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  1. ──────────────Direct Connect Links────────────── Direct Connect to BlackWoods DLC: steam://connect/ NEW DLC IS LIVE AT GAMINGOGS! MASSIVE UPDATES!!! GET READY !!! IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN !!! BLACKWOODS DLC IS FREE FOR EVERYONE! GamingOGs will be launching the new DLC Map in 1 HOUR at 12:00pm CNT. Server MODS: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1629667379 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1743269809 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1699772263 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1709770405 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1675801947 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1693005190 New Settings: We have been working very hard on an entirely new PVP raiding settings that you guys will absolutely love! Features: The full ATLAS experience (including all your favorite features and mechanics) merged into a single 1x1 server grid. 7 unique biomes across 11 islands, from hazy bogs teeming with life to mysterious jungles full of danger and toil. Resource-rich islands complete with every material from the core game. New cities and outlying areas ideal for roleplaying and server events. A beautiful mermaid city ripe for exploration. A new boss arena featuring unpredictable enemy types and spawn locations. The Forbidden Reach: a hard mode island featuring elemental beings. Other iconic ATLAS content, such as Army of the Damned mobs, all 9 Power Stone locations, the Fountain of Youth, your favorite tameable creatures, and much more... Direct Connection: steam://connect/
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    Awesome updates have been applied!
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    Added Marketing team to discord update.
  4. Hey! We've created a simple community for ( Server Owners / Admins / Moderators / Tech Support ) people who want to come together and help each other with server technically issues. The server is well managed and ran by professional staff members as a family-friendly a safe place to come together and help each other! DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/638w4Vy We look forwarding to seeing you guys! The discord is community is created by Hailey, She runs top voting websites and gaming servers. GamingOGs / GOG is partnered and we have deployed our services to improve the discord by sending out our own staff members to help run/manage the community. GamingOGs is known to help set up some of the largest discord communities out there. This discord was designed simply to give back to the community and allow a safe place for everyone to come together and help each other in a productive way.
  5. The server is fully wiped! 6/3/2019! COME PLAY! ──────────────Direct Connect Links────────────── Direct Connect to United States Servers: steam://connect/ = Grid A1 US steam://connect/ = Grid A2 US steam://connect/ = Grid A3 US PI steam://connect/ = Grid A4 US steam://connect/ = Grid A5 US steam://connect/ = Grid A6 US steam://connect/ = Grid B1 US steam://connect/ = Grid B2 US Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid B3 US steam://connect/ = Grid B4 US steam://connect/ = Grid B5 US PI steam://connect/ = Grid B6 US steam://connect/ = Grid C1 US steam://connect/ = Grid C2 US steam://connect/ = Grid C2 US steam://connect/ = Grid C3 US steam://connect/ = Grid C4 US Kraken Grid steam://connect/ = Grid C5 US steam://connect/ = Grid C6 US steam://connect/ = Grid D1 US steam://connect/ = Grid D2 US steam://connect/ = Grid D3 US Trenches steam://connect/ = Grid D4 US steam://connect/ = Grid D5 US steam://connect/ = Grid D6 US ──────────────Direct Connect Links────────────── Direct Connect to Europe Servers: steam://connect/ = Grid E1 EU steam://connect/ = Grid E2 EU PI steam://connect/ = Grid E3 EU steam://connect/ = Grid E4 EU steam://connect/ = Grid E5 FreePort steam://connect/ = Grid E6 EU steam://connect/ = Grid F1 steam://connect/ = Grid F2 EU steam://connect/ = Grid F3 EU steam://connect/ = Grid F4 EU PI steam://connect/ = Grid F5 EU steam://connect/ = Grid F6 EU ──────────────Direct Connect Links────────────── Direct Connect to US PVE Servers: steam://connect/ = Grid A1 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid A2 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid A3 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid B1 US PVE Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid B2 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid B3 US PVE Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid C1 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid C2 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid C3 US PVE ──────────────Direct Connect Links──────────────
  6. -=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=- 4/7/19 UPDATES: -=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=- :GOGC: Major Improvements done on the backend server boxes to improve uptime. :GOGC: Outstanding new Anti-DDoS System installed into GOGZilla box. :GOGC: New dedicated software being used to control and maintain the Atlas Gaming Servers :GOGC: All Steamless Ports are changed and forwarded on AntiDDoS system. :GOGC: All RCON Ports are changed, Special Thanks to @OG | Fosh :GOGC: Battlemetrics API system being launched on GamingOG's servers! :GOGC: RankUP plugin is being worked on and fxing game breaking bugs, Using API from BattleMetrics to build future plugins. :GOGC: Garry's Mod Server launched with new GOG division group. Check #select-roles or #gmod-server-news :GOGC: Media Marketing Teams conducted for Minecrafts release date April 19th. :GOGC: Entire new dedicated dev teams working on other GamingOG's Servers. :GOGC: Patched 99% of Connection Issues with Steamless ports being incorrect. :GOGC: Legal, NDA, Approved staff handbook created. (Another security risk/concern delimited for future staff members.) :GOGC: Spreedsheet created with all server ports/ips/game ports/q ports/steamless ports.
  7. This user was banned for racism and trolling on our gaming servers. As you can see above clearly they're upset about this. To reply to his statement. There aren't any pay2win donations you earn more by playing then what you do by donations, This is something we have balanced to the tip. The servers have a 99% uptime, Screenshot posted below. Good riddance. Thank you! You're awesome! He's just a racist troll that was banned. Epic! Thanks for feedback! Much love! Cool stuff!
