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  1. Matricia

    Unable to query server info for invite!

    I have exactly the same problem,. did u get a solution?
  2. Matricia

    Connection to Host Time Out Loop

    I also have the same problem, did they give u a solution?
  3. Matricia

    Host connection timeout worse than ever

    I have the same problem. It wont let me in. i only get Network connection timeout
  4. Matricia

    Stone wont respawn anymore near my base

  5. So basically I was farming iron which is inside stone. I farmed most of all the stone across the shore and after that I went to cut come wood. Suddenly, the message for the patch 17v appears and says "we are now displaying the 17v blah blah blah..." Everything good after this... After, I went inside my base and logged out. When the new version was installed I though, " ok, it is time to continue farming wood". But after 1 hr I noticed that the stone that always respawns around the shore didn't appear at all. I'm still waiting and nothing respawns. I don't now if it had to do with the patch or not but please fix this. There is no much stone inside the forest and going too deep is suicidal mostly because of wild carnivorous animals We barely have any stone. I hope someone from the staff reads this .
  6. No. I didnt. Yes, they dissapeared.. There are no remains of destructed ships.
  7. Did something happened while everyone was sleeping? I heard about this new patch and started to read some topics that people posted in the last few hours. I logged in today and two of my ships were gone, except the one incomplete inside the port. I went to my neighbors next door and their ships also disappeared and they had a lot. The only remaining of my ship was two NPC floating in the ocean. The ships were really close to the shore. My neighbors*s too. And I don't think they sank it since their incomplete ship was also there. Apparently, I read that we had a system in version 8, I think, were cyclones couldn't sink ships near the shore. Look at my surprise when I read that in this new patch, cyclones are allowed to do that. Ok, looks fairs, however, my base is in the shore and the cyclones appear insanely close. If it weren't for my base I would be already dead many times. I think your version allowed cyclones to damage our ships too fast. You shouldn't do that. If you keep allowing stupid systems, this game will be empty fast. Sorry for the bad words, I feel frustrated.