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  1. I logged in today and the folders I created with stat info has disappeared. Yes, I double checked folder view. Yes, I re-logged. I sadly have added points to a few so stat info for breeding is gonna be fubar is this isn't fixable, but there are worse problems to have. I know they were there yesterday. Anyone have any ideas or have the same issue today?
  2. Listen, I like looting as much as the next pirate. But since both NA and EU now share a server, the body looting is ALL THE TIME. I have played on NA, been through 4 wipes and I have never had my body looted, not even once. Why now all of the sudden? Legit no matter where I am and what I have, there is some naked savage window licker on standby. Devs, is there anyway we can get say, a 2 or 5 minute timer before your body can be looted/inventory accessed by non company members? If people want to steal they should be on a pvp server but instead they are just enjoying making players miserable. More over, if you reading this are one of the body looters, a little nice and respect goes a long way. It takes less time to be a nice guy/gal than it does to be a chode. One day you may need help or something and if you were running around acting like you weren't raised right, you will find others hard pressed to help.
  3. @Jatheish and @Dollie I have a serious question for you and the devs. When you scroll to the bottom of developer posts you have a twitch link which says, "Watch us scallywags on Twitch". Why aren't you guys live streaming YOU playing the game and testing different things? This should be something that people could watch daily and see different employees playing different modes PVP and PVE on official (no cheat codes) , and a few times a week see maybe game developing. And see everyone playing each of the modes on all the servers NA and EU I would really like to watch you guys play your own game and I think a lot of other players out there would too. See what you guys think of the game in real time not just when you are hyping it up in a mega patch Twitch hype webcast.
  4. https://gyazo.com/7b437f28a7f4c4abdfe00390a6965db8 Why is this a thing. Day 2 now and my crab is still stuck in this ship. I pulled my ship up to it thinking hey i'll just use the board my boat feature. Never shows up. Tried neutral, passive attack your target. Tried hitting it. It will not pop out of there.
  5. After reading through the updated notes I want to first say to @Jatheish @Dollie , and everyone else working on this, thank you for listening and trying to fix the issues we are talking about. That being said some of these are better than others, and some are just a swing and a miss in my view. I'm going to break this down into multiple posts on multiple topics cause I see a lot of potential problems. ALSO this is longer, but I feel it's really important. CLAIMS-General The boat decay system will be enabled. This means that there will be a tagging system attached to boats which will cause them to self destruct after multiple weeks of inactivity on PvE, Golden Age Ruin, and Freeport servers. To tag a boat, the owner of that boat (single player or company) will just need to enter its stasis/render distance. This is great idea as a start, but misses the mark. I appreciate that some areas will clear out tons of ramshacled sloops, but it doesn't stop the greifing locally. PVP can demolish any boat that is parked in their bay , but PVE is left defensless and your team hasn't made a workable fix cause it's just sandbox to you guys and all we care about and need access to is building. One aspect of the design we intend to stick to is the fact we want players to always have an option to build, otherwise, the game cannot be truly experienced in its current state. FYI guys: I do love building, but it's not the only reason I started playing. I was really looking forward to the co-op and you keep taking more and more away from PVE This is what will still happen as players use boats to continue to grief each other. I will make boats, anchor these boats with beds for fast travel and blocking off your harbor or coast, then once every 10 days fast travel over and render them in. Give me your island and I'll unblock the harbor. Some islands are harder but the point is someone will do this. So good idea, but it doesn't fix the problem, it just creates a new way to have the same effect. Claim owners will be able to demolish structures (via the pinwheel) on their settlements temporarily as long as the structure has been placed within the last 12 hours. After the 12 hour period has passed, they will not be able to demolish the structures using the pinwheel, and must manually destroy it. Claim owners can do this outside of raid hours or warlike. This exists as an anti-griefing mechanism. On PvE servers, we may extend the time beyond 12 hours as players will not have the option to destroy via PVP. This just says to me that all you guys