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  1. Well although i do appreciate that you actually answered the question your delivery could use a little work and thanks for your concerns in regards to my day it was wonderful either way.
  2. Is it happening or was this a joke I'm sitting here waiting even took the day off from work cus you guys said it would be wiped yesterday and still nothing follow your own schedules maybe....
  3. I'd like a better understanding of the market, for instance why cant we rotate trade routes between our own markets so we dont have to go to and from each island once you do in fact establish several markets across the maps. Also your tethering is atrocious maybe make the setting for that work in the single player host mode for those who hate people or get sick of people destroying absolutely all your stuff. And 2 end this off Pirate Law sucks D***
  4. Im on xbox So I'm playing on the pvp kraken server and I'm wondering a few things about the market I cant seem to find the info I want but apparently we get more gold the further the trades are but I cant seem to trade outside of my grid. So my question is how can I get that to start? Do i need more markers in other grids, or is it just something broken right now? Now my next question is where does the money go when you trade? I've had a market and I have accepted trade request but no gold has shown up anywhere and it's been a few days now. Any help is appreciated.
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