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Found 27 results

  1. So I've identified some problems with the upcoming changes on the PvE side of things and I wanted to list them here simply and with clarity: 1. Because there are no claims, people can pillar off someone's base very easily, pillar off their entrances and pathways in and out as long as there's a patch of ground within a few meters away from their foundations. And there's nothing they can do about it. 2. Because there are no claims, people can place pillars and ceilings around someone's boat in their own port, forever blocking their boat in and preventing them from using it. And there's nothing they can do about it. 3. This already happens in Lawless zones (it happened to me today), and there's nothing that can be done to solve the problem. 4. People can put large tames in front of other companies' gates and doorways, blocking them in from using it. They can use tames to block parts of their base as well... forever. And there's nothing they can do about it. 5. With the new system, they can just slap down an auto-repair structure next to their griefing pillars, and keep it repaired... indefinitely for as long as they choose. And there's nothing anyone can do about it. So, this is a non-trivial problem with the PvE mode of the game, and has greater weight given that there are no active Admins managing each server for things like this. I'm not going to post a bunch of problems without proposing a solution for consideration and nitpicking. My proposed solution: 1. Allow claims on all islands including the current lawless 2. Make the claim radius around 50% to 75% smaller than the size it is currently 3. Limit claims to 1 flag per island per player 4. Allow ships to temporarily pass through other companies' structures and ships, as an explicit emergency toggle for 2 minutes on the ship's multi-use menu 5. Allow a company to eject other companies' tames from their claim that have been there for over a hour (or whatever arbitrary time is reasonable for balance reasons) That's my proposal, feel free to poke holes in it, I'm only one perspective.
  2. TL;DR - The solution of bringing claims back to PVE by just copying PVP claiming is horrible. Don't do it. Implement a proper PVE claiming solution or go back to lawless-esq until then. Some ideas for solutions listed in bold below. Please brainstorm ideas in this thread. For Context here's a quote about PVE Claim Changes from Captains Log 23 (skip if you've already read it): My stepdaughter and I have been playing Atlas on the PVE server since the first week the game launched. We managed to find 1 small place to claim and enjoyed having our little piece of land. When it was announced that everything was going to be lawless-esq type building everywhere, it was a little sad that we wouldn't have our own little plot of land for our 2 person company, but it would make building little outposts a lot easier, so we thought we'd adapt and be okay with the changes. With the switch to PVP style island claiming in PVE just doesn't make sense. It reduces the total number of claims available and from what I've seen about what people do on lawless servers... they put down scattered floors or fencing post to make sure no one can build near their base... effectively making their own claiming system. That is what is going to happen with the lawless-esq style plan unless something is done to prevent this "claiming by structure" methodology. What people want: A slice of land big enough to build a home/ships and call their own without interference from others. The ability to take time away from the game (i.e. 2 weeks) for vacation, death in the family, or medical reasons), without losing everything. Problems with Whole Island claims on PVE: Only those who rush to claim islands will ever own an island. No mechanism has been stated about how island ownership on PVE will ever switch hands We don't want to beholden to island owners who will likely want to: Set high taxes to have the whole island to themselves Destroy structures in the first 12-hours to prevent new people from settling on the island Spam "claiming by structure" floors and fence posts to prevent settlements on their island Effectively Whole Island claims on PVE will make the whole situation worse. Problems with Lawless-esq style on PVE: "claiming by structure" placement of floors or fence posts allow blocking others from building. I've seen people claim larger chunks of the land of lawless islands than our single claim flag using this method. Solution 1 - Lawless-esq style on PVE w/o "claiming by structure" Prevent "claiming by structure" by some mechanism. Ideas: Have structures below a certain piece