want is a system where you can say we gave you guys an out but you didn't use it. Should have logged in after someone pillar spamed your island . It's your problem if you didn't catch it cause we (Grapeshot) gave you a fix. So this by my reading will actually reward spamming as someone can place foundations or pillars down, and if I'm not on for a day or two due to RL something, I'm stuck with them and can't get rid of them at all....... and hope you don't miss any they hid in bushes etc. Everyone get used to surprise "To close to enemy structure" messages. There will be a notice sent to the Settlement Owner’s Company and also via a cross-server notification pop-up when new players/companies are building on their territory. Players will have the option to subscribe to this Company Log via email or Discord, similarly to other Company Log messages. THIS IS AWESOME!! GREAT IDEA AND IMPLEMENTATION. I really hope it works well but everything can't ride on me getting a message due to phone signal, etc. Again it is a cop out on an actual fix by saying you have given us a warning system. CLAIMS - PVE Summary of Grapeshot's oppening paragraph, "We hear you, we get that you're worried, we want to make sure it's all going to be okay. We're working on fixes for your concerns, till then, PVE will have the same system as PVP (whole island claim), but no raid hours, hard caps on claims, implimenting player shops, tax bank is there for people renting to help with cost. Wait....why and I still renting in the new system? This means that players will be able to claim islands, and anyone can build on those settlements If ANYONE can build on your settlement. 1) How do you stop them from blocking resources, walling off sections, etc (read back above in CLAIMS -general). 2) Why do I have to run ALL over the island to delete stuff cause someone had a bad day at work and wanted to be an ass and feel powerful for 10 minutes leaving me with hours of BS? Pass 3) Weren't we the player base asking for a system that allowed EVERYONE to claim a section of land? Idea being you would start at the freeport, work your way up to lawless, then go stake out a claim somewhere? We DID NOT want renting and we DID NOT want every island to be lawless. -ROUGH MATH FOLLOWS- 15x15 grid so 225 servers, but we loose almost 80 to power stones, lawless, and freeports. So that leaves 145 Servers now each with an additional island. For eash math we will say each of them now has 4 islands giving you 580 islands to claim and sure some companies will claim 2-3, but even if we took out 1/2 to these companies claiming multiple islands there's still 290 left so we're good right? NOPE, that alone is 435 small companies which is nearly the full amount of available. So then it becomes rent, lawless, or quit. No one wants to rent, so So then lawless becomes a big pillar spawn issue again cause at least we have our space (hopefully your comment on fixes for that down the road are true, but for now it's what we know will happen till then). So all the perks of owning the island and renting to others is potentially lost cause WE DO NOT WANT TO RENT!!! Maybe if we could have PVE alliances and have the alliances build trade network bases spread out on different islands or shared alliance taming bases...... oh wait... CLAIMS - PVP Give claim owners the option to enable allied companies to build cannons on their lands Give company owners the option to allow allies to use their cannon (governance setting) Enable an activation timer on cannon structures placed by non-allied companies during wartime and raidable hours to prevent instant FoBs. Similarly to battery-powered heavy turret activation timer on ARK. Delay on joining a new company or alliance after leaving one (24 hours) Company owners and admins can now set other companies as neutral. This is done via the in-game pinwheel, similarly to alliances when targeting another company’s structure or player. Companies which are marked as neutral will have a different colour display HUD, as a way for players to indicate they are non-hostile, however, they will not have other benefits which the alliance system would provide. In summary, there will now be three states in which other companies can appear: ally/neutral/enemy. Looks like you listened and achieved pretty well a lot the major concerns in PVP. Well done there. The big issue left is alliance limitations, but what I don't understand here is you say that you quote understand that there are some concerns regarding how that (that being alliances) could potentially be exploited in a PvE environment, and we’ll be working on designs and systems to ensure that isn’t the case from a technical point of view, as well as through GM involvement. How are you not worried about people working around alliance caps in PVP? If any place I can see greater exploiting of alliances and groups would be in large scale attacks of other players in PVP. The alliance limits are flawed, and people are already figuring out multiple ways to work around it. Discord anyone? SUGGESTION You created a whole new system to replace something that was already in place and could still be tweaked. A large portion of the players have said (Not claiming these as my ideas.) 