability to defend themselves against tames? ok you should be in charge of gameplay balance im sure the game will grow under your leadership
  8. to much lag to many tames I've been talking to people in Atlas about Arc they have been telling me about Crypods they are used to reduce lag and make game play more enjoyable so why not use a cave to do that inside Atlas my idea would be put a cave on each mid/large island these caves would have a instanced entrance like dungeons in World of Warcraft once inside it would be a large area big enough for many tames make it hard to clear out but once the cave is cleared out a lamp at its entrance must be kept alight via Oil to keep the cave from re-spawning hostile mobs a problem would be people putting all their rare items in this area so include a effect called "Dampness" items in this area will have a increased decay rate like freeport but not as extreme
  9. Daish

    Land Based NPC Cannons

    so you want any island without cliffs to be pointless? what if the cannons are in the tower just stand next to the tower?
  10. if your not trolling im not paying much attention sorry =X if something is made to easy the challenge is removed at the same time when the bonus is removed you feel nerfed so you get whacked with two mental effects that cause the game to be less fun games being balanced is far more important then people realise its why 10x servers never have a high base of players people will go there play for a short amount of time then quit atlas for good
  11. Daish

    Gated content

    no gates is what causes atlas to be such a failure to being with the first day 50k users all servers being unplayable the game would of likely ended up being far more popular if there were more gates in place do you really think everyone in your server heading to the same dungeon would be an enjoyable experience? sitting outside the zone because you cant enter past the 150 player cap yeah fun times
  12. that's the point your forcing somebody to do something in a 24/7 game in a set window or its greatly decreased if you do most of your maps on the weekend and farm most of your exp on the weekend the rest of the week is now 50% exp instead of feeling "normal" the 2x is now your "normal" the mental effect this has will fucking drive players away every week you feel nerfed when its changed back to normal it feels like you are debuffed 50%
  13. the mental effect of feeling like you are constantly nerfed or you need to do X at X time instead of making your own choice is hurting the game and causing players to quit its a mental effect you may not understand if you are not a MMORPG gamer to make it more simple imagine this what if ships parts planks/sails and so on cost 2x less to craft on weekends what effect will this have think about it for a few seconds
  14. your basically making the game feel like we are getting a nerfed constantly or are forced to farm in this set window of time instead of at our own rate the game seems to be dying at a increased rate and this is one of the main causes the 3x weekend now is just horrible
  15. Daish

    Most needed building piece in the game?

    a underground stash that looks like a bush or tree that cant be cut down but takes damage when you hit it