count decay within hours. Limit the number of independent structures per island to be something like 5-10. Set a maximum area per island an individual or company can hold Solution 2 - PVE Style Claims - Small island per Player Have a "find a home island quest" where players pick a server (say B5) and have to sail to a GPS point where a small island appears and becomes their permanent home until they've stopped playing for a month, and then it goes away. The island would be small, like the size of a current PVE style flag claim. Lawless-esq or current PVE flag claiming could be used on normal islands Solution 3 - PVE Style Claims - Current Style Claims but more limited Calculate the number of beach claims available in the game: If this is smaller than the number of players, then do the following: Set the number of claims per person to 1 Set the number of claims per company to be something like: 1-5 person company: 1 claim per person 6-11 person company: 5 claims + 0.5 claims per member 11+ person company: 8 claims + 1/3 claims per member If it's bigger than the number of players: Set the number of claims per person to 1 Set the number of claims per company to 1 per member Solution 4 - PVE Style Claims - Smaller Current Style Flag claims Decrease the size of PVE flag claims to be big enough for large shipyard small shipyard large house animal pen animal trap 1 claim per person Lawless-esq in all non claim areas with no "claim by structure" setups. Other thoughts: Balance building maintenance cost (assuming new feature I read about) to allow for enough resources to be put in to keep the structure from despawning for up to two weeks (allow for vacation and life events) I'll probably have more ideas, but I'll add them later. Please let me know if you agree and please brainstorm more ideas in this thread.
  3. You really think adding a gold upkeep is going to stop "zerg"... lol wtf... the more people you get the more gold you can farm... the mroe land you can have... even furthers the reason to have more and more people... WTF kind of logic is this... Cap the fuckin claim amount.... Its not rocket science... lmao... They can grief with claims, and steal the land then demolish their claims...... Claims shouldn't be an offensive weapon... they should be for the sole intent of LIVING ON THAT LAND.....wtf about this is hard to understand... Promote PVP... STOP PROMOTING GREIF.
  4. First off, I love the vision of Atlas. In 2-6 months, the churn of players will make this a completely different style game. With that said, the only changes needed are to make the Leaders the Top 10 Richest (Pirates do love their gold after all) and a small gold tax per land claim (similar to NPC). That will encourage land sales, commodity trades, and even a solo player can be top 10 without ruining the gameplay.
  5. we are looking people to life on our claims. we can discuss the terms. contact me for details.
  6. Endo Fett

    3 Weeks is Too Long

    So now all a troll needs to do to protect his claim is log in every 3 weeks? RIP any new player trying to steal a claim for them self.
  7. My group has wanted to take an area for a while but the way claims work is weird. The company we are trying to take from hasn't had anyone on in over a week now and I can't take their area. It lets me put down my flag and says contested and doesn't give me a declaim timer. I have heard sleepers stop claims so I have picked a spot where no buildings are but they have a bunch of overlapping claims, is that causing a problem? https://gyazo.com/f675f747c3fddca5d261357383ff27c3
  8. The claim flag system needs a little update. I think that gold should be needed to keep a claim flag claimed. So for example a claim flags will need 200+ gold a day to keep a claim. Claim will only be able to be claimed for a max of 7 days. For each claim placed more gold would be needed to be paid for every additional claims. So for example 1st claim would be 200 gold a day, if two claims are made then the gold for each claim is increased by 100 gold, So each claim would cost 300 gold a day for a total of 600 gold a day. If 3 claims are made then it would be increased by another 100 gold, so for 3 claims it would be 400 gold a day for a total of 1200 gold a day. If the 7 days become depleted, at which means you have 12-24 hours before you claim is deleted and STRUCTURES in the claim are destroyed (NOT THE SHIPS). This will help prevent build up of bases and claims. it will help to clean up idle bases or stop island takeovers. Let me know what you think.
  9. So company claim counts are stillllll bugged.... for weeks.... People are at negative claims and can lose their crap in 15 minutes... how is this not a priority patch?
