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  1. Are the portals placed in the the world or do I have to build them?
  2. I extended the ladders on my ship so they are in the water instead of above the water line. Does this create drag on the ship slowing it down?
  3. for the second time i have lost a ship because your game DOESNT WORK BY ITS OWN RULES!!!!!!!! The only thing you got right was ship damage and taking damage... your repair skills do not work at all even though i have great repair skills the do not reflect in game at all nor does broken planks clear in time as per skill points dictate they should. nor do crew operate the way the should ss per skills dictate... fix it!!!!
  4. Hello. I am having trouble finding any metal besides iron or copper in south america does anyone know where in south america are the other metals or do I have to go back into central to get them?
  5. This game needs some serious claim adjustments... there should be land enough for everyone with the amount of islands there are in atlas.. yet there are entire islands locked down by claim towers that have 5 or fewer members and no limits in place as to how many claim towers someone can place.. this needs to be limited and should be limited to how man people are in the company. as things stand right now the systems in place are crudely unfair and full of toxic people exploiting them.
  6. As the title says I am new to the area beyond the portal leaving rookie cove behind. What areas of the map are the claimable islands? the new map it quite confusing. please help, thank you!
  7. I usually have a button with a gear with a head in the middle on it in the my character inventory menu just above my stats. I have used the button a number of times and usually after a hour or two of game play it comes back and if I need I press it again to reset my stats and skills. Then early today I went to get some new npcs for my ship and accidentally payed the recruiter npc to reset my skills. Now hours later the button has not come back. has anyone else had this issue? will it come back since I had that accident with the npc?
  8. Hopefully sooner than later.. I've lost 5 crewmen total... continually having to replace them is kinda moot if you have to keep doing it or running around your ship to kick them off the sails before making the change to the next grid.
  9. It has now be three times where I have crossed from one map section into another and come out the other side missing my crew stationed on the sails and have spend hours trying to find them again to no avail only to read days later they have died or mutinied on me.. Fix this please... im sick of losing men.
  10. The time it takes for the game to register that I am turning my ship is beyond slow.. Devs please before your actual launch correct this issue. adjusting sensitivity does not change anything there is actual seconds of delay from getting on helm and turning your ship or adjusting sails before something actually happens.
  11. I have seen cogs on in the world with cargo racks and diving platforms but I can not get them to attach to the cogs. Can someone please tell me how this is done?
  12. Hello. I am wondering if any one has tried to sail passed the D line on the map. is there and E, F, ect or is there a invisible wall?
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