1) Get rid of sea claims. They are horrible and a blight. Good idea but they don't work. I can overlap so much land, and then from there can prevent others from claiming land cause your claim is over a portion.... to many bad tricks. 2) Limit claims per person or per company. As a reference, our company of around 15 has since launch worked from an offshore claim to a corner of an island which is still more space than we need. If this claim change happens and we were to claim the same island, you just gave us around five times the land and took away claims from 6 other good companies that share the space with us. 3) Resource upkeep building should just be a claim upkeep and not worry about your buildings falling appart all the time. There should be a repair building added in for if/you're attacked and you can have crew staffed to it to help repair your base during the seige. There can even be new ship of the damned that will land and offload undead to attack your base. If your base in under attack by players the undead attack the first players they see so it could help repell the attack. 4) Drop the time down on claims. There should be a healthy turn over to an extent. in PVE or PVP this is a colonial, survival, mmo. I know a lot of PVE players don't want to think about loosing everything but that's why solo play is harder. If you are the only one resetting claims by running around a whole island have fun, not what I want to do. If you do, congrats, it's a lot of commitment to have a large base/island. 5) Going back to alliances and how companies tie into them with claim flags etc, set up some factions for the game that we choose to join, and unlike other MMORPG games where you are Alliance or Horde forever, you can switch groups in this cause pirates!!! maybe 3 pirate factions and a colonial military. You can even add quests to infiltrate and steal later in production. 6) Last and probably most important..... Fast travel is bad. Being able to set up beds in claims or islands all over the grid is not good. If an alliance wants to raid a base 5 squares away, someone might see the fleet passing. They can possibly fast travel to other islands in the same square, but at best they know the direction this fleet of ships was going unless they follow. Imagine people in glider suits trying to do recon and pass messages on to other allies. BUT WHERE THIS IS DIFFERENT is I can't teleport 5 squares ahead of that fleet and ambush them. I can build speed ships to try to pass them, skirt around them, etc. But if they sneak through and get to one of our lesser defended islands, 50+ people shouldn't magically appear from 13 squares away. This again allows CLAIM TURNOVER. There are more things but really these are the big ones I've heard a lot of times, that my company and I talk about, and we worry that none of these things will end up in the game and that it won't live up the the praise we've been trying to give it. We're still here and will be post wipe and will try Atlas 2.0, but the biggest thing our group and those around us talk about is how quickly things swing from one extreme to another. Maybe this month is taming. We're going to try raising levels available to tame, well now the higher level animals are killing more players. Maybe that's not a good idea or maybe we can lower the spawn rate. Whole point being we are here to help test the game..... give us direction (kinda like your post asking about tames and what we'd like to see), let us test what you want that day, week, month, and submit feedback. We can help if you let us. Lost Boys edit: changed title to fit better after the post went long
  6. I guess pictures say more than words, but here is just a clear line showing how much these "devs" are pissing people off over time.
  7. Hi, My elephant seems to be stuck either in the ground or invisible.. ive tried to whisle to make it follow. Giving command to move away from the spot and nothing is helping me out. When i walk on the area where i left the elephant i keep glitching like something was in the way. The elephant keeps eating food and taking shits like it was standing there.. Does any1 have/had a similar problem that can give any tips on how to unstuck it? Also i seem to have trouble feeding elephants when i try taming even without a cage. Been using Wheat (grow in plots) and Turnips from the wild. Any tips? Clearly taking dmg but seems to be underground. Defecates like it was standing on the ground! FIXED! Problem fixed by placing bed near it and fast travel to it. (recomend to go faar away and die to let the texture reload when u respawn) As soon as texture start loading u may see elephant underground then u need to be fast and whisle to follow.