  10. The map is full of flags (official PvE). Even the polar regions are all confiscated. Partly islandwide, from a company that probably consists of only 5 people or lower. There are hardly any meaningful or imaginative buildings. The rest of the country is completely unused and just staffed to have it. The hype is slowly but surely over. Some players have built or seen almost everything, or simply lost their appetite. Companies are losing manpower and it is apparent that many built-up areas are simply deserted. Here and there someone may log in, so that nothing can be claimed for more than 6 (!) Hours by others. People no longer try to dispute these territories, which seems to be due to the nonsensical system. The claiming system needs a complete overhaul. This concerns above all unused areas. It can not be that once claimed regions forever belong to any data corpse, without effort or expense. I have a few suggestions, some of which have certainly been discussed in the forum. But still I wanted to address it again, because it's about time that the developers are working on it again: Claiming system 1) Each company or individual can standardly build per island a mainflag on the land and a sea flag. For example, you can have a "Hacienda" on the island and a pier or dry dock area on the coast. The area of claiming is 1/2 of the current effect. 2) You have to repair these flaggs constantly with ressources. After about 3 days it breaks down and the surrounding buildings begin to disintegrate. Other players can claim the area and all the buildings that stand on it. You can have claims on multiple islands in the region or other regions. But you have to maintain it. 3) You can upgrade your minor flagg on the island with ressources. Each upgrade will bring you one side flagg and each two upgrades a sea flagg. Use it to expand your claim on the same island. The area of effect of your mainflagg will expand also and bring more time to repair. With each upgrade, the costs of the maintenence will increase. At the beginning, you will use standard ressources like wood, thatch and fiber. But at higher tiers, you'll need to spend more resources, other types, rare materials, and eventually gold and gems. The costs increase significantly and it will someday be impossible without the manpower to perform an upgrade or to perform the maintenance. The size of the claimed area depends on the performance of the corp. The more different areas it claims, the more cost and effort comes to them. 4) Each tier increases resource extraction yield, crop yields, livestock, taming rate and bonus experience for all friendly players and tamed creatures. It should be worthwhile for larger companies to reach even higher levels of expansion. Highend tier areas are significant attractive for little corps to settle there and generate taxes. Declaiming/Attack system 1) PvP: Same declaiming system as currently used. Only the minor flagg can be attacked. If the flagg is won, the side flaggs will switch the owners too. So the defenders have to protect their minor flagg. 2) PvE: Same system as currently used, but with lower declaiming time (2-3 hours) and without the bug, that random players outside the corp can interrupt it. 3) There should be timeouts on both types of servers for attacking and taking over areas. During this time the areas are not vulnerable. The companies should be allowed to set about 8 hours to rest. Maybe more during the week. This prevents companies from other time zones from taking advantage of other players' rest periods. Because most players have a life and a profession outside of the game. The timeout can only be changed once a week. Maybe these suggestions cause something. Maybe there are many more and better ideas. It can not stay the way it is now. Greetings Othias
  11. Bolognapwny

    Don't believe the negativity

    I have seen a few posts with some people crying about not understanding how claims work and talking about how their small company can't play the game on official servers.... this will be a more lengthy thread than I usually post. First Claims are broke but not in a way that they are useless.... actually claims are super broken in the fact that its harder than crap to steal claims. 1 Sleeper contests an enemy from stealing your land.... So commonsense would tell you... build you a safe retarded honeycombed cube structure and it would take lots and lots of time and resources for someone to steal your claim... Added to this... the flags are broke in the fact that if your claims overlap... you contest all touching claims... so one sleeper in a decently built structure can perma contest all/most claims.... Second being solo or a small company you need to realize that a large island... is going to be awful for you to try and defend... you need to own what you can manage.... 2-3 guys... you don't need much land... you need to merge and if you don't wanna merge find an island live under someones taxes and form an alliance with them... fight and be marry. Claims need a lot of work... but even a good solo player can dig himself in real good and not get kicked out by a mega zerg.... I don't think anyone relizes there are no good SIEGE weapons right now... don't build on the coast and don't build wood.... Stone strcuture with tons of walls honeycombed would take hours and hours and hours and mats for even a mega zerg to remove you.
