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  1. I bet if Steam or the courts forced Grapeshot to refund every player they would actually get this game working in a timely manner. At this point I suspect they have everyone's money so there's no rush to get anything working properly.
  2. I'm sure you'll be able to join at some point but yeah, it's pretty typical to expect things like this to happen. I remember on one of the earlier server wipes the servers were down for at least 5-7 days even though they weren't supposed to be down for more than a few hours.
  3. Happened to me many times in this game. Fortunately it hasn't happened to me in a while.
  4. Ack more modular pre-built ships. Good to see a fair bit of bug fixes although there are some key bugs that weren't on that list.
  5. I did try this the other day. You're right, it wont go the proper direction that you're facing. Confirmed broken.
  6. I never knew this was even a thing. I'm assuming to do this you needed a crew member on the steering wheel?
  7. They probably had the assets from previous seasons of Atlas or even Ark. It's customary for an MMO to implement a little something for the holidays. It might not be difficult for them to implement but I'm sure it's not even top 50 in priority given all the bugs etc in this game.
  8. Awesome tip even though I had to spend the remainder of my skill points for Esotery Of Building, it will be worth not having to worry about crew starving. I'm assuming it won't feed tames? If not, that's the next challenge to overcome. I've been levelling my bear's food stat to see how long he can last without me logging on and feeding him via the trough.
  9. I also wonder if a blueprinted larder/ mess table would slow spoil time?
  10. Hopefully there will be more costume options in the future but I fill like at the moment, there are bigger fish to fry (pun intended).
  11. Atlas is on sale for ~$10 on Steam. I gifted a friend in hopes that he will play this game with me. Misery loves company ... or companies. Kidding. For $10 I think the game would be worth trying.
  12. Well that's good and bad news. It's good news because there is a mechanic to keep your crew from starving on a boat. It's bad news because we don't know if it actually works, and there's no clear quantified spoil timer we can see (such as crew capacity) to see if it makes a difference. All I can do is put food in the larder and see how quickly it spoils. The second thing I'm doing is when a crew member levels up, I level their food stat. Thirdly I'm going to see if I can create preserved food although I've yet to come across salt. My goal is to get my crew to survive starvation for longer than 1/2 week, ideally a week (with preserved food in the larder). This is a good amount of time to be offline in case I get busy IRL. It's silly I have to level my ship/ crew to match my offline habits rather than my online play style. Devs if you read this, please slow the starvation on crew members when players are offline. Secondly while we're at it, please slow down the age timer as aging 1 year every day IRL is ridiculous.
  13. Hey all, One of the ship stats you can level on your ship is sturdiness. According to the game this improves "offshore items spoiling". What items do you think this includes? I'm hoping this would slow down the spoil timer of food. I've been trying to find ways to stop my crew from starving while offline. I'm hoping if I level this stat it might help. Thanks in advance for your input.
  14. You have to upload the file first then a "+" appears to insert it in the post. Max size is 235kb. FYI both of your links point towards the "a.jpg" image but I just manually changed the url and was able to get the b.jpg. Yeah I can see what you mean, that company is being a jerk. Another option is to destroy your shipyard and you should hopefully be able to get your boat out of there.
  15. A Christmas inspired post... Despite the bugs, what do you like about the game that keeps you coming back to play? For me, I love sandboxing/ building bases and boats. The creativity of it all. The sense of adventure of taking your newly built boat for a cruise and exploring new islands. On the whole, the world is quite beautiful and immersive. I think they've done a good job on the islands. Some of them are very interesting and make you want to explore them. The musical buffing is a really neat idea how you have to play music in real-time. As a musician I appreciate this. The skill trees can be quite interesting to try. Being able to custom build your ships makes it much more fun than pre-made ships compared to Sea of Thieves. The mechanics of ship piloting is fun, and I like that you can hire crew to help you pilot them if you prefer to solo. I just wish I could keep them from starving when I log off lol. Building mechanics has been significantly improved from ark, especially with the snap feature (Q). The sea is quite well done with the white caps/ swells etc. There's something soothing about sailing in this game. How about the rest of you?
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