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  1. Hey all having a great time in Season 6!! Only feedback I have so far is 1) Waterfall audio is super loud (I know u can turn it down in SFX but then it turns down everything else) 2) Insect meat being non toxic for consumption would be cool lol
  2. So the new trade system is coming and the devs are saying that it would be the new way to gather gold but I find that something need to be done about how farmhouses work otherwise the trade system won't work. The problem is that currently each farmhouse/warehouse creates a restriction zone around thenselves much greater than necessary. In PVP servers there is no problem with it since you can always destroy/rob the farmhouse/warehouse of the competition, but on PVE you cant and that is the real problem. Since the trade system call for the companies to have at least one farmhouse connected to a warehouse to start trade routes, and with the current restriction zones created by the farmhouse/warehouses, it becomes next to impossible to maintain the system. Any late coming players/companies will be cut short from the system because they would not be able to lay the basics for the trade system since they will find all the locations in a given island blocked from then. I know from experience that problem since I play in the only official PVE server currently and I can't find any place to lay a single farmhouse in an island I intent to relocate to (for better crop farming) thanks to these restriction zones. So its clear a solution must be found to allow that great idea to flourish. My sugestion is then quite simple: Disable the restriction zones generated by farmhouses/warehouses in PVE servers. It would be like in ARK where you could not grab another player using a flying mount in a PVE server if the said player was not from your own tribe. If that is not acceptable then rework the restriction zones to be more reasonable. For example, make the restriction zone of a given farmhouse be no larger that 1.5x to 2.0x the area around the farmhouse that gather resources, so if the farmhouse gather resources in a 10 meter radius make the restriction zone be no larger than 15-20 meters. That way everyone will be able to play, from large companies to small ones because everyone will be able to have your own piece of land to call their own. In regard of warehouses, a good system would be to allow warehouses to be connected to farmhouses in a way similar to the water pipe system. You place "Road Posts" from the farmhouse to the warehouse so that while those road posts remain active they would connect the two places. That would allow for warehouses to collect resources from distant farmhouses across a island (like those placed on mountains or higher ground locations).
  3. Will you be adding the mechanic that removes grass etc from clipping through foundations? Is there any chance to add a button to unsnap for example I would like to add a post to a specific part but it snaps to the middle of the floor peice, I would like to put it wherever i want on the floor tile.
  4. Dear devs i saw a lot of people making characters small as the size of a cat that's has a result to srinc the hitbox and make ALL ranged weapons useless pls fix it as fast as you can
  5. Hello! Been a while since I posted here, but after seeing the latest post in Steam about the roadmap post Xbox launch I was excited to see that you guys really seemed to be heading in a positive direction. I've been a big fan of Atlas from the beginning, about the potential that could be found here, and of the Dev team that really seemed to be listening/responding to what the community wanted. But I did have some issues that caused me to lose interest in playing, mainly just the fact that it grew boring and offered little challenge really. I was on the PvE side my last round of Atlas, so removing the PvP aspect does take away from the game a good bit, but I really felt like it didn't have to here. Not with some slight changes that I thought would really help to round the content out. Your road map hit a lot of those things on the head, so I wanted to throw out some ideas that I had spoken of before that were along the same lines, and hopefully see them get added ingame. Ships The ships section of the road map mentioned making it possible for those seeking to "live" aboard their ship, it also mentioned offering more activities at Sea. Both of those are great, and would really drive home the "pirates life" that I think a lot of us were hoping for. But one thing I'd like to add there is customization. The ship system is awesome, and a lot of fun, but in the end building your ship is really just the illusion of customization. In the end, aside from a few wall panels and such, you end up with either an efficient ship or an aesthetic ship. But why not both? Adding to the shipbuilding system would be easy, even just adding a "modules" type of situation where you could customize your ships capability through "installed modules" would make your ship unique. It would add another layer of depth to your ship that would make it stand apart from others of the same class. Modules for the hull, sails, even combat side would offer a world of difference while not requiring any more visual art for it (Although visual art on top would be stellar). Aesthetic customization seems to be coming along nicely, but more would obviously help the ship to feel less like "just another ship", and more like a "home". The other issue is the NPC Crews, obviously, they offer solo players or people with small groups the ability to sail larger ships without having to find actual players to sail with. However, when these groups have a combat Galleon each that they choose to sail rather than sail together it makes the game less fun. There are already boons to sailing together, such as having a player with all the cannoneer skills being able to reload faster. Clearly that hasn't proven valuable enough for players to prefer others over NPCs. Adding in better bonuses or boons to having less ships in a company and more player crew when you leave port would also make a world of difference, in my opinion. This could even be achieved by adding a system that checks how many players are on a ship, and has tiered rewards for meeting a specific amount. 5 players - 5% speed increase 10 players - 5% damage reduction 15 players - 10% increase Cargo Weight Etc etc Offering bonuses for having more player crew on a ship could make it more attractive to play together rather than the meta (when I was still active) of everyone having their own ship to offer more "overall DPS". Exploration The biomes are cool, the different tames and resources available are awesome, how the blueprints force you to gather from different areas is fun, however... I never really enjoyed "exploration". I simply went to a different biome to gather, got the tames I wanted, ran some treasure maps, then left. Despite the world being very pretty, it's not like I would really find anything by searching around. Adding in some form of randomly spawning treasure that offered something of more substance than just gold or blueprints would really make the game more interesting. Similar to the discovery points that allowed you to reach higher levels, but possibly something more "character-specific". Such as learning new engrams, giving crafters more than just "high intelligence" to shoot for. You travel and explore not only to reach a higher character level, but also to unlock engrams only available by "having travelled the world". This also makes crafting more than just "who has the most points into intelligence and some good intel gear"? It gives those focusing on being a crafter a whole new level of gameplay. Crafting Speaking of crafting, I loved what you guys did with BPs here as opposed to Ark, giving them a finite amount of crafts. That was awesome, and really made me interested in wanting to be a crafter. However, I think that side of gameplay could use a little bit more love. What I'd personally like to see is reward for time spent crafting, such as when I've crafted 100 medium hull pieces my base hull piece gets a boost. Maybe it becomes Journeyman, or possibly just has increased stats based on how many times I've crafted that item. This rewards crafters for repeatedly crafting the same thing, so an armorer who has crafted a ton of armor would create at a base level higher than someone who just repec'ed to craft off some BPs. The same for ship builders, weapon smiths, you could even include the architect players making building pieces. This would really help to create a player economy as well, giving crafters a reason to try and create "businesses". This could also be easily nerfed when you added in dying of old age and breeding to create progeny (if that's still a planned thing). When they die, they retain a small percentage of whatever they achieved with their last character, this could even work for the "Fountain of Youth". Sure, you are made young again, but the process also cost some of your "memories/wisdom" that old age brought you. In Summary I'm pretty excited about the roadmap, think you guys have been heading in a great direction for some time, and am looking to come back to Atlas here soon. I hope some of these ideas might spark some interest and grow into something awesome, they are definitely things I thought would add to the gameplay.