  12. I found a claim from an inactive user with nothing built on it but a little firepit and I'm able to take it, awesome! But, since it seems to be their only claim it will take 6 hours to take. ...Okay. That's rough, but I can do stuff around the house while I afk here and wait it out... except... Anyone that runs by contests the DECLAIM and it refreshes the timer back to 6 hours. Someone running from a wolf, hunting, or just passing by, it can't be taken. I understand claim (vs DECLAIM) contesting, but an rando preventing you from declaiming a high traffic area... it's just not gonna happen, right? Is this how it is intended to work? I don't think there are very many spots in the world with not a soul running by for 6 hours. Maybe the arctic.
  13. the best way to fix claiming for people is to be able to change the size of the claim radius i say the size of the claiming radius is large and always conflicts with other flags so we should have the option to smalen the radius from large,medium,small by pressing T when a flag is in build mode just like how walls change to doors or windows frames but this will halp alot of people not being able to get land in areas coz the radius is to big. thank you for reading
  14. Dizzviz

    A few suggestions.

    So first off just a quick message to the Devs. Thank you so much. I have been playing ark since it was at this stage in its development and thoroughly enjoyed the ride and I'm looking forward to the ups and downs that atlas has in store. I've always wanted a water world styled ark map and this is it, with its own unique spin and flavor. So onto the Feedback/ suggestions. Claims:A topic of much controversy the claiming system has been bashed by just about every single player at least once so far, but why? Well besides the well-known issues with contesting i think the big issue is wasted space. if we have four companys make a claim each, in a square, without overlapping, we have a space in the middle that nobody owns and that nobody can now claim. look at any island and you will find at least one spot where a claim could almost just about fit. to fix this have the claims act more like a bubble. where the lines cant overlap but instead just smush into each other and try to fill the available space. alternately laydown a smaller square grid over each map, and have a claim take its respective square on the grid. this second method would reflect how actual claims work today. i think the second issue is how claims are actually contested. i was attempting to claim some uncontested land on pve na, and i spend a solid hour trying to find out why every time i dropped my flag it would say contested. moving back and forth up and down this way and that way trying to make sure my lines weren't overlapping anyone's claims. i finally found the issue, some lvl 4 pc had logged out in a bush inside the area i wanted to claim. this likely never coming back player sleeping in uncontested land that i could have claimed was stopping me from claiming. To fix this. making it so that a player has to also put down a flag or at least have their flag out to contest the claiming of unclaimed land would help, also making it that only people in the company that owns a claim or their allies can prevent the stealing of a claim as opposed to any rando would go a long way as well. Lastly on the topic of claims. allies can steal your claim and even if you are online and standing right under the flag you cant contest it. this needs to be removed to prevent blue raids. Trade. there should be some kind of trade goods. things like silks, spices, and relics. things that we can sell for additional gold. taking these items to the trade ports or to a merchant's vessel would be a great reason to actually have to leave the house. Free market. Having the Free Ports have some kind of auction house where we can sell our goods for a set price would go a long way. These are just a few things that i have thought about. if i think of anything else i will be sure to ether update this post or make a new one.
