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  1. some of their design decision lack any sort of logic, but im not surprised by that, they want to drive pve players either to pvp servers or off of official all together. one of the latest is the vitamin system not replenishing on death, even though they give you full hydration, full hunger, and full healht, they pretty much guarantee a time clock on your characters life for a starting character, its 20 or 30 levels minimum before youre in a position to cook whats needed to keep food balanced. and youve gone and shrunk the map? so now if you arent there in the first 2 hours you dont get to settle someplace??? took me 3 real days of sailing to finally find an island with a small spot for me. thanks for that. garbage decision after garbage decision has had me change my positive review to a negative one, as are all my team.
  2. wth?? dying doesnt restore vitamins but fills health and hunger to max?? so now ive rezzed and my vitamins are zeroed out and my stomachs full so either i die to lack of vitamins and their balance or i die to overeating??? what logic is this? if youre not going to restore my vitamins then maybe an empty stomach and half a health bar are the way to go. another pointless handicap you are putting on players without any game balance.
  3. devs wont do a damn thing because THEY DONT CARE.
  4. you folks never learn. now instead of 50 ships camped outside of the fountain of youth golden age islands, you have them all camped out off the coast of your lava and steam vents. well done. you threaten to ban folks that wall them off but then dont provide enough generation speed of resources for folks to be able to get anywhere. i agree walling them off should be a banning offense but you need to make these nodes either move around to each and every island on the servers or increase the number of them. or increase the speed at which they generate. right now all you have is fleets of ships parked off each and every coast where a vent is located.
  5. stop trolling, this post was made years ago.
  6. tortuga only has one viable exit not counting the portals, takes you to south america
  7. would absolutely love to be able to transfer zones or use a portal without fear of losing my animals. that would be a great fix.
  8. found 3 lava vents in the world so far, so far 3 companies have decided that its their lava vent and walled it off from everyone else. way to go once again atlas devs. now anyone with an island that doesnt have a lava vent wont be getting the supplies they need to go the industrial age route. when will you ever learn.. if you leave it up to the players in your game to decide...inevitably the dbag patrol will ruin it for everyone. and thats what theyve done.. in m7.. peaky blinders company walled off lava vent. in f6.. a lawless territory.. another company has walled off a lava vent... in the african territories.. not only has a company walled off the lava vent, they insult and smack talk every person who comes through their sector. brilliant idea devs, smdh.
  9. been a week and now they are saying at least 4 days more before we get a patch that MIGHT stop crews from just poofing?? and they want us spending 10s of thousands of gold to replace our shipyards they broke with no refund of gold at least? oooo they upped harvest rate till monday... a harvest rate we cant take advantage of to replace our gold losses BECAUSE THEY WONT HAVE NEW HOTFIX TILL MONDAY?????!!!!!! its just damn ridiculous and anyone still defending this game is either paid by the company or so completely wedged up their own posterior its impossible to have a reasonable discussion with them. times have changed alright, theyve gotten worse.
  10. thats been changed, theyve lowered rates to 3x which has made breeding hours and imprints longer. every imprint gives 20% with 8 hours between, so if you want 100% imprint its 40 hours. at least on the bears, my buddy says rhinos and the like are even worse.
  11. youve reduced the level grind for the characters, youve made it easier to make ships, youve made taming a ton easier. HOW in everything you hold dear, can you justify 40 hours to raise ONE animal? no way a regular player can find the time to do this in under a week, you know, the players with jobs who only play a couple hours a night? something has to be done.
  12. i keep getting kicked every few hours and now i cant even see whales solitude
  13. well, there you have it, they put up a poll in discord for drop time and now anyone not in honolulu or california for NA is pretty well and truly screwed on getting a decent island. so laugh all you want, it was on discord and it came true.
  14. im not sure it was advertised as a pirate game, i think we all leapt to that conclusion because we want one lol. i dont mind a colony conquest game so much but youre right, give us at least enemy of either wild pirates and/or royal navy. hell, the spanish, english, french, even dutch handed out letters of marque to pirates to make them privateers for hunting pirates. would love to see stuff like that happen in game. might bring alot of folks back if you put npc factions in the game for pve and actually let players in pvp populate those factions lol
  15. the time of your server maintenance and release of patch is a complete joke. you claim you used a poll on discord. the same discord that bans people for asking about pve. the same discord that only has a small percentage of the community you have left. the same discord full of pvp'ers. by setting the time of the patch the way you have, you have given west coasters a 6-12 hour jump on anyone from the east coast. all the great islands will be settled by the time any EST player with a job is able to get on. the wipe should have been around 3 or 4pm pdt to give everyone at least a shot at good land. thanks for screwing us.
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