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  1. From the way it reads pve na server is done there debating on removing the pve EU server amd there goal is to get people to play pvp. I agree they need to stop tiptoeing and just say it because the way that article was written pve is done.
  2. So atlas was supposed to be launched with pve and pvp if the deves dont thank this is wrong I won't to know why? There is a list of definitions I could use but evidently I could get my post locked. I would be ok with pvp if it was at sea only were history shows most if not all pirates battled. I don't like it that I could spend hours on taming a animal or building a place just to have a person destroy it and that is supposed to be fun? How I feel like I wasted my money on two purchased atlas game
  3. This is bullshit I don't mind server wipes but removing the North America pve server is fucked up so I would officially like to tell atlas thanks for fucking the people that don't do pvp because they don't want a ass wholes to destroy there stuff and for also fucking them because they were lead to believe that they hade a option on pvp or pve and taking there money like a fucking thief GOOD JOB THIEF'S
  4. If you can catch it before you leave just back track I lost a giraffe went to look for it the next day and found it. Also if you have a bear with a cart it can lagg the other animals off the ship or stuck between decks always take off the carts. I am thanking that is why my giraffe fell off. I had a galleon for animal transport you could put 2 large tams and 3 bears I walled up the sides and back but left the front open. It worked fine until the update destroyed it I naver lost a animal with it.
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