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  1. Jozzie McTowel

    Devs - New Players think Official Servers are Dead!

    2 servers for each player? Do the servers play on the players?
  2. Jozzie McTowel

    Devs - New Players think Official Servers are Dead!

    TBH I don't think the "whole server" stats would do the new players any good either as it's advertised as 40k players on a gameworld they would see what, a couple thousand at most? Since most people claim to have moved to unofficial and myself when I login I see 15-20 players in peak time and about 1-4 when it ain't peak time for my region. This week will be the 5k player week at lowtimes and with some luck slightly over 10k in peaktimes, with a weekend of 13k players upcoming and after that a week where peaks won't go over 10k until it's weekend (maybe). New players have the advantage to proper test the game for 2 hours and still get a refund. Either refund it or play on empty servers until Grapeshot shuts them down and forces everyone to play on unnoficial servers on an Early Access game which isn't 3 months old yet. So on full release if it ever will happen, it will be without official servers, some MMO they delivered huh
  3. Jozzie McTowel

    Devs - New Players think Official Servers are Dead!

    So u think 10-20 players per grid is more not "dead looking"?
  4. Jozzie McTowel

    Pyramid of Shame

    EU PVE L10 Gravelton South Island is the location of the Pyramid, you're all welcome.
  5. Jozzie McTowel

    Captain's Log 20: Lunar New Year! 🐷

    Is Atlas dead yet?
  6. Jozzie McTowel

    Fix for tempature/wheather?

    Don't forget the heatwaves that start at night and are gone by morning
  7. Jozzie McTowel

    Degression of total playerbase (Ark & Atlas)

    Ark 28k players Atlas 7k players Go GrapeShot!
  8. I'm sure the pyramid will have Atlas is a Joke on it and not Build by ... As their reading skills aren't the brightest you can only grab their attention with pictures it seems.
  9. I see I can find many angered souls here to come help and build a pyramid of shame cuz the Atlas devs like to "show 'n tell" shiny ingame stuff on social media rather than addressing proper issues.
  10. Jozzie McTowel

    game-over Increasing amount of unhappy customers.

    I've seen Jat reply to some general discussion topics the last few days so let's hope by bringing this back up he might for once do the right thing
  11. Jozzie McTowel

    Pyramid of Shame

    Found a spot to build on EU PVE L9 (if i'm not mistaken) will have to verify the server grid later but it's on Brospool for those who are interested in helping out.
  12. Jozzie McTowel

    Forum Cleanup

    If they would actually read that section it would be somewhat usefull to clean it up but they already buried hundreds of bug reports the moment they implemented the voting system cuz only those new threads who got some votes stay on top. The only one I've seen jat respond to was the PVE Ship sinking thing after it got patched where he said 2 weeks ago that it theoretically should be possible to fix it properly and not in the way they half fixed it now, or is it fixed that people still sink ships by hanging from the ladders or popcorning decks? It's a joke so we'll see how their "improved" support will handle things but I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  13. Jozzie McTowel

    Cheating becomes a common thing.....

    It's cuz BattlEye only keeps fair players of the game and now you are left with cheaters.
  14. Jozzie McTowel

    Whales are broken

    If only they would read it been waiting for a reply for weeks now.
  15. Jozzie McTowel

    Pyramid of Shame

    As why I made this topic is to find out of there are a few people who wanted to help out on this idea because it won't be built quickly due to it's size.