  6. Atlas One server admin’s perspective on how to save Atlas. About me, I run a small hosting server for game servers. I mostly serve a small gaming community and a few streamers. Most of my experience on game server hosting started in 2015. However, I have over 25 years of sysadmin experience. Atlas is an ambitious idea. I say idea because at this point that is all it is. As it stands now the game continues to bleed players. Even with new content players are just not returning to the game. It is my opinion that this is primarily due to the complete lack of support for unofficial servers. One can’t discuss Atlas without mentioning ARK. Just in case you didn’t know, Atlas, Grapeshot, is made up of ARK Developers and Producers. The game itself has a lot of code ported from ARK as well. This should have made several aspects of the game just work. Many of the features of ARK that work very well have been broken in Atlas. Below are the things that I feel are done right and things that need changes. Done right: · Water system and weather. The water mechanics, waves, wind etc, all are wonderful. I can’t say enough good things about this part of the game. I truly enjoy and most players I know enjoy sailing. It is fun and you can really immerse in this part of the game. · Changed stats. The way stats have been changed generally are good. Much of the power creep that has occurred in ARK is negated with several stats not being changeable and others having much smaller changes. This is for both players, animals. · Building system. Hands down the building system is a 500% improvement. Every aspect to how building works in Atlas is by far one of the best of any of these types of games. I especially like the multi-part system where a wall can be many different things just by cycling when u place. Needs Work: · Animals. While some aspects to animals are ok, several other parts are not. Either you have a taming system, or you don’t. At this point you have, in my opinion, a dumb system. Same with breeding either make it work or don’t have it. It was stated that animals were not going to be a focus of this game. If that was the case, then why make all the changes that make it feel stupid. If animals are not the focus, then don’t give them a lot of utility. If they are needed then don’t change what has worked before, ARK, to some stupid system that doesn’t work well. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. At this point you have gone too far to obviously revert to ARK systems, so you need spend some time and make it work. Major changes Needed: These next parts are more about how the current server systems work. Ini files. · Don’t make us guess what works or doesn’t work here. Have someone spend some time and Actually document the current ini file options for servers. · Fix difficulty scaling, whatever you did to totally bork this, undue it. Add or go back to how ARK difficulty scaling works. Right now, it’s totally borked up and is incredibly frustrating to players and admins. Either have NO difficulty scaling at all or have it work in a nice linear method JUST LIKE ARK. Why does it have to be this bad? o As it stands now, animals don’t gain XP if they are above a certain wild level. Difficulty scaling totally borks Alphas to be unkillable and able to kill everything. Why does having wild 150 animals mean we have level 1160+ Alphas that cannot be killed unless u glitch them or trap them somewhere. o The entire system needs a massive overhaul. In my opinion separate out wild animal levels scaling and alpha scaling. Also break out SOTD and AOTD treasure maps. Some high level AOTD are immune to all damage or only take a single point. o Some survivors from high level SOTD disappear after you “claim them”. Again, difficulty scaling problems. Ship stats · I understand that “official servers” need to maintain a balance. However, you should know by now that this game will be make or break on the unofficial servers. ALL ship stats need to be fully exposed in ini files. Servers need an easy way to adjust these. This is an absolute must; mods will never work well for this and it needs to be a priority change. Many players and servers play a more PVE style and creative style. Without more ability to easily make these changes you lose long term playability. The single biggest complaint I have from players on all the PVE and creative side is this issue. Along with borked animal taming but this one issue is huge. Ships are ATLAS, you have to do better here. o Changes needed, exposed stat settings like that exists for player/animal stats. o Ini control of ship base speeds, including backup speed. o Ini control of each sail type/size. o Ini control of each ship type, number of sail “points” i.e. how many points each ship has for sails, larger sails costing more points etc. o Ini control for expanding builds outside boundaries or expanding the boundary by X factor. This obviously can’t work in all servers but if I want to have a server where I can build crazy ships then, if this is a sandbox game there should be a setting too allow that. Server map systems This is a big topic and I don’t have enough coding experience to know exactly what changes are needed but this is probably the single biggest issue facing Atlas. As it stands right now you can now play single player or non-dedicated with the full official map. Or try the actual official servers. However, unofficial servers are basically non-existent for truly large maps. The game is designed for a large map. The official 15x15 is 225 shards/servers. As it stands now it costs thousands of dollars to have the hardware capable of running a full 15x15 server. So, we have these smaller ones. The problem is that they don’t deliver the full experience because the game isn’t designed for “small” maps. Blackwood attempts to provide this by having a fully custom experience, but that isn’t much better than non-dedicated because it is too small, resources, quests, etc. I have tried to come up with ways to make this work. I’ve had a 5x5 custom map designed which I can run on a single “server” albeit one with Dual 8core/16t processors and 192gb of ram. That is an extreme example. It highlights the big issue. Another workaround that I have been talking with the developer of one of the Atlas Server Utilities about is a hybrid solution. Have a Set number of shards say a 3x3 as a “permanent” online server. This server is running the 15x15 map. Using a discord integration, a player can send a command to a bot to boot up shards F3, F4, F5, etc. This in turn would have those shards boot up for X amount of time and shutdown XX minutes after no players are detected. Something that could be configured for each server integration. Some hurdles are when a player logs off on a temporary shard and that shard shuts down if the player forgets what shard they are in, there needs to be a way to see last known location. This is complicated by a bug with Atlas that player locations are buggy. Often players will be shown online in several shards at once when they are not there. This is likely due to some issue with Redis not sending back data to the shards when a player moves to a new shard. Often this is seen when a “sleeping” logged off player is moved to a new shard on a moving ship. Although it occurs without that happening as well. Another option is for Grapeshot too develop a better server system that integrates some of the features of the single player/non-dedicated experience. Custom maps and the quests. This is got to be the messiest part of having custom maps, trying to integrate the quests and locations correctly. It can be done but it is so damn messy and when new content gets added it frequently must be done again. This needs to be fixed. A re-write of how quests are tracked internally in the game needs to happen. When a server admin must spend more time on upkeep than playing the game or simply cannot because of IRL things like a JOB, and Family, then the game just gets dropped. In closing, I want to stress that this post is just my opinion, though many parts are shared by the players who have player on my servers. Along with other server admins I have spoken too on the various discord servers. Generally, the conscious is that Atlas has great potential but as it stands now it just isn’t worth the time, money, and aggravation. Any constructive opinions are welcome.
