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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAH You believe anything on discord will ever happen in atlas? You deserve to be lied too. The game should be wiped at 2pm pdt gives all time zones at least a shot on finding places to plop their butts down. By the time it’s back up it will be 4-5pm and they have some hours to fix the typical fuck ups instead of taking all night. Or weekend. Honestly I don’t see why they wipe the servers the day before. Upload and test for 24 hours
  2. What the actual fuck? So we have mini bosses and the hydra? Or are these replacements?
  3. Too many snowflakes including the forum cops. I’ve been banned from there. I’ll find out the date one way or another.
  4. I’m popping around grids to beds and stuff. Sailing around doing maps. Apparently I’m 23, 38, 91, 43 and 102 years old. My discovery points keep changing and I’ve hit 3 complete zones with all the islands SA and both poles including most of the iceburgs half of Africa and most of eastern waters and I still don’t have my veteran explorer achievement back. Seriously. This game is just getting fucking stupidly broken.
  5. And I care what you think why?
  6. Don’t know about blackwoods other then it’s not been worked or been worked on in over a year. As for metal nodes there are none in freeports. It’s just hit rocks and get metal. You have to leave Freeport to get metal nodes.
  7. Since I was kicked from the discord channel for calling all roleplayers essentially future pig feed because I was tired of their in game language there is a difference between being an asshole and making a point.
  8. Then stop being an asshole then.
  9. Yep tested it with several places already. I freely admit turning them off and seeing what happen but I turned them all back on. Some people also didn’t realize placing them within foundation spam means they get literally a fraction of the collection efficiency. Welcome to the downside of foundation spam lol.
  10. So anyone can operate anyone’s farm house? Seriously?! They can’t open it and take stuff but anyone can turn them off? Wtf kind of sense is that in PVE?
  11. I can reliably do a few actions and never ever drown. I can and will run out of stamina but I can make it so I can never run out of air.
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