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  1. I been trying to play Atlas for like 3 days and every time I check the servers are all down on official. I am on Xbox one. Is anyone able to play or how long is the servers going to be down? Me and all my friends get the same thing.
  2. Wait just from this week it wiped I was just on a few days ago and my base was there.
  3. Was the Xbox update suppose to delete my character was deleted and I am Company Owner. EHHH is it making every one restart?
  4. Did the new update other day suppose to delete our characters? I was company leader? An my character is gone now? I am on Xbox Version is anyone else had this happen or is it suppose to delete our characters?
  5. How can you see what area's is lawless or not on the new map?
  6. My friend joined on bed as server transfer was happening and now she has infinity oxygen & and swim threw object and fish and sharks does not even attack.
  7. There should be a better area with all the info on this stuff. Very annoying trying to figure it all out.
  8. Can someone help me, I play in PvE and I am new to all these changes and very confused. Can someone tell me how it works the Lawless Claiming Towers and do you need multiple side by side to claim all the land you want? In PVE I placed a Land Claim Tower and then I placed another overlapping the other and a water tower but they one land and water claim tower destroyed when the hp went back and said it was contested but there is no one near me. Why is that and how does it work or how can i make it work?
  9. AceVP


    1) On ships i been having issue where i get stuck on helm / wheel and cant get off of it and it get me killed and ship blown up because the only fix is exit game and re log in. On Xbox. 2) Xbox: Also crossing barrier to a new map i had it happen many time in one day it will black screen and dash board me and my ship keep sailing while i am not even in the game and sometimes it can crash into stuff and there goes my ship. 3) 3rd glitch: Xbox also when climbing up back ladder not able to climb you just get stuck there till you drowned. 4) 4th bug: The building floor plan on boat if you ladder clip threw the floor you get stuck inside the hull of the boat and you have to die to get out. NOTE: We need half ladders also to fix some issues of ladders clipping threw floors. NOTE 2: Also Vertical Half Wall would be nice just half a wall that is half is wide as normal wall, Also Vertical Half Walls Short. So it will be basically a quarter wall its half high by half wide.
  10. AceVP

    Stuck Glitch !!!

    Game is almost unplayable for me on Xbox, Every time riding a tame or on boat i risk not being able to move or only being able to strafe and nothing else cant access inventory or anything.
  11. Keep getting stuck on helm / wheel of boat and i cant turn or anything I have to re-log... Happens every time on a ship. I cant get off the wheel / helm either. Also sometimes getting off a tame it will not allow me to turn or anything only strafe side to side till i re-log on game. This is a big glitch for me happened just 4 times in past hour and its going to get my ships sank from these bugs. ADDED NOTE: Also I am on Xbox Version I do not know if that is only on Xbox One. FIX PLEASE SOON!!!
  12. I seen the Dino island on the video hope you cant tame that flyer pteranodon because that will be messed up in a Pirate game. The Wyvrens at least you have to work for i would assume. it dont need a flyer that be kinda messed up and take the point out of ships.
  13. Hope the game works so smoothly that its will work well on Xbox when they do decide to try it there. 40,000 Players is kinda crazy for a game with them type of graphics.
  14. CRY! wish i had a good PC makes me want to play it so bad... I wish it released on Xbox same day. I would buy it right now the Preview Early Access.
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