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  1. There's several glitches with the building that raises babies for you. It's a relatively cheap building and I've found that demolishing it and putting down a new one can solve some of the glitches. I hear that if you demolish it with tames inside they don't always pop out so make sure it's empty. Which reminds me of yet another glitch I had an empty tame house that I hadn't put food in for weeks that I had gone up to several times and checked and it was empty everything was empty all three inventories fertilizer tame list and the one where you put the food all empty but I came up to it one day and there was three adult bears and some babies!?!?
  2. Everyone and a while running along the beaches and crap in this game I ran up to a building see that option push e check my inventory nothing happens the text like turns gray or something I don't know I barely even pay attention to this anymore because it seems like a broken game mechanic
  3. Randomly browsing around this website I see there is 12 I think season wipes and I think this game's only like 5 years old so does that mean that the servers have been wiped on average every 5 months? 12*5=x months, x months/12 seasons = months per wipe =5
  4. Is grapeshot gonna shoot they own foot cause wild card did? Is grapeshot even working on a ue5 port?
  5. It's backwards what should be! In pvp you should have locked mine that you have to blow up to steal peeps metals. In ve you have no option to blow up cause it's vs environ yet I'm vp verse player in the sense that they are all locked and have high spoil times and the entire map is littered... Would solve a lot of the whole locking system were switched.
  6. That sucks, it deleted a tame when you demolished!? I'm pretty sure the intended behavior is all the stored tames pop out and defend your base as the raiders blow it up. You can see that in this video about 20 second in they blew one and a horde of rhinos appears and attack.
  7. Dicked around with mine all day and couldn't get breeding going again. Not till I built a second tame house next to the first. There were pregnant bears in the first that just wouldn't spit out their babies till they were left outside of it. Grabbed some babies the old fashioned way and loaded them in the new house and they are actually maturing!
  8. You have to check on it before the stuff decays since it puts them all in single piles or stacks of one. If it would produce the stuff in stacks it would be ok to let it sit for days because it could produce hundreds of items and spoil a few of the top, but with single stacks size it will cap it's inventory then spoil everything the instant you are checking.
  9. L toggles ladders only when you're on steering wheel? That looks backwards to me. Pull that from that functionally so people trying to look at company log book while sailing don't lose their ladders anymore. And or push that functionally to treading water, like the wheel menu
  10. Like why does it roll itself up to begin with? Should roll down in the e pop up wheel shaped menu. Boat shouldn't lock you out. Had to wait till water got so choppy a wave tossed me back in my boat. In in-between I had tried to make a grapple hook, as someone advised me, but the engram is in the smithy? I'd think if that's the janky emergency ladder it would be a inventory engram ffs. But getting back in the boat should be like the easiest thing in the world in this game, it's like oh that reminds me getting back on the dock in free port isn't cheddar, neither is getting up on your raft. Why not e to ride the raft?
  11. But it says something like log in time out and or reflecting you to your current server. I'm thinking maybe it'd has to do with something I was already confused about... So like logging in you pick eg whales solitude which is consisting of some connected servers eg a1 a2 b1 etc. Why am I supposed to know where I'm at? Like if I log out with my guy passed out in a1 and try to log in to b1 that makes sense to see a re direction message, I think it's glitched out cause it's a re skin of arks log in system which also couldn't keep track of stuff like that. But ark I could see the server and be like nah I don't wanna pvp today and force it back to pve log in.
  12. I'm playing both whales solitude and cobra strike and I'm really frustrated to try to log into pve and wind up in the pvp server or vice versa. When it happens I see a little error message that looks like the ark time out message.
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