  7. This might not be what the game needs the most right now, but I think there's not enough interesting feats to use with melee weapons. There are like 5 feats in the weaponry skill tree, 3 of them are just buffs to your attacks. So we end up with Circular Slice for swords, and Tremendous Force for Maces. Come on, we need something better than just spinning once with a sword or hitting the ground really hard with a mace! The Pike doesn't even have a usable feat. At least give us 1 more actual feat for each weapon. Maybe a lunge for the sword where you do a quick jump forward with a stab, inflicting bleed/stun. An impaling charge with the pike which you can change directions mid-charge, dealing big damage based in distance traveled, maybe even dragging players along like when they're grabbed by lions. (BTW why is the pike's main attack a horizontal slash? Make it a thrust with no forced movement and camera lock like in ARK! Maybe a bit slower for balance). The mace can have like an uppercut where the user jumps with the momentum of the upward swing, moving a little forward while knocking up/inflicting massive torpor to the target. Maybe more weapon types would be cool. A lot of icons in the two-handed skill tree represent a two-handed sword being used so I'd really like to see that implemented into a real weapon in-game. The blackjack and Throwing knives have special uses but maybe they should get some love too? I don't really know how tho. Those are my ideas. All of them have a bit of mobility to help with the rather static movements of most weapons. Hopefully I'm not suggesting something that's too hard to implement.. Sure, they're not historically accurate, but this game wasn't meant to represent historical pirates anyways. You know, with cyclops, magic, undeads and all of that. If you have anything you'd like to say, feel free to do so .
  8. So after playing the game for awhile, I think there are a few things Grapeshot could add to make this game a lot of fun for a variety of players! One thing I think Grapeshot should add is a different type of structure design for wood or stone. Not to get rid of the one already in place but to add my designs to make the community more diverse on servers and to let players be more creative. Another thing is painting, make the colors pop more on buildings, especially roofs when painting roofs there is barely a color difference and it looks gross. make the color bright and "brand new" on the roof. I think Grapeshot is doing a good job with cosmetics with outfits and the wheel skins, but maybe add some for cannons or even the planks of the ship itself. Another thing they could do is have other ways of getting gold besides trading and treasure maps. Doing something similar to Ark with Cave loot. They could have "broken chests" or treasure rooms you can find on certain islands that can give you gold.
  9. I really love this game and i am still after all this time (2k hours), ready for a new start for a new system for pvp servers and i really hope you are working on it for the next update because adding animal and skin will not help at this state of the development of the game (i think). Structure, Ship, Member and Tame limitation: Every server with a good number of citizen (or with big company) always have the same problem, it's laggy. Not only when there is battle and a lot of people who come with ship, tame and weapon. But everyday and everytime. And it's getting crash or 255 ping when more than 40 people are in these kind of grid. Your game will never or will take a long time before having server who can handle all these thing in a big quantity (lot of ship, tame and structure) So that's why people should at select their best tame and ship and not building and breeding again and again without a good limitation. I saw so many big tribe with 100-300 tame in the same place who will never be used and 100-500 npc just for the defense (without counting npc on ship). And like all company, there is always more ship than member (maybe not all but most of them). Every time there is big port with so many ship and some of them never take the sea or only once... With a bigger limitation on tame, when people are breeding everything, they will only keep there best tame and make different place on different grid for making strong tame. Without all the dirty tame, we will win fps and latency. With a bigger limitation on ship, it's force company to limit there number of ship, it's will force company to take time to check what ship isn't used and like before we will win fps and latency on this grid. And now with structure, spam will not be the best thing and building would take time for making a strong defense and think for the best solution. Quality and not quantity. Of course for this option, resistance on building need to be change because they can actually be destroy too easily. Like big wall are so easy to destroy with ship or canon bear, they should be more much more resistant and force people to attack the gates. And the spam pillar system need to be rework but i will speak about that later in this post. Colony system: Colony server was supposed to be for medium and small company and i saw so many big company with 50+ active member ally with 4-5 other big tribe and so you get battle of hundred of people. Small company and medium who live near can't do nothing against such thing. When big company are passing trolling and insulting, they have just two choose, say nothing because they can't do nothing or get wipe by a large number of people. And when u have a small company with 6 members and u get raid by 40+. If they are not stupid they can wipe the small company in a day with any kind of defense from this small company. (even if they have made a big defense) Now about flag system, spam foundation and pillar is actually necessary for any island defense. So depend of the size of the island. I use like 1000 - 2000 pillar for a medium island 40-60 points if i don't do that, people are coming, placing building where i don't want them, like underwater and i can't destroy them if i didn't found them during the first 24 hours (or need to wait 10 day if they don't reset the timer). Angry people are placing canon where they can for destroying everything they can (if u don't have a pillar defense) and can be everywhere just by placing bed and stuff on the island so need to search hours for finding their hiding spot until they do another one. So we are forced to spam structure for defense because building are weak and enemy can harass u all the time without difficulty and in the meantime because these spam of structure (tame and ship too), all the server are lagging all the time and most of server who are not in these case are freeport, lawless (because only few people can leave here because everybody who want to offline raid can go there) and powerstone because there is no structure and tame (or not a lot) Like the previous wipe i hope you are already thinking/preparing a new system because this one is not bad (with token, island claim and combat phase) but so much thing need to be rethinking and change for improve the quality of the gameplay. Making two server Empire and Colony couldn't work even if the idea was good. Large company don't like big battle because of all these laggy/fps problem and why would they go to a server to prove they are the stronger if there is no small or medium company to intimidate. I think you should force the colony server to his main idea who was destinate for medium and small company. So limit member to 20 and ally to 3 other company and that's enough. Big tribe will always try to make 3 company of 20 people but they will be limit about the ally limitation, they will be force to split their ship, tame and structure in different island because most of the time they have a lot of island and they make only one mega big island with a lot of structure, ship and tame in the same place. And it's will limit the number of ally for small and medium tribe, to choose carefully their ally without making alliance with 5 differente grid. And that is a big problem actually, because you can't attack anyone before checking if they don't have 10 tribe ally to them who can come the next day with 50 people. Actually the game is more a faction game than pirate game. More diplomacy than action because of everybody have alliance with a lot of other company. Another idea would be to add another token and delete the combat phase. So u can put the new token for attack an entire company during 10 hours for example. And the price would be very low, like 3000 gold And at least this company who is attack can prepare themself by been warning 12 hours before. The token will not be apply on only one island but all of this company so they can't save everything in another peacetime island. In the other