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  1. Im a pve player, but I think this would work great for pvp as well; How about having premade hex shaped claims on each island, that way there won't be any spaces that are not claimable, yet one island on pve will not be claimed by a few dudes alone. This would ofc work differently on pvp, were each hex could be contested and the hex goes to the victorious team. I just feel like this solution could make the game fun for more players than it does now, heck who knows, maybe making sure more peoples get included.
  2. Hello, we are three guys looking for an island were the owners of said island actually want/don't mind us building on a small portion of the map. Seems like everybody is so obsessed with peopels not being allowed to enter/build on their island. It limits the fun of the game to a total of 200-300 guys We will harvest a lot of shit, and don't mind 20% tax on the island, as long as we can stay there.
  3. Is it possible to get walls that can clip into the ground and mountain walls? I've found the strict rules for construction quite limiting.
  4. I noticed that the building blocks (walls, foundations and such) does not like being on a to big of a slope or next to a stone wall, I would like for you guys to reconsider how sensitive the build system should be as it limits were peoples can build.
  5. Well, we claimed an island, the claim cost was 122 gold, pluss 244 every 24 hour. so for a group of 4 to keep on owning the island, we have to sacrifice a lot of gather time, in favour off gold. What we offer is a bullshit free island were peoples can do what they want with out a lot of rules or us running around being egos. I request 25% tax, It will probably go down to 12.5 but as of now, the startup is kind of punishing when we also have to spend a lot of time and resorces on treasure hunts.
  6. I do agree, 50% tax is a lot, but we are a tiny crew of 4 guys, and have to play 122 in upkeep every 12 hour, so it does make sense for us to request some taxed resorces for it, what we can provide is a Bullshit free island in return. We tax 25% and I honestly think it's fair with the new weight rebalance
  7. Hallo, Iive in the tundra region together with my company, the island/server is quite limited in terms of fiber and metal. That's fine, we can voyage for to get those and knew about that struggle when we moved there. But this is a bit to much grinding just for a few walls and I feel like it's the wrong kind of grind. Hope you guys can revert it. the requirements could instead be for some kind of reinforced stone walls. You could even make this more expensive for the same hp value as the old stone walls had.
  8. Have you guys tried breeding tho? One of the guys in my group had to light 10 or so fireplaces and a bunch of torches to keep the baby bear happy, same when the female bear was pregnant, this pregnansy took 6 hours. Then the baby got born and he feed it berries for 12 freaking hours, the bear got 22% was juvenile, but could not eat by himself. The guy had to give up and just let the juvenile bear die. How are you supposed to breed animals if you have to afk feed it for hours on end and doing shifts feeding it, 8 hours ea, just to get a slightly better animal than the one you get in the wild. (LVL 36)
  9. I like the game, want them to work on it. And if im not wrong, the game had a huge warning that Said it was ea, you should expect a less polished, shallower game than that of a AAA game, explains the pricetag. The game can be quite unfair and at times quite bullshit, but I paid 20 dollars for it, that's the price of one movie ticket were I live, I got those hours plus 220 more. (With two babies, it's quite a lot of afk time as well). Watch the dev stream, see if you agree on their opinion of how we should treat the ea phase of the game, if you do not agree, just put it away and cross your fingers it is everything you wanted when you try it again in two-three years. Stupid to feel like I have to disclaim this bit I'm not white knighting. Look at my previous posts, I point out bullshit if I see it. But I also try to use my position as an ea tester of the game to bring forward some of the ideas I have of how to both fix and how to improve the game. All we can do is to wait and see. But yes, put the game away for a while. you got it for cheap, so probably not hurting to much that you risked buying a game that is uncompleted. Return in a while and see how you are feeling about it then.
  10. Hello, my base [on a hill] has a freaking whale in it, we can't try to kill the whale, due to it being inside our base, and might destroy everyting. We can't leave it, as it has been here a while (will probably not despawn in a while) and peoples can grief us with it? Is our base doomed because whales can climb mountains in this game?
  11. You can delete the door itself, and you should be able to walk trough, the problems seems to be the door, not the door frame.
  12. Hello, exited to try out the new 15 patch, no all I need to do is to get out the damn door, im stuck! 2 other guys can confirm this bug inside their own house. so it's not my avatar or the doors that conflict.
  13. Hello, im talking from a [PVE] perspective, but im sure this would also prove effective on pvp. I was thinking a bit about the boat sinking issue related to weight, it can be abused to an absolute gamebreaking point, im sure you guys working on Atlas are aware of the severity of this issue. It leaves peoples not wanting to release their ships from the dry dock, it makes peoples afraid to log of, and can cause a lot of frustration for those that have experienced their boats being weight griefed. I can see a lot of exploits still being done if you make it so that the character can not move if overburdened, im also sure you guys know about the glich were peoples stuff themself with iron and than relog so that they hit their flat weight limit instead of going way over and beyond it. Ship of the damned griefing is also an issue. How about making it so that overburdened ships don't sink, they simply can't move if they are so. That would get ride of the weight griefing compleatly. It counters both the anchored and the unanchored side of it. I can't see why this solution has not been implemented yet, and I struggle to find any downside with it. As for the SOTD griefing, if you are not the agressor you won't lose hp on any buildings or ships. You could also make it so that anchored ships don't take damage what so ever, but being anchored also prevents you from using cannons and such on the ship, I can see that this might get abused on pvp servers, but for the PVE server it makes absolute sense. Stone structures already takes zero damage, so if that can get abused, I can't see why it being abused on top of an anchored ship will be any worse. (abused because you still can shoot from it while being on top of the ship]. The problem you guys face when launching both PVE and PVP servers is that you have to balance them both, as they were both released straight from the get go, and therfor are both a legit part of the core experience. This I feel oblidge you guys to balance both the modes a tad bit differently from each other. I know this post was a bit loaded and a bit messy, but I just had to get it out there, hope you guys over at grapeshot games see this and at least take my suggestion into consideration. -WickedCricket.
  14. Hello, I was wondering if you guys consider making ship of the damned more off a "unicorn" they look quite cool and almost a bit scary, but as of now, they are more of a hassle to navigate around while sailing, and has lost all the wow factor. The pathing also seems a bit odd. Second question: Have you guys considered making trading posts? say a safe island were peoples can put items up for sale, write how much gold they want for it, and be able to leave it and come back to check if it has been sold at a later time. I feel this could add some value to the gold. Third question: I love to just build stuff, but I've noticed that the game lacks items to decorate with. Items like creates, benches, fireplaces, statues, wells, glass for Windows, empty bookshelfs (that can be filled with trophys), flowerpots with flowers and so on. Just fun ways to help emerse me into the world, it could also be so much different stuff gained as thropies here. I hope you guys listen to our feed backs and take them into consideration. We are your best asset for further developing the game, and I know us, the community are more than willing to pitch ideas and give feedback were it's needed. -WickedCricket
  15. Amazing ideas. They should look into how blackwake handles ship combat in my opinion. That could also probably improve the performance, as it has a similar damage system to the one you mentioned and less less individual parts at work. If it's even possible to merge all the hull parts into one after creation. Cities should have lots for construction, maybe a gridded road section with roads separating them. Could possible 10×10 for cheap houses and 30x30 for expensive ones. If these areas were made 100% grief proof, it would let peoples store away some of their stuff and always able to get back on their feat with out having to start 100% from scratch if ever griefed (pve) or sieged (pvp) people could also store their most valuable items there. But! If they ever want them over at their main base, They of course have to sail across the sea, this could make for quite intense voyages. Love the ideas, but! probably not the right/competent company to implement it, considering their framework and general game patching and balancing.
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