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  1. I don't recall selecting any mods but every time I try to log in now it's trying to install something, was terrible time before attempting to land stupid game in ten year old laptop now that it's hung in extra install it just crashes system!
  2. jay pit


    Yea, there should only be a new season with content. Like if the fundamentals have to change, and they can't just do a normal update. I suspect they think that if they were not on such an aggressive wipe cycle they'd have difficulty retaining the attention of the people playing as this game gets a bit boring after the first few weeks of a wipe. IDK if that is truth. Nor what ought to be if such.. but perhaps if there were cells that didn't wipe that people could build up in with some ducking magical method to keep it all fair (like keep one tribe from hog a hole cell) I got tired of typing in the middle of my last reply I'm not going to write a dissertation on a broken old forgotten game... goodbye
  3. What the hell is going on I don't know how to check a server type, but to me everything seems to be functioning the same - in that I sailed out of the starter zone, somebody else, got there before me, and claimed an island, and imposed a tax... And deleted my structure, and today when I logged in there was a message instructing me not to build there till they set up "management" so the game is the same. Some ass hat owns an island and I'm sol for being slow/ not trying to claim one cause the WHOLE REASON YOU WIPED WAS TO REMOVE THE ISLAND CLAIMING!
  4. ...if that's what's happening, a way to make it fair is to have the swarm houses to only accept a few ants
  5. I have a theory. Likely other people did the same thing as me (tried to remember where the bees and ants spawn and prioritize getting a swarm houses there)... but they we're just more successful... If they're are people putting their swarm houses closer and closer to the exact spawn point of the ants and swarm houses vacuum up the ants - no more ants for anybody who's a late comer. To the rest it's as if ants never were.
  6. I only found one ant last wipe. This wipe I returned to that location a dozen times and scouted a dozen other islands. Not gonna take a bear this time guess I'll give up.
  7. Why the heck do people keep saying "final note?"
  8. Yay a wipe. This time I'm gonna claim an islan......
  9. There's several glitches with the building that raises babies for you. It's a relatively cheap building and I've found that demolishing it and putting down a new one can solve some of the glitches. I hear that if you demolish it with tames inside they don't always pop out so make sure it's empty. Which reminds me of yet another glitch I had an empty tame house that I hadn't put food in for weeks that I had gone up to several times and checked and it was empty everything was empty all three inventories fertilizer tame list and the one where you put the food all empty but I came up to it one day and there was three adult bears and some babies!?!?
  10. Everyone and a while running along the beaches and crap in this game I ran up to a building see that option push e check my inventory nothing happens the text like turns gray or something I don't know I barely even pay attention to this anymore because it seems like a broken game mechanic
  11. Randomly browsing around this website I see there is 12 I think season wipes and I think this game's only like 5 years old so does that mean that the servers have been wiped on average every 5 months? 12*5=x months, x months/12 seasons = months per wipe =5
  12. Is grapeshot gonna shoot they own foot cause wild card did? Is grapeshot even working on a ue5 port?
  13. It's backwards what should be! In pvp you should have locked mine that you have to blow up to steal peeps metals. In ve you have no option to blow up cause it's vs environ yet I'm vp verse player in the sense that they are all locked and have high spoil times and the entire map is littered... Would solve a lot of the whole locking system were switched.
  14. That sucks, it deleted a tame when you demolished!? I'm pretty sure the intended behavior is all the stored tames pop out and defend your base as the raiders blow it up. You can see that in this video about 20 second in they blew one and a horde of rhinos appears and attack.
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