hand, only your company and ally can attack this island and not all the world. On the second best unofficial server they have token only for making combat and it's so much better, you know when you will be attack, you can prepare yourself a bit and know who is your enemy. (but they have x4 rates so it's easier to pay the token than official). That's terrible better because you don't need to watch your defense 9 hours per day in case of random people trying to destroy your ship, killing npc or tame. Grinding and time: One of the problem for most people are the grinding part of the game. Need hours for travelling on the sea, hours of farming and hours for defending their island. Like you did before, you should make a perma x2 on ressource and probably doesn't make x2 every week end or at least not on PVP server. It's doesn't give any sense, if people are only playing on week end, they can't hold their island so they can't play on PVP server. Pvp server are for people who play most likely everyday, like any other survival game where people play, farm and fight without any break. And after the beginning, what you are doing with you event x2 every week end is to let people doing nothing or don't give motivation for playing when there is no x2. Why going to farm exotic ressource, basic ressource, gold, tame or xp our character or ship when you can wait the week end for having everything doubled. The map is too large for the amount of people. I really think you should keep this map for a big release with a possibility of a large number of player but until the game is ready, there is so many grid who are just empty and other are laggy. You are spending time and money for manage all this grid when you could just do a smaller map. Sailling will need less time and people will be more closer for fighting, travelling and trading. And now about the combat phase, 9 hours of fight is too long (for a lot of people). Most of battle even more if there is only small and medium tribe doesn't need 9 hours for fight, if they want to fight, they can do it and prepare themself before for having a good battle duration for doing what we can. And the problem of having 9 hours of fight is forcing to have people connected during these 9 hours (+ more if they start playing earlier or continu later for making travel, PVE, farming or whatever) each day and that's very paintful for a small/medium tribe. If a tribe really want to fight, they check the map a can see all the different combat phase and choose where they can go and there is always a lot of possibility without going very far from their base. Token should have a lower price (like only 500 gem and not 3x500 and lower gold) and for the company who place the token, to have the same token on all their island so if they want to attack, they need to be prepare to defend all their island too, they will think about it twice before doing it or making a smaller token duration. Of course, some tribe can tweak by kicking a member, giving him gold for making token, create company and put a token so all their island aren't in danger but if you think a bit about this, you should find a solution. Ground and Naval battle: For resuming the pvp at this state of the game is simple For ship your have: - 1 schooner type with 1 large speed sail and 1 small, most of the time they have few canon because of the weigh they can handle. Usally they are use with canon on the back with barshot for supporting other ship. (not much use since last update with stats and large canon on the gunport) - 2 brigantine type with 3 large speed sail or 2 large speed and one large handling, most of the time they have only 12 canon on their gunport and some of them have some medium canon on the back. Or they have just full medium canon on the back for farming damned ship. - 2-3 type of galeon with 6 speed sail, 4 speed 2 handling, or full handling. Depending of the captain he can have full medium canon on gunport, 50% medium and 50 % large canon or for a slower and more powerfull galeon, you have 100% large canon on gunport And that's it for naval build. For more detail, most of galleon put more than 200% of resistance because they have 50+ canon comparate to a brig or a schooner with 10-12 canon. So even with mythical canon and 200% damage, will need a lot of balls for fighting a galleon on this state of the game. And a galleon are going faster than a brig or schooner in most of the case so they can run away if they are in trouble. So for resume a galleon is the best choose actually, they can tank a large number of shot, go faster than any ship and have much more canon than any ship. And actually with the new stats system on ship, if u don't have a massive port defense or a big bay close, a galleon with full resistance can just tank every tower and shoot on every ship. And if nobody is here with mortar, he can do that during a long time before backing of. For the ground fight With tame, two option who is most always use in any case is Horse with swivel flame, bear with canon. Sometime a tiger or a lion. Crabe are usefull only for small battle where there is no swivel flame because flame destroy them so easily. On the ground, torpor is one of the best thing actually, you it anyone with a spell or a weapon who give torpor so your enemy sleep and you pick up their stuff before capturing them or just kill them. For the firearms, only riffle is really usefull, long distance and good damage in the head. Flame arrow and bow doesn't deal much damage and break your bow after 10 shoot. Pistol are long to load as a riffle but don't deal the same amount of damage as a riffle. Bola are use for stopping running player or people on tame. Grenade use for everything. Killing player, tame, npc, defense or even building. For resume, the complete package from a soldier is Armor, Riffle, grenade, bola and sword or any melee weapon who isn't already nerfed about torpor. Of course a clibbing, a grappling hook and a glidder for reach every obstacle. That's it. In definetly, not much choose for ground and naval pvp. Suggestion: For naval you definetly need to add a new ship between a brig and a galleon. Something like 12 gunport on each side you could do it easily by take the example of a brig and just making it a little bigger. Resistance should have the same amount of pourcentage as damage. 5% per level so people will more need to choose between resistance or damage and don't make only ship with 200 % resistance and 230% damage for just a ship who is level 42. You should even diminuate the number of damage or resistance by 3% per level, so canon from tower could be more effective than now. And ship with full of damage or resistance will not have 300% of stats. Of couse if you do this the number of HP from damned need to be reduced. Actually a galleon 25 is something like 300k HP. For the ground you need to up the bow and durabily when using flame and normal arrow because they are useless at the moment on PVP. Pistol should give more damage or been able to reload faster than a rifle. You should give possibility to play with a weapon who deal a good amount of damage, like a sword and a mace for making torpor, so people could choose between damage or torpor. Bow or firearms. and you should increase the penetration armor from puckel because someone lvl 100 can take so many shoot with a metal armor until he start to be in difficulty. Balista with npc should be able to shoot on a longer distance for not giving the possibility to a canon bear to shoot them from a medium distance. Resistance on structure should be increase and giving more HP on large wall. That's all I hope this message will be read and these suggestion will help for the future of atlas. See you guys on the sea
  10. Hi Devs, Not sure if this will get to you, but here it goes. I know people have been bringing up the point that they would like to see more ship types and I couldn't agree more. It would be great to see certain new ships, perhaps stronger in different ways; speed, weight, turning, damage, resistance, etc., or combinations all gained through quest lines. Harder the quest line, better the ship outcome, but of course balanced. By making these ships gained through quest lines I think this would be more fun than just leveling up for a new ship. Still keep the current ones for leveling but they would be the base models and the more exotic or skill derived ships can come from a quest line. Also, maybe the a similar thing for some new sails. If you already have something planned, let us know, that would be great!
  11. Can we get a bit longer spoil time on these things please. Or just remove the spoil timer/make them go in a preserving bag/fridge. Something. We made them 6 hours prior. They said they had 12 hours on them. Lost 40 med kits when we logged off to deal with real life stuff.
