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  1. Are they removing treasure maps? They said gold cannot be obtained from army or damned or digging?
  2. Because people who play these games are either sociopaths with deep psychological problems or they’re just plain paranoid. I’m probably the only fair pvper lol. I’ll blow up your door but will only take what i feel like, but i would never kill all animals or foundation wipe. Sometimes i don’t even like raiding because the idiots who come loot it after me will just discard all your stuff Seems there isn’t really a place for people like me, PvP in survival games are huge groups of tryhards that congratulate and jerk each other off for ego boosts. Once again, psychology.
  3. Someone please tell me..What is this 54 GIGA UPDATE i have to download? I haven’t even played 6 hours ago with no update but i came back and now i have to install this..
  4. I logged on today to see i have lost 3 planks in my ship, obviously that would make it sink. But there’s a few weird things.. Not even an hour before i logged on for the day, 3 planks were destroyed at exactly the same time stamp. One was actually 8 seconds later. Anyways, my brig was still there on my map. Even stranger, it doesn’t say my ship was destroyed in the log. Only the planks and my bed. I do play on pvp but my 3k gold and supplies were still there. Assuming this was a glitch, does anyone know how i can prevent..whatever this is fron happening again? Building a brig by hand is a pain.
  5. I’m on NA pvE as well, in grid J3 or pretty much the entire tundra there are bears EVERYWHERE. I found a 30 lion as well but it’s too squishy so far. Found a 30 bear and now it tanks purple maps
  6. Now i’m not a helpless noob, i don’t need to be handheld but i am new. I’m mainly asking so i can know what i can/can’t do in the cold. Are there enough resources to survive? Like regular supply of metal, wood, thatch, the basics? What about less abundant things like sugar or honey? Also, what about farming/raising? Can you only grow biome appropriate food and tames? I like the snow, and in any non-snow area there’s 50+ people in all the normal regions which means every square inch of land/shipyards are taken. I spawned at islabds for about 5 hours researching every place to build at haha Last question, could someone explain the differences between desert, temperate, tropics and equator? They all sound so similar lol. Is there any variation in farming and taming in those regions as well? I just don’t wanna have to travel half this HUGE map for a resource
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