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  1. this game was already dead. everything i liked about it is sucked into this gutter of 3x3 multiple servers.. you literally split the population into nothing. why? and please, this 'we are still early access' shit. suck a dick. your making 180 degree changes for no reason but to only test some dumb shit that isnt working. wipe it. put the 10x10 back at least. no one likes this shit. by the way, WHY THE FUCK CANT YOU STILL GET IN THE CABIN OF MODULER SHIPS. so this dude eats my ass for two days, and i sink his peg, and i cant even loot it because the holes on the side arent big enough for me to get in? hey, lets fix that shit. ???? why is that a thing. OR...we can pretend like we are a professional company that cares about its players and not SHIT ON THEIR FUCKING FACES. WTF. -Thank you.
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