  12. Just a bunch of suggestions I've thought of while playing the game. I know you guys are still really early in development and are probably already considering a bunch of stuff, but just thought I'd toss some ideas out there to hopefully help improve the game. Personally, I think Atlas is exemplary in regards to EA status. Delays and bugs are a part of EA, but the quality of the content and the attention paid to the community members has been outstanding, in my opinion. But, if I had to be critical on one aspect, the PvE side is incredibly boring and offers very little challenge. That is honestly what most of these suggestions are based on, my own boredom while playing the game. I do realize though that right now you are basically building the foundation, and that the "meat and potatoes" of the content will come in time. SotD Fleet Event Mark a location on a map with varying colors to indicate difficulty, add a countdown timer to when that event starts. Have the SotD spawn in Waves that increase in difficulty, instantly aggro'ing onto any ship in the area. At the end of the "event", loot is split between everyone within the area. Obviously, these would be more difficult than standard fleets and should require multiple ships. This would be a great way to get people to work together in PvE, and possibly stir up a little trouble in PvP. The loot from these being large in quantity or quality would also make them worthwhile, possibly make them the only way to obtain Legendary+ quality Ship BPs. Change Treasure Maps All the enemies spawning in a very small area is not very challenging. Any Crab can instantly take out a Mastercraft or below solo, and do fine on the higher quality maps. Have them spawn randomly in a certain radius and come at the players in Waves. This could be done in a protective bubble like the Kraken, so as to keep the AotD from wandering off. Obviously, this would have to come with a change to map spawning and location selecting as well, doing a map on top of a mountain in this manner probably wouldn't work well. Just force the maps to spawn their location below a certain height, the ones on top of the mountains are pointless anyway. Again, Crab makes it pointless since they can just jump up anyway. Change Flotsam Sailing around to grapple or jump out of the boat and grab Flotsam is super tedious, especially on PvE where they are practically worthless. Make it so that Ships can simply sail over them to pick them up, the loot going to whoever is on the wheel or something. Anything other than Wood Building Part BPs from the flotsams are completely useless on PvE, so at least if you could run them over it would be a little bit of bonus gold. Player Economy The player economy might be working somewhat on PvP, but realistically there is no reason to trade when I can just get whatever I want myself. The changes to make the game less difficult for solo players really overshot, it's super easy to do anything now. But, there is a simple fix for this. You need more T2 and T3 resources made from the gather-able T1 resources. More diversity and difficulty of acquiring the T2 and T3 resources will help to promote a player economy when people would rather buy than gather on their own. Player Crafting Another way to promote the economy is with Player Crafting, which right now sucks. A simple respec into whatever you need to craft, along with all your points into Intelligence, is pretty much all you need to do to craft whatever. Giving Crafters that have put the time into their trade bonuses would help encourage people into staying in their build, such as "The first 100 Large Speed Sails you craft boosts your knowledge of Large Speed Sails, from now on any Speed Sail you craft will have an extra 1% added to their abilities", or something to that effect. Base Attack Event Something similar to Conan, where every once in awhile a hoard of whatever would attack your base. At the immediate moment, there isn't much of a reason to work together on PvE, you don't have any real fear of being attacked, and once you get tames you don't really care about the wild animals. Make it based off of Power stones, the more a Company or Person has the more often the attacks. It can even be based on the claim flag, once every X amount of hours Army of the Damned show up to "take back the Power stones". This would even add an interesting aspect to PvP, where you might have to fend off attackers and AotD if they happen to coincide. Exploration So boring, and mostly just done by bedding around to spots other Company members have left beds. There is no real point besides simply adding more points to your level, which is super tedious, in my opinion. Exploration adding to your "experience level" should be more about unlocking special things, such as crafting recipes, rather than just increasing your overall level. Ships Ships are the lifeblood of this game, more important than tames and more dynamic than bases, yet they feel incredibly lifeless. They should be more akin to Ships in Eve, having "modules" that allow for unique builds. The actual building limits are also a pain, you either build a ship that is functional and the same as everyone else's, or you build a ship for aesthetic reasons and it's useless. Also, stop forcing us into the build you want us to use. Everything about shipbuilding forces us into putting the Cannons into Gunports, if you are going to force us to build ships a certain way, don't make me waste my time putting it together. Just let me put the mats into the Shipyard and spawn the damn thing. Boss Fights Make them Arena style like Ark and change "Any key working for any Stone". It's just too easy to cheese them in the open world, and ships make it a joke to fight them. Bears with Carts, better weapons / armor, etc etc should be needed to do those fights. They will still get cheese'd, but not nearly as cheesy as right now. This would also add to the necessity of crafting high-end gear on PvE, where it really isn't necessary for anything other than Intel boosting. Mythos Nodes in Trenches Right now the primary method of farming Mythos is just hunting the Bosses, but because people also do those for Keys, they are often over farmed. An alternative method of obtaining mythos would promote the use of the mythical BPs. An easy way to add that is Mythos Nodes in the Trenches, difficult to obtain and mid-late game. The subs also have a low carry weight, so that kinda serves as a barrier against people just farming the crap out of it and obtaining a bunch. Maybe increase the weight of a stack just a bit.
  13. Gotta say im a bit disappointed with the amount of work that went into getting these tames. Finally took one out for a test ride. Yep i'll stick with bears, elephants and rhinos. Was expecting a bit more for something that came out of the golden age ruins. Stamina is horrid on them. Ok so its only a lvl 20 pretame but even the charge attack-well id rather be on my bear. They should be able to carry more also. Little bit more damage would be nice. Harder tames should be worth the effort. Oh and it seems that L3 is going through almost double the spawns. It's insane. I lagged out running into the cave trying to turn in the artifact. Was all the skellies, several spiders, bears, and lions. Ya'll need to take a look at the spawners in that grid. If that's a 60% reduction in spawns id hate to see it before.
  14. hello there is how you guys create an option for npc of collector poop seems a simple thing and would help a lot in the game
  15. A little backstory on me: I came to this game looking for a pirate/sea fantasy style game. I had never been a fan of Ark, or any survival games... but the genre has grown on me since trying Atlas. I was/am a fan of Summit1g, and love his videos from Sea of Thieves. I came into this game expecting a Sea of Thieves style game, but with building, and more MMO elements. Most of my time in this game has been on board Brigantines and Schooners, doing ship PvP, raiding, and naval combat. I consider myself quite experienced in PvP, and I'm very proud of my company and their performance against every type of opponent. I've poured countless hours into the game. I can safely say I've dabbled in pretty much every element. Now, with that said, I'd like to lay some heavy criticism at your feet, in the most respectable way possible: #1 - Are we going for 'Realism'/Simulation, or fantasy? What do we weigh more, fun gameplay, or realistic experiences? -Carbine reload timers are 15 seconds, yet we have giant crabs... which, are seemingly impossible to kill with said carbines. The jury is still out, but it appears to require liquid flame, several people coordinating perfectly timed grenades, maybe an explosive barrell, some harpoons, and other tamed animals to maybe kill one. Hopefully the crab doesn't jump over the mountain and instantly heal back up though. And look, I'm fine with silly crab monsters --- but can you give Firearms the same treatment? Let us load that carbine in 3-4 seconds, maybe faster with talents, and actually hurt the giant mutant crab. If we're going to fun - that's great, let's address the unfun things and turn down the realism on them a bit. Vitamins, reload time, freezing to death, etc. If we're going for realism, that's also great - let's tone down the power of tames, especially the giant ones. #2 - Ships have a weight limit, a crew limit... but no listing / balance mechanic. You can have 15,000 kilos on your ship, with 12k KG loaded directly on the rear of your ship. Again, what are we going for here? Are we going for realism? If so, implement some system for listing. Are we going for fun and creativity? Lessen the restriction on crew and weight. I don't like having to tell company members they can't ride on my Brigantine because I don't have a crew slot open or room for the 100kg they're going to take up. #3 - Death, Beds, item scaling and Naked Players. I feel like the entire concept of death in this game needs a long look. Naked players are at the same time way too effective at controlling the meta game. Capturing islands, defending islands, riding tames, etc. Naked vs. common gear is a very marginal difference. Yet on the flip side, a player in full common plate, with a carbine or blunderbuss, melee weapon, vitamin buff, etc... is completely worthless against a player in Legendary or Mythical Gear, or riding a decent tame. We need a more linear scaling system. Paradoxically though, naked players can stall out even the most well geared raid force for HOURS by simply running, contesting, placing structures, etc. Beds need a limit on how many times they can be used in PvP. Perhaps a durability hit each time they are used for a PvP death.
