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  1. Daish

    Most needed building piece in the game?

    a underground stash that looks like a bush or tree that cant be cut down but takes damage when you hit it
  2. there is nothing stopping people from working together that's what alliances are
  3. you cant lose everything you own in eve you fucking idiot you are comparing completely different game play styles you would need areas in atlas that are immune to pvp 24/7 that allows you to build and store resources if you want to compare it to something like Eve
  4. promote company caps being lower then 75 people then the next time the server is wiped
  5. why would u have a galleon as a solo player
  6. you killed one server why the fuck would you want changes made to help kill a 2nd server? smaller companies can merge
  7. been busying getting wiped out by black butterfly i did not think any of the devs would be retarded enough to increase the cap size it should be lowered to 25
  8. this info greatly increases the chances of me quitting
  9. its hard to search for websites the name atlas is so common i get seeing alerts with the Longitude and Latitude but no idea how to find that location
  10. Daish


    go play on empires server and stop trying to gain a unfair advantage
  11. Daish

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    just limit companies from having more then 50 members and forget about the large company pvp servers smaller companies are still going to coordinate with eachother though stuff like discord it would not surprise me if none of the large companies play on the large server and instead just break into small companies and play on the smaller server
  12. wait until your locked in a hanging cage and handcuffed at the same time its impossible to free yourself unless you are left alone for about a hour im wondering if islands with water can have the cage hanging into the water high enough to avoid you drowning but low enough to count as drinking
  13. company size is still far to big a Company size should never exceed a server capacity what happens when 2 large companies are at war with each other most players will be locked out of the zone unable to play this is not good with the limited attack windows its also going to concentrate the numbers from large companies into a smaller window instead of being 24/7 limit company size to 1/3 of a servers max population or people will end up rage quitting
  14. Daish

    @devs PLEASE REMOVE 6X!!!

    agree 6x is a horrible idea unless another wipe is planned its going to make people think they are forced to grind instead of enjoy the game its going to hurt when removed all these bonus resource weekends have really been hurting the community more then helping
  15. it may turn out to be a bigger issue if people are allowed to freely place platforms and beds around land they do not own your islands may end up getting zerged by players who have no boats at all its very easy to build under the water and store weapons along with other items there will be nothing for you to attack no boats no bases just randomly scattered beds and the players attacking you you cant pick up items you cant use items once you have been locked up you cant move you can run you cant dance you cant even access your own stats or inventory when handcuffed that's without being in a cage