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  1. OK wow I wasn't expecting that so pc aswell there is definitely something up as its been over 24hrs for us now too
  2. Have same issue ! Are you on series s by some chance ?
  3. I honestly at a loss there is many of is right now not been able to play the game ! Log in a instant dc no matter where we are it was fine on wipe untill yesterday evening 5pm uk time and now we can't get on and when we do we have to stand still we move game dashboards! Please help sort we have support you from the start of xbox preview and would be nice if we could actually play !
  4. Right ...after reading the QandA over a few times I'm really meh and eh? About the lawless claiming...I feel that this will be the end of small companies 2-5 man because bigger companies who can hide behind a peace timer can just roll up to lawless and place claims down for w everything and nothing...want to get to a base they just start nibbling at the end of the defence untill they get to it ...ships you have to pay for with docks can get taken so mean you have to put up loads of defences which means extra lag...with a 45 min timer claim of docks with any shallow water near outside defences of base mean a two lvl of defence over a wider area with a you can’t sleep attached as the claiming of docks and boats 3am - 6am will be indefensible adding a owned island mechanic while they have a peace timer to a lawless where the only benefit was no land claims small company’s of 2-5 are done as gold for boats requires gold larger company’s see anything other than prim you’ll loose it all in 45mins or by that night while you sleep if have any half decent defence I feel this is a really unfair and pointless move for lawless islands to be able to be claimed =( surely I can't be the only one who thinks it's a little poop
  5. So I can see the servers now but I can't get in o.o is anyone else still having this issue ?? I'm in \o/ typical the second I post
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