  16. I have lost crew but no tames thankfully to them being raptured. My props go out to the team for fixing 3 bugs that have plagued the game from day one. I haven't had a chance to test and see how well these bugs have been fixed but the attempt / correction is well appreciated I'm sure by many. I'm hoping the lag while walking on a ship that causes you to fall out the back is fixed. If my reading comprehension is correct it has been fixed. That was my biggest concern of falling out of a ship then damned ships attacking my unmanned ship which has happened a few times but thankfully I didn't lose my ship.
  17. Apparently the devs are surprised by modern PvP. Modern PvP went from to Here's some suggestions to combat that mentality from a developer perspective: Ship combat: Place the ship "boundary" closer to the middle to avoid roof-plated freak-ships Cooldown of 10-15 minutes from being sunk to being salvageable (Will remove the demolish-and-drop mentality) QoL-thing, have a default "Unseat"-button and a "Seat"-button to make the group options easier to manage instead of having to: A) Put them on cannon B) Put the same NPC on another cannon (the one you want it to shift to) C) Press and hold N for 3 seconds to unseat D) Whistle passive so they don't YOLO E) Deselect first group, select second group F) Hold Right shift The above method is tedious and the NPCs "forget" their placement history when zoning to another grid. A general unseat/seat option would remove the need for such history. Despawning items: Make it last 10 minutes pr. default dropped package (Sure, it will remove some performance, but will make the grief-mentality less viable) Top 10 ranking Base it off some "Reputation"-system. Ex. Sloop, 2 points Schooner, 5 points Brig, 10 points Galleon, 20 points Add a multiplier based on company size, for example x0.2 pr. 10 members So if you sink a 100 man company's galleon, you'd gain 60 points instead of a 5 man company's Galleon, which would be default 20 points. This will incentivize combatting larger opponents and the reputation points could be used to calculate the "Top 10 companies". Any other ideas and discussion about the above is welcome!
  18. I'm wondering how many of you that are whining about the wipe have even watched the live stream, read the patch notes, or will even partake in the public testing on the designated servers when they go live? Yeah I guess by todays standards on video games-im considered old. I've gamed for the last 20+ years. I can just imagine how you guys woulda handled the earlier MMO's when it took you 8-10 hours of camping a solitary mob to get one update. You died repeatedly. Had to run back to areas that took some time to get to. I'm honestly looking forward to the changes. Yeah no claim flags on PVE. But before I start bitching about that i'm gonna give it a chance to see how it plays out. You guys are assuming the worst without even seeing it in the game context. For all you know the repair structure might be the size of a claim flag that will give a no build radius without the ugly red circles that cover the map. Sorry but there was a shit ton of problems that needed to be fixed- Grandfathered in flags that weren't claimable at all. Abandoned Ships that probably wouldn't be able to take any new decay settings since the flags didn't go through with all the changes. Claim timers to long or to short. People losing bases due to claim flag screw ups/overlapping. Ocean flags taxing sotd kills. Balancing Multivitamins-easier to die then eat food. Fountain of Youth issues Treasure maps going to tax banks Not enough sea area to build a shipyard. Not enough land due to people needing to have 100's of flags. No one wanted to pay rent to live on other peoples land-they chose to live on lawless instead. People hated the tax rates. Lag from 100's of abandoned ships/shipyards Crewmembers contesting claims so they were essentially uncontestable since things go into stasis if you don't log in. You can't tell me that after 4 days of trying to take a flag that the crewmembers on a ship still have food-when no one has logged into that area for over 24 days. That's just a few of the things I can think of offhand at the moment. Wah fucking Wah that your big base will get wiped. {Hey I farmed 30k organic paste, the stone and the metal to make my base) Cry me another fucking river. Or the wall of behemoth gates will be gone. I honestly hope they up the cost on the behemoth gates. Yeah i'm sure some Asians will foundation bomb areas. But hey they wanna take the time to upkeep each and every foundation they drop. More power to them. Eventually they'll get bored or the new latest and greatest game will come out. I have better things to do with my time and other grids to sail to. The majority of you people whining that you'll quit with a wipe. Please do just that. But I'm guessing you'll be back as soon as the patch goes live. The attention seeking behavior is getting kinda old. If you don't like official changes. Go to a private server. Hell they are bringing out a small map for you to play on. You can run your own personal Atlas map on your own comp and set it so its so freaking easy you'll burn the game out in a few days. Honestly i'm looking forward to the population increase. Most grids I sail to only have 1-2 active people on them anymore with the exception of lawless servers. I've had land, lost land, had ships, lost ships, had tames, watched tames die. Put over 900 hours in this game to date. I've been through the good, the bad and the ugly. Welcome to the real world. Shit Happens. I don't like my real life neighbors. I have a choice. Move or suck it up and deal with it. Sometimes my bank account gets overdrawn, my car breaks down, the weather is bad and I can't drive. You don't see me slashing my wrists every time shit goes sour. Aww you paid $30 for a game that wipes the map. Grow up and put your big girl panties on or move along. Plenty of other games you can play. So you spent a whole 300-400 hours building your base with the real world crap going on. If your microwave breaks after the warranty expires-you go buy a new one. Same shit applies here. No matter what changes they make. A portion of the population will never be happy with them. /end rant
  19. I have taming and Piracy. As a pirate, I can make cages, nooses, handcuffs, etc. But the last ability in the Piracy Tree... is USELESS in PVE. How can I claim a ship that I can't even get on? Instead we get the floating "bug" and you can't do anything except die or hope someone grapples you out. Also, having to knock someone out to handcuff them... sure... that's cool. But they can still run away when they wake up. Grappling Hook isn't exactly great looking (or efficient) when dragging someone to a cage or something. Maybe enable the Bludgeon to be able to knock out anyone in PVE (does no damage, just increases Torpor). It would help when trying to arrest and punish bad visitors. But... basically almost the entire Piracy Tree is useless. I have abandoned boats in my Harbor that have been there for weeks and I can't even claim them as a pirate! This needs to be fixed. Especially for PVE. Pirates and Captaineering people should be the only ones that can board/claim ships... While they are anchored. Consider each ship has a flag and there should be an appropriate flag timer. Of course Pirates with the last Skill can declaim faster. This will help fix the abandoned boats issues in PVE without having to wait for 3 weeks of inactivity when it only takes 1 spawn to "reset" it for another 3 weeks. Treat each ship as flags, just like land claims. Pirates can claim ships faster. Cannot be claimed until the flag timer runs down due to inactivity. The more ships the company has, the lower the timer is... just like with land claims as they are now.
