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  1. i been thinking about what might improve things so i thought i'd just put it out there. p.s i play PVE so maybe it wouldn't fit in PVP but i'll put it out there anyways. maybe make a system that gives you money or resources for toggling (vulnerable) or (open to raid) on your base. more opportunity for others, more money for you if you defend. maybe even make the effect cumulative with time (1hr = 10G, 2hr =30G, 3hr = 100, ect). plus a mandatory amount of time like 4hr/day or 1 day a week? this could also work for ships in some capacity making it so you risk your ship/ base on your own schedule. mark player shops on the map? might make it easier to find and visit. i pop in and out from time to time and i like what you guys are going for. i want to play PVP again but i play with a small group casually so its mostly PVE for me. i know if we had a system like this in PVP it might draw me in because i'd love to get some ship-ship action.
  2. i hope the devs look at this thread because here's the truth..... i loved PvP the first time i played. we played for 2 weeks and got wiped by a single ship who exploited a weakness and we lost every single thing we worked for. we then played another month and got wiped again. we basicly had to have people on 24/7 and even then someone could just come along and press the delete button. I've got a job and a life and sometimes i can only carve out 4 or 5 hours a week to fiddle around with a game of my choice. i like this game but i play PvE because even though i would love to put up base defenses and defend from a raid, or have a ship to ship battle even risking losing my ship or my base. i just dont have the time to grind for a month or 2 just to be flattened. its not fun to have months of work steamrolled and have to begin again (rinse and repeat). maybe have conditions you can set to have your "base" raided and if you survive you get rewarded. maybe have a flag you put on your ship saying you'd like to fight? i want to be prepared to lose my ship, i dont want to build a ship only to have her sunk in 20 mins. i want to risk my base but i dont want it to be a part time job.
  3. I've got a few complaints and a few ideas but for the most part.....I actually enjoy this game. Dev's should get that once in a while too. That is all.
  4. i think having certain areas for PVP in the PVE server would accomplish this much better. that way you could be protected but go to war or do some ship to ship when you want.
  5. the stress or risk doesn't bother me, i carry plenty of planks and repair mats so for me its no issue, its literally just a time suck and i find myself watching youtube while playing my game. obviously you cant just put the game on easy mode there always has to be risk/reward and a sense of accomplishment but like i sometimes just aim my ship and eat dinner with my family with one eye on my screen for hours and hours. i have a warship and i like hunting SoD but i use a completly different ship for supplies and i dont like shuttling ships full of supplies all around the map for a whole week or 2 just so i can build something cool. if i could carry supplies on my warship without the weight penalty it would fix the problem. if i could use my warship and set the supply ship to autopilot it would also fix the issue, if i could go collect for my next shipment on whatever island while my ship travels between islands it would also fix the issue. its either the speed vs weight issue or the time issue that needs sorting. i hope something can be done.
  6. i've noticed a lot of SoD while shuttling ships and i don't think dangerous things would help the problem because when you're shuttling cargo you're typically in a ship without weapons or very few to maximize cargo capacity and speed. if you could have a cargo/warship that moved at more than 9 knots that would be idea. maybe the moment penalty for cargo containers would need to be removed and that way you could shuttle cargo and fight on the way. i like my amulet idea more and more because it would limit the number of ships controllable to 1 so it would reduce exploits while maintaining the travel time and risk while allowing you to do something productive other than watching water and avoiding SoD. honestly dont know the answer but thats my suggestion.
  7. I like this idea for all things, animals, items, ships.
  8. I just find myself making all these grand plans while sitting at work and when I get home I spend 3 hours shuttling cargo at 9 knots steering around bad guys being the only course correction. that part of things can get booring. I have plans to make a new ship or gather stuff for blueprints and that's gonna be another 3 hours of gathering and then several hours travelling slowly. meanwhile my favorite thing to do is build and sail different ships into battle against different enemies. you spend days and days shuttling cargo you build a ship and risk sinking it in 1 hour. I don't mind a bit of a grind, and I don't mind shuttling ships and cargo but spending such a huge percentage of my time watching my ship travel in a straight line slowly with no ability to go take care of something else. it just feels like im stuck. in my opinion if you want people to spend time on ships having fun, maybe the cargo container penalty needs to be adjusted or something else because when im running cargo im not doing anything else and it takes a long time to get that cargo to a place where it can be used. id much rather automate cargo ships and sail my fighting ships or gather some other materials on some other island.
  9. Wouldn't it be great to be able to draw a course for your ship on a map and send it to some island on autopilot and fast travel when it gets there? maybe a feature that allows you to snap to the ship if its being fired upon? i spend lots of time travelling to various islands where nothings happening at sea or i'm carrying a lot of cargo and i'm slow and its just not exciting, i'd much rather be gathering stuff for my next build or doing other things during that time. i'd love to just send my ship to somewhere and fast travel when it arrives. i know there's a risk but it can be mitigated my some magical amulet or something that tells you when your ship is taking damage and prompts you to fast travel or redirect course or something, there's lots of things you could do. i play in PvE-NA so obviously could be different in PvP but even then you could have a 2 ship where you could run your own escort mission.
  10. Yes wildbill but if I'm using a ship I grind for and blueprints I own then it adds an actual risk and an actual loss. And the wager would add an actual usable gain on public servers. I like PvE but sometimes I'm in the mood to build a new ship so I can use one I dont care about and send it out with a bang. Or I can use all those fancy BP's I've been collecting to make a real profit. On my terms and its be my choice to participate. I dont gave to come back after 2 days off to find I'm wiped out and all my ships are gone like in PvP
  11. i think id like an area to go to where maybe i can do Ship PVP and just risk the ship and crew but not my entire base/ fleet. maybe have some kind of wager between parties just to have a bit of fun and a reason to build warships.
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