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  1. a good idea would be for the smaller servers with 5 player cap their vulnerability window could be a lot smaller then the normal islands 9 hours is not enjoyable for casual gamers or normal gamers the no life no job players who go around zerging people are the only types who like such large attack timers
  2. its no different then if a server has 145 players out of 150 when you enter it only 5 players can play the boat can travel though the server can load 5 players the other 10 will be in the queue waiting for the ship to leave that server and load back into the game are you one of those players who think FPS games should let players join whatever team they want with no limitations you say it "excludes" players from playing but these people have a choice and can control where they go and when work with your company use communication and team work to deal with this new challenge are you afraid of the game being harder? the majory of the world will still have no cap also an important note when playing there is almost never a time when your whole company is in the same tile
  3. if you are a older gamer you will remember games like Battlefield sometimes never had an option to keep teams balanced in the past people would end up all joining the winning team the server would end up with 50 players vs 14 players in a 64 player server guess what happened to the gameplay when that happened guess how fast the server would die and become unplayable Atlas has been trying to stop this sort of gameplay happening by limiting company member numbers but this only hurts new players / casual players to make room new players and casual players are far more likely to be kicked from the company if you have no company in atlas the game becomes almost unplayable you are now forced to quit if you ever want Atlas to grow if you ever want the game to be popular do this... start by removing company member limits and add a server cap for company member's per server (tile) Lawless islands 5 player cap Servers next to freeport 10 player cap Normal servers 25 player cap Kraken Server / Event Servers no cap if 25 players enter a 10 player server 10 will enter and the other 15 will now be in a Queue limiting players from the same company from joining that same server (they will still be asleep on the ship and able to travel though this server on that ship) allow players in the queue to use in game company chat so they can communicate and organize who should be logged in or out for that tile give preference to higher ranking members of the clan if a ship of 20 players enters a lawless island server (5 player cap) the 5 highest ranked players on the ship will load the other 15 will be placed into a queue look do you want this game to grow ever? ever? you need to make the world playable for new players the only time this game is ever playable for smaller groups / new players is when a new season starts no shit people can get around the cap by leaving the company or splitting their company up SO WHAT? this still makes it harder to be zerged... this also makes the "company caps" almost worthless a function only added to get people to quit the game so remove it and use a system like this instead the more the game grows the bigger you can now make the world and maybe even add uncapped servers but right now understand you need this game to have the ability to grow a dead game is not enjoyable for anybody Daish has spoken if you disagree you are a fool or you want this game to die
  4. put a warehouse up so your items from resource gathering buildings get sent to it ? so much of your post is nonsense its like you are pretending to understand how things work and think minor bugs / things that can be fixed if you use your brain are some kind of massive game breaking bug
  5. you only need to kill every 3rd pillar the other ones will be decay demolishable
  6. this should be fixed it should be changed to zero loot Sea Port flags are how you gain loot/gold from enemy warehouses
  7. you can only have 1 market working per island you are limited to 5 max trade links per market
  8. ask a ally to destroy the bank and loot the gold put up defence towers so random people dont loot it block trades from other companies going though your zone to promote a sea war
  9. its impossible to kill them on high ground needs a 7 day decay timer or something if none from the company has been at the claim tower for 7 days wtf why keep it in the game
  10. reduce the resources everyone collects and cut the cost of everything you build instead never going to play this game again if i spend half my time walking around overweight trying to move resources
  11. get rid of increased harvesting rates and just cut the cost for every resource when you build something jesus you spend half the game slowly walking around because you reach max weight after a few min of farming and moving resources around takes up more time then the actual harvesting the "events" that increase your resource gathering just make people feel forced into harvesting at that period of time instead of doing what they would rather be doing ontop of that everyone builds so freaking much it lags the server and ruins gameplay it may as well be on creative mode none of the devs seem to play the game its a joke
  12. Daish


    a Company keeps meshing our island so we are unable to rebuild after getting attacked each day they have done this around 7 times now we are unable to kill buildings inside walls we have tried melee tools and explosive barrels and mortars and cannons nothing can damage a structure inside a wall grapeshot don't seem interested in punishing people for using hacks or exploits to cheat like this so can everyone do it? are we going to be forced into using hacks so we can enter the mesh to kill their structures? or will one of the devs please help https://imgur.com/a/Bsm3Zk9
  13. ask the devs to change how free port works nobody under level 50 should be immune to damage when in freeport or something
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