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  1. 8ball

    Safe havens and companies.

    I know the feature has been removed but just to let anyone know if they want to settle without fear (as long as you're not spamming, etc), Southern Discord, in I5, Virders Haven.
  2. haven't read through the whole thread but my 2 cents. I am meh about the current vitamin buff, however, spending a wee bit of time to cook up even the basics, fish and chips and pork pie, are great for keeping you fed and vitamins just fine. Yes, it takes a bit of time while you digest the food for all vitamins to raise up. Now the real reason I spend a bit of time to do it. If you have multiple ships that are anchored across the map, the food made last sooo damn long it's worth it to me to cook it up. You don't have to worry about your spread out crew on a daily basis.
  3. 8ball

    Water barrels not working

    They are just fine in a desert biome...if you keep the lid shut. I live in the desert. Edited to add: you are correct in that they no longer fill. I fill up barrels in a fresh water source. Sorry for any confusion.
  4. 8ball

    Fixing foundation spam

    Conan does have this. However, that just led to massive walls being built. The maps can and have led to "Wall Wars".
  5. 8ball

    Brig Ladder

    It's not just you. A member in our company does it all...the...time.
  6. 8ball

    thank you for officially breaking the game

    Wait, there is an arguement going on about Gamma? Wtf, y'all. You can hotkey gamma settings, btw. It's not cheating the game. I don't use it much for 2 reasons, I like the immersion and, since I started using HDR on my tv for the game, I don't really need to use it. Only time I use it now is sailing when it's the darkest.
  7. I don't see any irony. If people don't want to sail a long distance they don't have to do so. But, for the discoveries yes, but, thats elective. The world is supposed to be huge. One reason is for PvP. You don't want everyone piled on top of eachother. So, warp drive sailing ships....a huge company could warp drive a couple fleets to attack. You don't see a potential problem with that?
  8. 8ball

    Horrible SOTD spawn points

    I have to agree with this completely.
  9. No!! No fast travel for ships, period. Atlas is supposed to be a huge world. No one has to sail the whole map. The resources are placed where really, one only has to sail a quarter of the world. Maps? Stick to the ones close to home. Sail a few sectors away to find higher level maps in or next to your sector, if ya want. Discoveries, yes. But why the rush to get 2500 discoveries? This is not an instant gratification game. I don't think survival/sandbox games should be. Take the time to smell the roses on what should be a long journey. We rush around so much in real life, try the opposite and you may just enjoy something you would have missed. Adding ships, activities when sailing, etc. Fine. But no warp speed sailing ships, tyvm.
  10. 8ball

    Ranking system

    Not a big deal to me. I mean, this is PVE, right? What's there to compete about?
  11. What title says. Between last night and logging on today, my ship has gained at least 3000 kg. I'm on my phone and apologize of I missed a post about it. Thanks
  12. 8ball

    Ship LvL and Quality

    Vanilla shipyard, my galleon is maxxed at lvl 43. Seems to be rather inconsistent with what everyone says the level should be capped at.
  13. It's only fair to the animals, that if SOTD's get to do it, animals can as well.
  14. Yes full nude. But, I read further..if you're referring to a console, I have no idea. I was talking about on a pc.