  15. Minion0ne

    Regarding Claims

    I play with a 4-8 man group on unofficial servers and we have been running into issues with having entire islands claimed, as we all know. now, on most standard servers, we could just jump in and contest the claims, but there are servers that have this mechanic turned off due to it's use as a greifing mechanic. I would like to offer the following suggestions and ideas that i feel would benefit the claim system while ignoring whether or not the ability to claim a contest is on or off. 1) Limit the number of Flags to one per person, and allow the player to adjust a setting in their company tab to either keep their flag for personal use, or to allow the company commander to place it under the company ownership. Each flag would be tagged with the name of the player owner and would be put down in the order that the player joined the company. if at any point the player leaves the company, their flag is unclaimed by the company and becomes contestable by the company with the usual restrictions. 2) Upkeep. A company's first flag is free and requires no upkeep. this represents their Primary base. additional flags would require an upkeep of (for example) 1g per hour per flag number. so the first flag would cost 1, second flag would cost 2. so having 10 flags up would cost, 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9, or 45G per hour. this could easily be represented as Taxes and permits to the main authority. Allow the company commander to re-designate any flag as the Primary flag for a nominal fee. With maps producing 200+ and up to 1200g each, i do not see these costs as prohibitive, especially with a 5-10 man crew. 3) Limit flags to 1 per person or company. Have the boundary of the flag expand as more people join the company, so a 1 man company cannot take over a large island, but a 500 man company would. if the boundary of the claim were based upon sq ft and not Radius size, each person would be worth the same amount of space, but the radius would experience diminishing returns. a real world example is that a 2" pipe can handle ~4x the volume as a 1" pipe, meaning in order to double the radius from the base claim, it would take 4 people.
  16. Hi Atlas Dev. I have some suggestion for claiming system. 1. Spamming flag everywhere Trouble: for new comer will have hard time to claim territory because all island fully claimed. suggestion: Once a company created. Owner will receive 1 or 2 claim flag. If you want more claim flag. you need to go freeport to buy another claim flag with gold. 2. Flag protection Trouble: Some people lost they claim when they gone offline. Suggestion: Player need use gold to buy protection via flag for couple hours to prevent they territory got claim. 3. Inactive territory Trouble: (PVE Server) I found an inactive territory but sadly i cannot take over they territory because there is 1 sleeping player that has 4hp n never die. Suggestion: i - if player inactive for long time like 1 week real time. New player can kill the inactive player. ii - Sleeping player can die cause of thirst / hungry iii - (addition from no.2 suggestion) Other player can stole territory when flag protection is expired. can only be contested when territory owner online in the area. Sleeping player cannot contest the claim.
  17. neoblackh

    Gold gold everywhere.

    I have been to around 30 or 40 different suggestion threads all with similar ideas to this but this was something I came up with after reading them all. The Idea Its a pirates life for me. Gold a resource right now that only has use in getting crew, Decorative items, and a few other small things. We are pirates everything should be about gold. Add Trading stalls or even dare I say an Market in freeports that people can offload resources or even animals to that other people can buy for gold. Freeports would take say 5% as their fee but the rest goes to the seller. Freeports become more used in the long run but at the same time leave the ship decay the same so people can't just stick around in them. Freeports also get their own defense fleet that guards out from the zone. The Freeport zone might have galleons while 1 zone over might just have brigs. These will attack people that are attacking others. You can sink these defense fleets and salvage them but doing so gives a reputation decrease with that freeport. When you go below a reputation limit with that freeport the ships of that freeport will actively attack you if you enter their territory. This will limit ship pvp in areas close to freeports between 2 factions that want to be liked by that freeport while also allowing those people that don't care to actively pirate the area. Claims gain an upkeep cost. This comes in the form of gold. The company builds a "Bank" Building this can be included in the tax building if you want. You can only have 1 bank per company and this bank handles the taxes for all your claims. This basically charges companies a cost to keep their claims going. To start its fairly cheap at up to 10 to 15 claims free but once you go over those 10 to 15 claims it starts costing money at like 1 or 2g per hour per claim. Balancing can be done this is just a rough number thrown out. This would mean that these companies that want to claim 500 to 1000 claims worth of islands would have to spend alot of gold to keep it up. as when you have 500 its just 500g per hour to