  8. I started playing close to the beginning, not during the first couple of days, but I heard about that mess. Instead I came in with a buddy of mine and we struck out with some friends. We did the typical ark/Minecraft/smackatreeforwood game stuff, gathered our butts off, build ships and then went to bed. Ships got sunk and we log in to gathering again building another ship that we got to sail for a little before it also got sunk. We gather again while thinking about striking out on our own and we do. Tried to team up with another group that we thought would bring in more people, but no one logged on and we farmed up ships and we took them out and had a lot of fun, but then when it became just us who were getting on we decided to leave, so they offered for me to take the ship that we gathered and built. I went to take the ship and they kicked me before I could get it to a safe place to claim and killed me, in return we took ram-shackle sloops and sailed them into the harbor to slam into that ship till it sunk. That was probably the most fun I’ve had in this game. Moving on, we farm more stuff, we make more ships, but no matter where we go, our ships get sunk while we are offline, we come back to nothing. Starting over again and again had always been the Ark way, until they implimented the offline lock, if someone was offline for however many hours, then you could strike, but right now there is nothing to aid people or groups that are smaller from being able to survive a night. My buddy and I have pulled a month of all nighters trying to keep land and ships and tames from being killed, I’ll speak for myself, I’m burnt out. I love sailing, I love being a pirate, but if these larger companies that have so much more manpower than me and the 4-5 other people I play with just wait till we are offline to raid. Then that’s no fun for anyone, there is no PvP, there is no challenge, there is just opportunists who further make it impossible for any feeling of hope or adventure or anything. If I had one request, please watch this. Understand that the mechanics and how ‘punishing’ your game is to its player is what drives the negative ratings. https://youtu.be/hmEa-YAcFk8 I’m going to be stepping away from this game for a little and hope that at somepoint down the line it becomes less about large companies, which reminds me of EVE, and more about pirates.
  9. 1. Stone structure Please revert you made them easier to break through no reason for added materials. 2. Animal Collision/ Effecting taming Why are my tames falling through the earth, stone floors, wood roofs, every thing in the game? This seems to have been issue even in ark how is this not fixed? Because of animals colliding into structure and the ground itself they're very difficult if not impossible to tame (elephants). 3. PVE ships getting sunk by players Why is this still not resolved? Players are holding a ridiculous amount of items hanging on ladders and sinking ships. Why are players allowed to whistle down my ladders? Why are they able to grapple on to PVE boats with all this weight? Players are dragging ship of the damned into ports and sinking ships. Why is there not a invisible bubble around islands that instantly makes the SotD unaggro? 4. Permanent sleepers who haven't logged in for a month On my island alone probably 1/4 of it cannot be claimed because of permanent sleepers. Can there please be a timer I don't even care if its a month but these people need to decay somehow. The pve ship sinking thing scares me the most. Being a two man company I don't want to risk sailing from island to island and explore the atlas. Just to have someone come over and sink my boat for fun, its why i'm playing pve. If I wanted another player other then me to sink my ship I would play pvp. I would think that would be game breaking enough to do something. Anyways enough rambling if I missed anything else please add it below.
  10. @Jatheish I respect how much you are doing to keep the community updates and informed, I know you respond to tweets and forum post, but let's be honest you are one man, and there is basically aside from you NO ONE handling community post, comments, etc. You guys really need to hire a group of people to read the threads, comply a list and have conversations with them about what the community is saying. One person can not do that all. There is a thread with almost 700 replies on the outrage of stone changes, and yet there's not even a single acknowledgement of "we hear you" or "we're looking into it". It's complete silence. Some people will leave completely even if it gets changed back to the original. There has to be some sort of line of communication. Also, why don't you guys once and for all make a TEST server, and get some people to actually test out changes you guys are thinking of implementing. It is not a hard concept to do, a LOT of companies do it. It helps find bugs, or tester can say "hey this isn't going to work" or "this is way to far scaled this way". Instead of just pushing it out and hoping it's going to be okay. You guys are in EA and of course there will be bugs/issues, no matter what, but you can curb those if you take the time to get community managers to look at the threads and say "hey this is coming up a lot" or "here's some issues people are bringing up", "hey were getting a lot of suggestions for this". Listen to your community and for the love of god get a TEST server, and get some people who would LOVE to hop on and test out changes you are working on.
  11. Right now several Chinese companies are attacking... Not too worried about it until they walked to the middle of the island and built in my territory with mortars.... so uh.... can i get som ehelp?
  12. Game keeps crashing at: PrimalGameData_BP and then the Timeout message pops up. Any fix?
  13. A. age mechanic tip : remove it ( was a sarcam ; put it away and rethink about it.) special tip about age mechanic : every time you die give 1 game-year to player. (fix game year btw. i have 600 days in game but i am 95 years old !?!!) B. claim system suggetion : first remove inactives more than 10days (sleepers) 1) one flag per player ; plus more flags need gold coins for upkeep. (company pay even more gold upkeep) 2) limit player flags to 2 per region. 3) limit player flags 1 per island 1 per ocean C. weight system tip: overweighted ships(anchored) should not move (better than sink) like players, they should not move either if they reach max. weight limit. old but gold tip : listen your costumers !
