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  1. 8ball

    Ship max. Level 50

    Shipyard should only affect max level. You still need individual blueprints for planks, etc.
  2. Hell, if I understand you correctly, no donation box needed. Actually, need to check if the tannery next to it is unlocked. The build is not a big deal for a mid sized company. 1 larger gate, medium gates around the perimeter. We would have built it for ourselves anyway.
  3. We have a large and small taming pen unlocked in I5. Western side of Virder something. Lol, not in game. Its the westernmost island. Feel free to drop by and use them. Eles, rhinos spawn by pen.
  4. 8ball

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    My god, fine. Good lord you're a salty one. But hey, you win.
  5. 8ball


    Because they want us to keep the spam off the islands. It takes one more thing off their hands. And now, they can blame it on bad settlement owners.
  6. 8ball

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    Several thousand yes. Not 10's of thousands, solo.
  7. 8ball

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    Gold is not as easy to get now. Remember the nerf they put on gold pre wipe? Without boosts, no way can a solo person farm that much gold in a weekend. Now, with a bear, doing nothing else but sailing for maps, i can see 10,000 in a weekend spending 16 hours a day each 2 days. Plus, they've now nerfed gold from whales.
  8. 8ball

    Do settlers decrease island upkeep?

  9. 8ball

    Do settlers decrease island upkeep?

    Oh, I'm sorry. In that case, gold can be deposited in the flag or bank by accessing invenory
  10. 8ball

    Do settlers decrease island upkeep?

    You won't. The taxes are generated and auto deposited into their bank when you farm resources.
  11. 8ball


    Right. I've lived in nothing but desert since day 1. Some desert islands are loaded some are very sparse.
  12. 8ball

    What creeps you out on Atlas?

    The turtle's sound. Creepy
  13. 8ball


    On the right island you can do that.
  14. 8ball

    Can we get an 2-3x weekend?

    No one is paying taxes anymore, not since Saturdays patch. The "tax" no longer comes out of what you farm. In fact, I think they should just eliminate the word tax completely. People don't bother reading patch notes and tha would eliminate this confusion. In PVE, I meant.