keep all your claims. You wouldn't instantly lose all your claims of coarse if you can not keep it up you would instead be given a 8 hour window to restock your gold before all your claims fall off or you start to lose claims further away from the bank slowly at say 1 every 5 to 10 minutes untill your down to the ten to fifteen closest to the bank. If you have a big enough crew to go out and farm gold you can keep it up for larger claims and longer periods of time. This can also be done with the above trading. People will pay for your metal/animals and you get money to upkeep your claims. Also allow companies to build on your claim but they have to pay a gold tax to you on top of the resource tax from the bank. This can be set from 1 to 5 gold an hour by placing a Rental Claim Flag. This acts sort of like a claim flag but does not claim the territory fully just sets a section as rented territory that they are allowed to build on with no decay timer. Gold is charged to a resource box kept on the claim. Add new craftable Docks. Docks work by placing them down and allowing ships to sail up toward them and allowing someone on ship or the dock when you get in range to interact and select dock. This will pull the boat in and dock the ship. While the ship is docked resources in the dock will slowly repair the ship at a discounted cost for what it costs to repair the ship at a rate of around 400 to 500 damage an hour. The docks can have Ceilings and walls attached to them allowing large sprawling complex docks to be built. There might be different size of docks as well cheap "Thatch" ones will allow Dingys, Rafts, and Sloops to dock at them while larger Wood ones allow Sloops Schooners and Brigs to dock at them. The largest the Stone Dock will allow Schooners, Brigs and Galleons to dock at them. Trader Fleets. Trader fleets work by setting up random spawns of 1 to 4 ships that spawn at a freeport and sail to another freeport. These ships can range in size from sloops to galleons with a full crew and full guns. These fleets carry resources from freeport to freeport as well as blueprints, Tools, and weapons. The smaller ships like the sloops or if you want Schooners carry smaller amounts of resources and lower tier blueprints and gear while the larger ships hold more and have better loot. You can loot these ships in 2 seperate ways. You can either Sink the ships and use a Diving Harness to salvage the ships offf the ocean floor or you can Board the ships. If you board the ships you do not get cannons shot at your ship but instead you have to deal with AI crew on the boats that will engage you in combat. They can be outfitted with anything you can equip yourself and have the gear drop. You can kill a Trader in full Plate with a mace and loot it to get a chance at his armor or you can kill a guy in cloth with a pistol and take that. You have to go below kill the crew and this allows you to claim the loot as well as place a claim on the boat to take the boat for yourself This doesn't take as long as a player owned ship 20 minutes for a sloop up to 3 hours for a galleon. While this might be easy for a smaller ship the larger ships brig and galleon have higher and higher level crew outfitted with better gear. Sloop has a full crew of lvl 20 AIs with common armor and weapons while a galleon would have a full crew outfitted in mythic armor and weapons at level 51. Doing this in a freeport area would cause the local fleet to come and attempt to stop you. More to be added as I read more suggestions. Reserved for more suggestions.
  18. Ok we have been pushing though the bugs, the lag, and greedy players with claims. but now a player that is trying to take over the Island that we and a few other companys are on is somehow placing claim flags in our claimed territory. this is Shrinking what liitle bit of territory that we have and when we need to refreash our flags to keep our territory we cannot becuse his claim stake is is now in our way when we owned the claim to start with. This needs to be Fixed. Someone from our Company Has Been ON everyday since we joined this game Most days over 8 hours or so. So by every metric that i have seen we should be safe from claim jumpers. Lou
  19. More ship styles two more types of single sailor style ships, not just a raft a speeder type ships low health low weight available but high speed with a rudder for travel between islands that dont have fast travel a "defense" type ships again solo ship has high weight limit but limited deck size to hinder stacking of items, allow for a cannon on swivel and ammo storage and storage chest many many more sloop and schooner level ships, following same as previous a travel/speeder ship and a defense ship. at schooner level add a barge cargo/trade style ship high durability high weight, sail-able by three players brig and galleon level needs to be from 10x to 30x harder to build. the galleon should be 100 to 300x harder to build, not just a resource count but maybe have to use items from Golden age or kraken or other boss type fights. again have multiple ship styles at these levels.