  14. Will there be like Ark and have 3 or 6 person max companies with increased gather, exp and taming rates?
  15. So company claim counts are stillllll bugged.... for weeks.... People are at negative claims and can lose their crap in 15 minutes... how is this not a priority patch?
  16. First, let's understand that the Devs have a vision of this game involving heavy trade and mercantilism. That sounds awesome for a game involving ships, and pirates. However, this can NEVER exist in a game that promotes mindless PvP and destruction. If you want the first part, you have to put throttles on the second. So how to do that? I believe that several things can be done. First, we do want PvP. We do want raiding, and we do want to sink ships. But how can we do this in a manner that doesn't inhibit fun gameplay? The basis would be a Reputation System that mimicked a justice system. This does not have to be hard or complicated. It simply has to recognize that all PvP and all Destruction are not equal. First, you have a system of lawful and unlawful points awarded, and and then have a few different player standings related to that system. At a minimum, they would be: Lawful Outlaw Most Wanted Outlaw (option) Dread Pirate With Lawful, you are unrestricted, you go anywhere and enter any port, freely. With Outlaw, you are free game for other players to shoot at, and you can't enter lawful ports. AI would shoot at you and your ship if you enter. With Most Wanted Outlaw, Lawful players are given a buff when combating you on land and at sea, and an AI Royal Navy hunts you. But people also want to sink ships, a lot. So, you put in smugglers, and pirates in all ship classes, with their difficulty ranging by the class of ship they are in, and the rewards for sinking them equal to their class. Sloops easiest, and Galleons hardest. Sinking them also gives you lawful points. Lawful points don't build up, they just remove Outlaw points. Conducting trade with lawful sailors and merchants in other companies, gives lawful points. Raiding adds Outlaw points, but so long as the destruction is not mindless, this won't add a huge amount of points. This is determined by what you destroy. Doors, hatches, and containers won't add a lot of points. Damaging ship hulls, masts, sails, etc...adds a lot of points. Sinking them adds a whole lot of points. Same goes for bases. Containers would also have an option to just destroy the lock. This allows for less Outlaw points as you do not destroy the container. This allows you to take what you want, and the owner comes back to find what you did not take, still in the container. This will allow for more mercantilism and trade because you don't lose everything and start from scratch. You have something to trade to get gold to purchase important things you lost. Presently, the container gets destroyed, the raider may not even take anything, but everything in the container is lost. The above will actually, also encourage real Pirate game play. You have somebody outgunned, and no way to run...you offer them the out of letting you board, and take what you want, then leave without a lot of destruction. Time will also be a modifier on your Outlaw score. Time lowers your outlaw score by a set rate, if no outlaw activities have been committed within a set number of hours. This would need to be subject to testing, balancing and tweaking to get it right. Companies and individuals could accept player placed missions for escort duty. A player merchant asks for an escort for their merchant ships, and other players accept the mission. Only upon acceptance do you learn where the origination and destination are. The original request only tells you within a 3x3 grid where both are. Once you accept, you are duty bound to do the job. This will affect your Outlaw score. If your company or allied company attacks this merchant, you get HUGE Outlaw points awarded. If a rival company sinks it, you get some, but not a lot. Getting the merchant to safety removes a good number of points. This also, would need tweaking to achieve the desired effect. Doing trade/business with lawful players and companies will add a small amount of lawful points. Declaring war on another company, would reduce the penalty for attacking ships and bases that are not ORP protected. You still want to encourage PvP, not PvE disguised as PvP. Also, a modifier based on your company's Outlaw status, and that of the Company you attack, could come into play. For instance, if you have no outlaw status, or a very low outlaw status, but you declare war on a company with a much higher outlaw status, you won't suffer gaining outlaw points as much. Individuals and Companies that reach Most Wanted Outlaw status, cause others to receive an offensive and defensive buff when battling them. Your status would not be a secret to you or others, and so the leaders would need to manage the activities of themselves and their members, and remove members who don't follow orders regarding this. Removing a rogue would not immediately remove their affect on your company's outlaw status. Time would remove it as per normal function. This prevents exploiting this system by kicking out those with high outlaw status, and bringing them back in when it is low, as a means of managing the company outlaw status. In short, once balanced and tweaked, this would not punish raiding, and PvP, that is not mindless destruction, and create an environment for a thriving economy. This system, along with some form of ORP, would prevent one person sinking a Brigantine, or Galleon, from shore or a raft, with some fire arrows. That is not the kind of game play most people are looking for. You cannot have mindless destruction and PvP in a game where you want to promote trade and mercantilism. However, a good system would also not eliminate PvP. It would instead promote it in a manner that made the game more enjoyable. Gamers, and especially Meta Gamers, will do what the game allows and rewards. They will not do, or do less, what the game punishes.
