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  1. Hi Devs, Not sure if this will get to you, but here it goes. I know people have been bringing up the point that they would like to see more ship types and I couldn't agree more. It would be great to see certain new ships, perhaps stronger in different ways; speed, weight, turning, damage, resistance, etc., or combinations all gained through quest lines. Harder the quest line, better the ship outcome, but of course balanced. By making these ships gained through quest lines I think this would be more fun than just leveling up for a new ship. Still keep the current ones for leveling but they would be the base models and the more exotic or skill derived ships can come from a quest line. Also, maybe the a similar thing for some new sails. If you already have something planned, let us know, that would be great!
  2. Will there be like Ark and have 3 or 6 person max companies with increased gather, exp and taming rates?
  3. its high up on the forums, so as long as they check it, they should know.
  4. Idling didnt work either.....
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