\ Claims Claims need to have a timeout/maintenance mechanic if want to keep it storyline viable make it a sacrifice to the "GODS" for example 500 of each meat type (red meat, fish) needs to be placed at each flag every 5 days. but not a continuous deposit, instead every 5 days you have 24 hrs to place enough meat. once that threshold is met the 5 day claimed counter resets. This is outside the normal contested mechanic, but cleans up abandoned claims and adds a resource sink the "anyone" even those not in the defending claims alliance or company can reset a claim flag timer is not fun and makes no sense. dropping a claim in water making it 2x the size is such a cheese mechanic just keep them same size as land based claims. do not allow for contesting claims to over lap add blue color for allied claims add flashing claim circle or other visual UX indicators on the map for claims being challenged. can even tie this to a skill mechanic Resources very very very inconsistent. M9 for example is the best freeport to start, it has all mats easily accessible except salt make a decision either make resources biome locked or have a type of each resource class on each sector. sure tundra should be harder and not have fiber on land, but the seaweed spawns are super inconsistent, and the lack of sap and inconsistency of sap on the map in general makes little sense. more clearly label resources in flavor text. what is medical plants? what are herbs for cooking? this is not intuitive NPC add more to liven up the game, adding npc trade ships back is a start, but there should also be regular npc pirates not just ship of damned and ghost ships. like random traveling NPCs on rafts, sloops and schooners would add to the life of the game and give content to smaller ops and solo players. have NPCs be mission spawners, that create mini events randomly on the map, open ocean and lawless areas. MAP keep lawless areas these are good "med sec" land areas and the middel ground rule set is nice, it allows those who do not want to join mega corps the ability to play the game make map 3x to 5x bigger the game is not big enough, we are too compacted and the level of conflict is higher that should be this makes the resource/trade game very limited as the biome sphere for certain specialized items is so sporadic or limited to 2 islands. COMPANIES/ALLIANCE need better role/access choices need to be able to see allied lands dynamic map needs to show top level alliance not top guild need a mecanic that makes super corps and super alliances detrimental, allow them but make the upkeep harder (see claim mechanic, ships balance). That's what i have for now to try and make this more of a mmorpg and not a darkfall game. the game its self is fun. the daily or twice a day updates are great. you all have set yourselves a super high bar to keep at, if this is the level of commitment given during holiday, what will rest of year look like. Final questions, Devs, will there be wipes? should we expect them quaterly, yearly, only when offical launch happens? only when very major changes to game happen? Is there going to be a test server to have guided testing sprints to help development? what is your aim? mmorpg? ARK online? there is many POIs in game but they are empty.. what is road map plan? Thanks
  20. My company left base for less than 15 minutes and someone attempted to claim our flag. Please correct me if I'm misinformed but, isn't the claim suppose to be protected when players are active/online?
  21. so today we noticed a few things one was we have a group that our toxic on the island we currently reside on. nothing new but now we have flags placed inside our claims and other things which is annoying but now they are some how placing flags right next to our base even though we have people there and other people out side our tribe cant even place a flag WTH is this stuff ment to happen. where atlas shrugged.
  22. Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked before, but does anyone know how many grids are actually islands with claims on them? It seems every grid we've been on so far has been either Lawless or a Freeport. I've looked at the Dynamic Atlas map thingy and going by the coloured blobs, there's only a handful? This has gotta be wrong, right?
  23. Nox Mani

    Claiming Territory

    So when I first started looking into this game there was a lot of talk about how they wanted to simulate an economy in game by having resources limited to certain areas, and there was a lot of comparisons made with Eve Online. The problem with this game and the difference being is that in Eve Online, no one can effectively reduce your efforts to zero i.e you have your ISK wallet, other stations to store ships etc. Atlas does not have that, you can effectively go from being the richest dude on the server back to creating a raft on the starter islands overnight, so why would I stockpile resources to trade with others? Here are some suggestions in regards to claims and how I think bases should work - 1. Placing claim flags should cost resources - nothing too serious, just enough to make it inefficient to spam them 2. You should pay an upkeep on your claims, dependant on how many structures are in your territory - similar to the Rust upkeep/decay system. Once again nothing serious, just enough to have people being in that area every couple of days to place the resources into the flag. 3. As long as your upkeep is kept up to date, your base structures are indestructible. 4. Placing a claim flag in contested territory requires more resources and a higher upkeep rate. It should cost people something to raid you, I think it's ridiculous you can place a flag and claim other peoples structures.
