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  1. Anyone have any luck running Atlas using the Personal Hotspot on a iPhone/iPad? I have a 300m connection, all other games and apps run fine, but Atlas will get to the loading screen then just timeout. FYI: Not trying to do this as a permanate solution, we get a lot of storms where I am at and the power goes out. My goal was to use the hotspot to get into atlas and park my ship if my power went out and I was sailing in the middle of the sea
  2. Nice to see you are still around lol. Thanks for the update. Now give us 3x everything for the weekend lol
  3. Building a Brig just to run maps and stuff. I wanna be able to out run SOD's and be able to move away from them since im not a combat ship. So, the question is: 3 Large Speed OR 2 Large Speed and 1 Large Handling Thanks, Nehe
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