  8. Thanks for reaching out. Reddit doesn't have a ranking system like top server list do but they go off the viewcount/replies and overall player satisfaction. Over 99.9% of our analyst data comparison on our Reddit thread is positive feedback and encouragement which in return promotes user engagement that benefits the communities within GamingOGs. The same concept of how fan favorites work without a third party being involved to imply bias engagement, like the sites where you can pay to have your post above everyone's else, Reddit is based off community feedback. 2/15/19 UPDATES: - Launch the 8x8 MAP - Increased MySQL database connections to 550+ - Launched the GOGzilla box alongside EU boxes and Fosh's box. - GameUser.ini now has activemods to prevent outdated issues. - Special Thanks to @OG | Draven for creating us Direct Connection links #atlas-server-info - Taming and XP boost changed to x15 will be live after restart. - New Rule Added: ([] Donator Islands are designed for Donators, If you build on a Donator island without their permission you will be dev wiped. ) - Added 80% of RCON servers to BattleMetrics, Special Thanks to @OG | NameIdeas - PVE is launched, Working on updates for PVE - Patched bunch of port issues, Resolving connection problems. - Worked with AtlasServerList to get all our servers clustered today. - Applied hotfix for points not saving on transfer to EU servers. 2/17/19 UPDATES: - Fixed VoteRewards not registering vote 2/21/19 UPDATES: - Added Crossbows to shop - Added Structures to shop - New Plugin! Advert 2/21/19 Addition updates -Collision updated- no more cannons at your front door enemy players can't build in your "company only" claim flag areas -Ship level increased 2/23/2019 -New LootBox "DinoLootBox" -Fixed LootBox -Lootbox will now give daily rewards, Every 24 hours of in-game time you'll receive a free box -/checkreward to display time left on each box -Added more Common Stone structures to shop(WARNING: DO NOT PICKUP STRUCTURES WITH STACK) -Added more Mystical Stone structures to shop(WARNING: DO NOT PICKUP STRUCTURES WITH STACK) -Added NPCs to shop /buy npcfemale, /buynpcmale -=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=- 2/28/19 UPDATES: -=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=- LootBoxes are back! - Credit to @OG | Draven and @OG | Fosh Updated and added point interval increases to RankUP ranks Coding started for new Lootboxes for RankUP rewards. New Kits being coded for RankUP rewards. Every single tier of RankUp ranks now gives a custom defined gold coins kit. Finished coding each lootbox per RankUp ranks. Each lootbox is custom to that rank. More kits coming soon for rank up rewards Updated and Added more Atlas Advert Messages. Performance Boost and Upgrades Migrating the MySQL database over to GOG main box soon. Improved the data and cleaned up reaction role bot. RankUps Rewards: - 1+ Point Increase per 10-minute interval as you rank up based off playtime. The more you play the more points you can earn in total. - Each RankUp rank will have it's own custom defined kits you unlock - You will unlock custom loot boxes each rank up. Higher ranks will earn a lootbox every "X" hours. - As you rank up you earn loot boxes faster. - As you rank up the points/items/rewards in loot boxes are increased. - As you rank up the quantity of min and max items are increased for loot boxes. C3 was corrupted in database it had to be removed and cleaned out, Anyone who has a base in C3 create a ticket and you'll be compensated. Atlas latest update screwed that grid up for some reason. The crashing should be patched entirely now.
  9. 2/11/19 UPDATES: - PVE Map = Completed - 8x8 PVP Map = Completed - Server dedicated box = Completed - Working on backend server stuff before launch. - Photoshop images are done for map as of now. - Went ahead and added photos to #atlas-server-info Regards to PVE: - PVE server will be launched again here shortly. We just got the map tonight 2/11/19 Gonna have to code it and set it up. Regards to PVP: - New map will be live soon. 2/12/19 UPDATES: - Rules adjusted and updated due to players concerns. - Added new emojis - Waiting for remote login information for a new box. 1/31/19 UPDATES: - Added Editable server GUI (MOD ID: 1639088858) - Fixed VoteRewards - Applied Lootbox Update 2.0 credit to @OG | Fosh (Includes hundreds of more choices) - Pushing out Atlas Server Manager Updates (Using latest Client) - Patching minor bugs - Dino Stats were set to 1.5x, not 3.5x fixed in config and balanced with 3.5x - Created new backend webpage on website for legal purposes: https://gamingogs.com/tos 2/1/19 UPDATES: - Sent over fixed Permissions, Donators should now have ranks. - Mod updated - Fixed Crossbow exploit in lootboxes - Launched PVE servers #atlas-server-info - 3x3 Grid created for PVE includes all quests and everything needed. - TicketBot been updated thanks to @OG | Ch1ck3n 2/3/19 UPDATES: - Added Fixed Permissions As many of you have heard in Atlas chat, Atlas questions etc we are moving to an 8x8 map. How does this benefit you? ~ The current map is 30/50 grids open, this will have 64/64 open ~ The current map is squished due to dimensions, the 8x8 is a perfect square ~ Treasure maps should now be working better since every square will be open ~ We are adding in multiple trader ship routes ~ EU players no longer have to worry about size, they are moving from 12 grids to 30 ~ No worries to US you are going from 18 to 34 open grids ~ Private Island owners will now get their own grids with other private islands thus keeping it clear what island is what Does this mean a wipe when the map and new Godzilla box comes out? Short answer is yes. That said you keep all unspent points and unspent lootboxes. And in the end you get to be part of one of the largest communities out there for Atlas. All donations/Donators will keep their donations for next wipe.