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  1. I doubt this forum is monitored. Best to join the Discord channel and post to #suggestions.
  2. I think it's to prevent other players from boarding your boat. You could always kill yourself and respawn on the bed in your boat. FYI, these forums are a ghost town and I doubt any devs pay attention here. Most players hang out in Discord.
  3. Atlas is so unoptimized I’m not surprised it won’t run tethered. I would just play something else and ride out the storm..
  4. Yeah we bailed on public server when they downsized the map and wiped just after we started working on the power stones. That was a slap in the face. Right now we’re enjoying playing non-dedicated server. It’s still buggy, but there’s no server lag, time stops when we log, and we can use admin codes to fix problems.
  5. I hate to break it to you but devs don’t come to this forum so you’re really just preaching to a small handful of other players. The devs are more likely to see comments via their discord channel but if you post something like this you’ll get suspended. I agree, the potential has been squandered by piss-poor management - the worst game development I’ve ever seen.
  6. This is an old bug that hasn’t been fixed. It happens when the boat is in shallow water. You need to jump and hit climb in mid-air. If it’s in a place where you can’t jump, build a wooden foundation (use a pillar if necessary) and jump from there.
  7. I don't think the devs monitor the forums. You need to go to their Discord channel.
  8. I don't think they even look at this forum, so you're probably wasting your time. You need to go on discord but be warned, if you say the wrong thing (such as comments in this thread), their community manager will ban you for harassment. Make sure your criticisms are constructive.
  9. Yeah, my company is sitting out this season due to the small grid and the early wipe of this season (frequent wipes are a waste of our time). I believe they pulled the servers from players to "test an idea". They should really just hire some more servers temporarily from NItrado, but I guess they're short on money or can't be bothered. I read on discord they want to get to release 1Q 2023. I can't even remotely see this happening if they're still "trying out ideas" and given the state this game currently is in. Generally it's hard enough to find space to settle. I'm curious what a 6v6 grid will be like. I would assume you'll struggle to find anywhere to settle, but given the lack of players still playing, it could be doable. I'm not willing to find out. They hired a new community manager which looked promising, but if you (rightfully) express dissatisfaction with what they're doing you get banned (harassment) for a week or worse. So yes, it's still a dumpster fire.
  10. I'm surprised only 12 hours. I remember one of the earlier seasons it was down for days, maybe over a week.
  11. Yeah despite all the bugs and issues it's still rather fun. I think we really want a pirate mmo survival sandbox game and this is the closest thing to it.
  12. George, why do you keep coming back? You keep participating on the forums with such hatred towards the game. Do you still play it or do you come here to simply spread negativity and boycott? I'm not trying to attack you, but trying to understand. I too am frustrated with this game but hopefully the new devs will be a change in the right direction. The fact that the game is so buggy yet we still play means that there is something good there. I don't think it's fair to just keep sh!tting on the game. I'm guilty of complaining too, but at some point you just have to move on and be a part of the solution not the problem.
  13. Thank you for this information Kast. I appreciate your constructive contribution to the forum. After playing this game on and off casually since the beginning I am pretty confused about how claiming works in this game at this point. One question if I may ask the community: on a PVE server, can someone simply destroy your claim tower, replace it with theirs, and take over everything you built? That seems rather unfair, especially while you're offline.
  14. Yeah, the NPC thing is an awful bug. I *sort of* understand the reasoning behind the portal concept but I don't like it mostly for immersion reasons. Magical portals shouldn't be a common occurrence for travel. They should be a rare, special part of the game. Atlas needs some proper leadership. They could have a killer game, but squander it away with piss-poor decisions and horrible QA. I wish they would sell this game to someone else to finish, or I wish someone else would come up with a open world survival pirate game. Sadly and ironically this game resembles a sinking ship. It's going to take a lot to turn it around and restore player's faith in its development.
  15. I get the need to add a gold requirement for shipyards even though it's not logically immersive. Before you could practically jump right to a brig or higher. Even though I don't enjoy the grind, I do appreciate the challenge of trying to get gold with crappy ships lol. It seems that they don't really test their patches before they release them. I don't know why. Either they don't really care because in early access they already have our money, or they're just sloppy. I wouldn't be surprised if Grapeshot/ Studio Wildcard puts their junior programmers or programmers they don't like on the Atlas project to see if they sink or swim. I think the other problem is they've adapted another game (Ark) into Atlas rather than creating one from scratch. The code is probably so haphazardly patched together that it is a dice roll as to whether or not the patch changes will break other aspects of the game.
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