  17. Northeast island on D10 my company took some land and it seems the claim flags have stopped the respawn. Going on 12+ hours with no resources on this section of the map.
  19. So today we were raided by a bunch of hackers that were aimbotting non stop. They are from China which is the bane of every gamers nightmare as they are known for hacking... Please dev wipe company Hunter. I have proof and videos they were shooting through walls... Also consider region locking China out of N/A...
  20. Yesterday right before the patch the game and server was on 6.7 patch. Working fine for me connection without no problem. Switching grid in boat was smooth. But now on the 7.0 patch i am totally unable to connect ''Can't connect to server. Unable to fetch server info''. What i did: 1-I did a repair files for the game (doesn't work) 2-I uninstall the game and Install it again (Still doesnt work) 3-I install it on my SSD instead of my HDD (doesn't work) 4- I create a partition on my HDD dedicated to the game only and install it on it (doesnt work) 5-Did the same thing as number 4 but on my SSD (Doesnt work) In those points i didn't count the amount of time i did a full restart of my computer. I've try to spam my Join Atlas button over 45 times sitll the issues. Please help me or fix this... One patch i can connect the next one i cannot connect it's on and off every patch. I am urrently the only one in my community who got this problem since the launch and it's kind of boring and annoying at the moment.
  21. Hi there Devs and other seafarers This is my opinionated review, discarding the shaky launch of the game in it's current state as of 7.0 Sitting at roughly 60 hours played, I want to applaud the devs for their extraordinary commitment to the game, and the pace at which changes currently are rolling out. The game looks stunning, and runs really well now that the rubberbanding has been dealt with, and the game itself is alot of fun, albeit frustrating at points, for reasons I'll come to. The good -Rubberbanding gone -Sense of progression is great, even better now that with the increased skill-point cost, you feel like you're working towards something, rather than unlocking 2 skills per level. -Stunning graphics, and amazing work with the updated character-models. -Loving the wind physics out at sea. -Difficulty is almost where it should be at. (will be expanded on later) -Developer activity -The equilibrium buff is great, encouraging people to balance their diet even further. The less good -Assuming rafts are counted as foundations, having alot of rafts at a shore, as well as people leaving their shipyards behind, some islands are impossible to spawn at (example: Ponoto islad O6) -Developer interaction with the players on discord etc might seem a bit lax. chat is just running rampant, without any input from developers that is noted, other than the stream of patch notes. -Territory-claiming on some zones have gotten out of hand on pvp servers, can't speak for pve. -Sometimes when trying to jump onto someone elses raft, which contains a craftingbench of some kind, launches me into the air and then has me fall to my death on said raft. -No respawn beds on lawless islands. Makes it hard to reach islands like ponoto, where adjacent islands lack enough resources to even build a raft. -Gun damage point blank seems a bit excessive. could be toned down slightly. -Predator-creatures not attacking eachother, has lead to overpopulation of predators on alot of islands, making their inhospitality too difficult to get around. -Wild pig damage on the low-side. -A full wipe would be nothing but fair for everyone atm With these notes I will leave my opinions to the developers, and want to again thank you for your fantastic work so far, amongst others keeping your vacation short, to abide to the players demands. With kind regards Peggy Threelegs
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