  20. I can only imagine how difficult it is to sift through the posts or anger and outrage to find the golden nuggets of actual feedback rather than aggressive complaints so I'll start by saying I love the game. Bugs and all. I appreciate it's status as an early access release and how quickly you've addressed so many game breaking issues. I understand that a lot of your focus has been primarily on the PVP experience and bringing it into balance, reducing exploits and trying to ensure a quality, fair but still competitive experience for players of that demographic. I play on a PVE server, so a lot of those fixes, while necessary, haven't improved our experience. Here are a few things we deal with as players who don't have huge companies, fleets of battleships and have chosen to play through the adventure without the PVP element. Temperature is an issue. Investing in fortitude doesn't scale with the extreme heat we experience on every island, regardless of it being tropical or temperate. Some of us have spent 70 points in fortitude and still die from repeatedly during unnecessary daily heatwaves - and they happen every single day. We invited some new players who had not experienced ATLAS before to join us. The spawned at the freeport and died within minutes of heatstroke. Then, they chain died from it. They tried everything- Jumping into the ocean, drinking fresh water, standing under the awnings of the freeport buildings. Cloth clothes didn't help them survive. There is no ability to stave the consequences of extreme, 141 F heat daily. What we discovered is that we have to actually leave a island biome and move into open sea to escape on a boat. That means, drifting along side an island, two feet to the left it can b 141 degrees, and two feet right it can be 75 degrees. The problem here is new players do not have ships. Even houses that provide the shelter icon do not reduce the temperature, and while yo can bundle up in the cold, you can only take off so much before you just submit to the inevitable and die until it's night- that leaves nighttime the only real viable time to get anything done. Occasional heatwaves are acceptable- but at level 70 with 50 points in fortitude, in cloth clothes, sitting on an ostrich, wearing a parrot, dying from heat every day cycle is arduous. Nothing helps. Those players we invited? They quit. All three of them. Dying due to unavoidable circumstances in the first 15 minutes is a bad user experience. Pet Leveling Again we have an issue with scaling. When our pets level, they get, o the average, between 2 to 8 points of health added to their pool. That is inconsequential. Putting points into their melee may improve it 0.2% - meaning a single swipe does virtually no more damage post level than it did prior to the point investment. I understand you wouldn't want "SuperPets" that provide the proverbial "I Win" button, but the achievement of leveling a pet lacks any sort of reward. There is no sense of accomplishment in return for the effort. The gain is so minute that there are some players not even bothering to spend points gained via leveling their pets until it is actually worth it. Weight is probbably, thus far, the only thing that provides a modicum of assistance to the player. Breeding As mentioned before, temperature. temperature, temperature, temperature. It bakes a newborn on day one. We've had players build custom housing, testing with different forms of shelter to see the disparities in insulation. No matter the material of the shelter, wood, thatch or stone, death come on the first heatwave. We're trying to work around this by building out onto the sea as far as we can to reduce the temperature damage. It is not fun to wait 4-9 hours for a birth just to find that the results are nonviable due to elements outside our control. Age I'm now 88 and the Fountain of youth is well outside my reach. As a small company without outside assistance, we do not have access to the abilities or strength required to access the fountain of youth or the resources required for it. When the debuff comes in, I'll likely have to re-roll my character. I expected a much different mechanic when it comes to aging. When I chose my Family Name, I thought that implied I would have access to future legacy characters. for example, I might have to start again at level 1, but benefit from a legacy buff, as my characters child. Not only would that have demonstrated my playtime invested, but paid tribute to my achievements made throughout the game. I expected I'd have inherited all of my dead players content, but have to crawl up the ranks again to achieve her greatness! I was excited about the concept of generations and carrying a family name through the eras. The fountain of youth is indeed something at least, but it feels more like a simple reset that I have to go to great lengths to find and enlist the help of more people than I even know. It is still a disappointing mechanic in ATLAS where dying is easier than managing all the mechanics in play. We have a running joke when vitamins are low or we're minutes from heatstroke. "Eat Sh*t and die" is the quickest resolve. Hilarious as it is, it shouldn't be such a trial to simply survive that death is so often the only answer. It often feels like ATLAS is the game that doesn't really want you to play it as much as it demands you die in it over and over until you simply quit. A look at the reddit demonstrates that many share those same sentiments. It can be so unreasonably unforgiving to the player. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. And thanks for all your hard work.
  21. Here is my list of improvements after a fair amount of playtime. Please consider the critics. The game have good potentials but you really need to step away from the copy paste all mechanics ARK had. You need to bring more new stuff. Specially how to interact with objects. Your E menu interface is not fun at all. Noticeable when sailing. My list of suggestions: 1. Cold = Death: If you decide to be on cold islands well fortitude won't save you, spent 8 points into it still freezes to death unless near 3 campfire with cloth armor. Also standing in houses require a lot of fire to keep warm. Increase fortitude resistance to elements House give resistance to all elements 2. Acid Rain: Rain comes together with cold fronts, as mention cold was already a huge issue and kills you a lot, being wet makes it even worse. I died in a warm freeport because a cold front with rain came. It is savage. Also spawning in rain 100% wet, 1 nano second in rain 100% wet. Make wetness scale linear instead of 100% wet when outside. The skill tree for resistance to coldness in water should apply to the coldness applied by the wetness bar. If wet you resist the extra coldness a lot better. Right now it is not even noticeable. 3. Building: It was not nice in ARK and since the game is more or less an exact copy it is still a pain. The use of T and Q to bring snap points and so forth barely noticeable and sloped half wall has a right and left config and it is pain in butts to pay attention to when to use the right one. Automate the half sloped walls to fit for left and right. Either make better visual for the use of T and Q instead half opacity white in left bottom corner or bring back old ARK building with blueprints instead of T Loom is huge scale it down! looks like a big shop. Longer time to pick up or always able to pick up. 4. Vitamine: So yes super cool idea but don't really work? I guess you want cooking to be a huge thing although the vitamine destroys it. You eat one source to the rim of overeating and vitamine overeating. The deplition of vitamine is far less than hunger. You get hungry much much quicker and whopsie daysie you are poisoned for eating to much of same vitamine. This can kill you. Remove damage from overeating same source of vitamine Sync vitamine depletion together with hunger depletion Make skill of lesser vitamine depletion to also make hunger deplete lesser. 5. Boats: They are bad, it is so hard to sail them! Anchor is impossible, you need to find that hidden spot with small text, sails well you need to navigate through the worst interface menu of all games to find rotation and sail lower and raise buttons. Instead you could bound them to the actual buttons. After pressing E on sails use W and S to raise and lower sails. Hold E to get Massive interface where you can quick lower or quick raise. Will make it more easier to sail. Afer pressing E use A and D to turn around sail to Left and Right. Will make it much easier. Sloops hole in middle totally useless unless hiding from acid rain. Can't build anything down there or take part of fire warmth. Add visual anchor spot to press E on, If stuck on land have sound effect and increase the turn speed for easier unstuck. When sailing instead of only a small picture of showing wind and sails, add some sort of wind blowing in a certain direction. Make a fancier picture. More animation and sounds during sailing. Like more water splashing against the boat when more rough seas and more bounce up and down on the waves with sounds of boat splashing down after a big wave. 6. Death: So there is a lot of glitches when it comes to death. If you die many times it clips through environment and you cant reach it. Fix the body clipping through building, minerals, boats and ground. Transfer all items button for all inventory management Make the death beam smaller and more centralized. Death beam animation of skull need improvement. 7. Resources: Well it is not that bad but some remarks here. When using sickle you get berries from berry bush and fiber from fiber bush. Why not get fiber from all bushes increase the rate of fiber gathered. Specially in the cold biome from cotton bushes barely noticeable. Increase fiber gain from using Sickle. When you harvest stone as an example you can hit anything near that stone. I got killed by a pack of elephants because I harvested stone on the opposite side of where an elephant stood. Spears also hits everything in its surrounding even behind you. Once again elephants killed me because I tried to kill a chicken! As a last mention please be sure to at least try to optimize things. 100 GB disk space and computers can barely run it. My friend gets black skyboxes and I run below 60 fps with GTX 1060 3GB where I could run ARK with almost 60 FPS with much higher settings in graphics. To me it seems to be the water causing a lot of problems.