  24. Currently, allied claims show as red on the map the same as enemy claims. This makes it impossible to tell if someone has flipped your allies' territory without physically inspecting the whole island. Additionally, could you make it so there is some indication on the map of a claim being contested? Short of keeping a table of GPS coordinates on your map (which I'm doing now) there's also no convenient way of seeing which of your claims is being contested.
  25. I am a firm believer in addressing problems but not without solutions. First I would like to point out that the game has major performance issues. I have a Decent Pc and can play ARK on Epic at 60 FPS this game is giving me 16 to 23 FPS regardless of setting if I put the settings on Epic it gives me 16-23 if I put everything as low as it can go I get 16-23FPS. solution to this do whatever Ark did to fix this as they had the same issue at launch Second The Spawning Mechanics need to be improved. Some creatures over spawn or spawn out of thin air. Eg. (While harvesting Jute aka (fiber) (the naming conventions are silly really just make fiber fiber and stone stone.) in a relatively safe area after I got rid of all the wolves Tigers and snakes. As I look up 4 Wolves spawn in front of my eyes and Instantly Delete me. There should really be a Dead zone around the player in which creatures don’t spawn. Carnivores also don’t agro on each other. This is stupid as Tigers and Wolves (dogs) are territorial. (Reason this is silly) I got chased by an army of wolves, tigers and Crocks all chasing after me at the same time. This is ridiculous. There should be a proper food chain in place. Third is the Claims. Players are spamming the crap out of Claims and you can’t find any piece of Coast unclaimed to build a Shipyard and/or base. Claims are pointless on PVE and Claims in general are way too large. It is impossible to find space in PVE servers At least in PVP you can contest and steal land but Claims in PVE it’s impossible. Sure saying the Map is Huge is an understatement. Its past massive. However landmass is limited especially coastal areas that are always claimed. Imagine the Supposed 40K players are all playing on the servers at least 35K players won’t be able to claim land apart from finding a space to claim sometimes having to sail the seas for 3 to 4 days to find an island that has claimable space. Solutions to this 1. Decrease claim flag size as it is way to lager anyway. 2. In PVE disable claim flags as its really not needed and making everyone's life difficult to find space this can also be fixed by 1. 3. for Companies only the leader of the company is allowed to place a claim flag and the radius of this will increase slightly by the amount of players in that company. 4. limit the amount of claim flags per player/company to 2 or 3. 5.The only point in claiming is to stop the decay so increase the decay in Free areas (not freeport of lawless) to 5-6 days. Fourth is the decay time. The decay time is supposed to be 3 Days but all my stuff Decayed in a lawless zone within a day. This is ridiculous not everybody is a no life playing the game 24/7 at least give working people a chance to play the game as well. The Raft Decay is too fast I finished playing last night and this morning my Raft was gone along with all my hard work and resources this really needs to be addressed as I can't play the game for hours on end, to find a place to claim that might not even happen as the space is next to none and it takes Hours to find an unclaimed area to claim as players are spamming the crap out of claims in PVE and its not even necessary. This happened twice now in a Lawless region and in a freeport zone. at least make the decay 3 Days and make the raft take damage over 3 days not just lose 5000 HP in 5 hours Solutions to this. 1. make all structures in freeport and lawless zones decay in 2-3 days. 2. make rafts/boats/ships decay slower when anchored. the standard 2-3 or 5-6 days depending on zone. and not take damage while anchored 3. Rafts and boats take damage from the environment. make this stop while anchored. And lastly. Please add something entertaining to do while waiting Hours to get somewhere on a boat/raft its very boring sailing for hours to see land just for the wind to turn as you see it.