  22. So I am seeing so many hate threads, so many complaints, and yes, whilst feedback is good, the nonsense that goes with it in a ten paragraph explanation is just not helpful. Would the community be better off with polls so we can provide that feedback the devs require such as: Was the Stone update a good or bad one? If 75% of the community said no, then the devs can use that to make their decision and change it. It would also limit the amount of threads that go way off topic? Was the inclusion of the submarine something you all wanted to see? Yes or No? Again, its this feedback which is more helpful surely? What do you guys think?
  23. Hello I play A character in the PVE NA Servers Named Blight Blackflame under the Huntsmen's Wrath (company) and V15.35 is the reason I have and will continue to be writing Feedback Reports to further better the development of ATLAS, from the perspective of the consumer and someone who is generally interested in the continuation of this Game Title. I will list the known issues from most pending to minor annoyances. The Fountain Of Youth Update I was Personally Involved in the update the other day sailing out to the troll rumor of O14 being the source of the Fountain. it wasn't for the fact that it was a false rumor but that it showed the weakness of the servers going over 150 for just something that would keep us from "dying" A.K.A de-buffed to the point of no point of playing. Not to mention the majority of the populace of ATLAS has been playing since day one and have already reached the age of 90 if not getting there eventually. and I don't want the game to slow down for me before any of the other exciting installments come later this February. An easy solution would be to take age out of the game until Development can give players more simplistic ways to avoid the age of Death and it's Debuffs, like the Rebirth cycle or a way for every power stone Island to have the Fountain of youth causing less struggle on any one particular server. Animal Benefits And Company Usage Players should feel invested in using a tree that enables the use of animals to resource materials faster and making up the time of use to greater their building speed and overall ability to supply the demands of blueprints. I can not Recall the Patch but there was a patch update that killed the use of bulls for thatch and being that my friend went out for trade for a bull for that very reason, killed the use of bulls, we now have a bull that is "just there" and that is its use for now. The 15.1 V update was a little disheartening, to say the least, almost making it seems like Taming animals is going to be a waste of time if they couldn't carry more than the normal players weight capacity with the canceling of weight reduction and I would even include that the 15.3 V update only delayed the question if animals would be worth the points to spec into. also from a strategic standpoint is the idea that a small company of players who play together cannot benefit from animals if one player specs into all ship related things, another player into cooking, another into building and then the one player into taming, if the rest of the players who didn't spec into taming can not even use them to farm resources at a reasonable speed. then that one player is dedicated to being the pack mule of the company, and I'm sure that's not an enjoyable way to play the game. A good Solution would be to obviously revise the bull to be the thatch king again, maybe not add a full weight reduction but maybe a little reduced in comparison with a player vs tame with the weight improvements we have now, also either removing the riding mount engram from the taming tree or at least allowing all the animals with the saddles to be ridden within that company without needing the tree altogether. Player Griefing in PVE with Involvement of Weight Personally, I wouldn't bat an eye if they did nothing to combat the Griefing but I do find it commendable that the developers see the voices in the community and respond, but the response creates more problems than answers being that you can still overweight a ship by climbing the ladder still causing it to sink, and now players who don't even mean to climb on to boats to sink them are forever stuck and lose their material and valuables. If we could find a way to make other players weight and player accommodations (in PVE only) non-existent so it wouldn't affect ships I think that would be the best way to defend players in the PVE servers from Greifing. Timed Events "mini-games" Time events aren't "horrible" but it does seem to kill the immersion of the game I am trying to play, I don't want to do anything that makes me "unlock a door" or "time a punch" or "load a gun 3 separate times" and again I get it, the more skilled players will come out on top with the timing and will kill players faster because they are clicking the skill checks faster. but at the same time, it seems like everything has timed events and I don't think to add more to the game will improve anything about it personally. and despite the way, I listed this I think this last issue is the most important. Grapeshot Studio's Self Image I know there is a possibility they will not see this forum and despite that, I would like to include this because it is something I want to make sure is said. I admire the studio's commitment and courage to wake up every day to come to work and try their best to improve the game in any way shape or form despite the backlash. Being I started in a small game development group myself I understand that not everything that sounds nice on a piece of paper or even written on a form will be easy to implement or even possible. But to see the development team dawn their favorite pirate get up during the other day live stream shows they are emotionally invested and are happy to be contributing to creating a world inside the game they are developing. Just because they are using assets and Ui they helped develop for their sister studio Wildcard doesn't make them weak, they should be proud and say "yeah we helped make ARK" and "we will be using some things from ARK to make an entirely new game" And if they are challenged to make new UI and things like that I'm sure they will go the full distance and do it and more. I will continue to play ATLAS and post feedbacks from time to time again and hope the best for the studio, they have earned my respect and I personally hope they persevere and come out on top in the end. Until then these are all the main issues I have with the game and hope you guys like them or even include onto it if you have any issues. Thanks for reading (add plague doctors ;p)
  24. We have all become aware of the concerns generated by the 7.0 update A lot of information is shared on social networks and various forums related to the game, this topic is there to gather information and feedback from players. First of all I would like to say that we all fallen in love with atlas, and that if the community clings so much despite the shortcomings of the game it is because we all see a huge potential, so I would like this topic to be feebacks about support / solution rather than reproach / problem. Everything started yesterday during the first crash server (L9, C15, E4), some players went to its areas (mostly by boat) and we were disconnected with the impossibility of reconnecting to the game (timeout error) leaving behind them their boats and equipment on a deserted sea... Then the update 7.0 occurred this morning 11a.m (EU), following that the community manager @Jatheish tweeted " Been quite a long day for me, so I'm going to get some sleep and will be back at this again in a few hours. Sorry if I'm unable to reply to each tweet/DM/msg...", which is normal given that the staff worked non-stop to get us out 5 Update in less than 3 days and those during the Christmas holidays, but this break left free rein to the monstrosity brought with the patch 7.0 without answers and actions of the staff, the whole community could only be a spectator of the following points: Boats of the army of the damned have spawned everywhere on the map of the most remote islands at the nearest freeport, destroying at arm's length everything that is bigger than a raft (boats on the sea, under construction or even those blocked on the servers down mentioned above (L9 ect) The extreme redesign of the skilltree not giving any chance to the solo players or even to the small group of players I let you express yourself on the solutions to bring, if other concerns appear I will edit the topic Following communuty feedbacks >
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