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  1. If you log in and you can't use E to interact with stuff, or have no ui, HUD, etc. die, have someone kill you etc. at the respawn screen select set new home server (or whatever). pick a different freeport then the one you started at. respawn there. then die and go back to your base. few ppl I know have been having this problem. good luck bros.
  2. Dojii

    J10 discovery "long ago" is bugged

    my friend went and got the other or (at 4-5 seconds in vid) first.... and got "some old rock".. both those discovery points are tied to one discovery. = Some old Rock
  3. Dojii

    J10 discovery "long ago" is bugged

    the dialogue in the clip doesn't reflect the order I got. the one that was an orb clearly above ruins ended up being "some old rock" and the orb for the one you see at 4-5 seconds in--- never yielded a discovery, and disappeared.
  4. In J10 the discovery "Long Ago" is bugged. It seems to be tied to the same orb "Some old Rock". I picked up "some old rock" discovery first. Then the other orb disappeared. Here is my drive by of island with 2 small orbs. also some of the natives I talked to told me they didn't have it either. did several night runs with spyglass. it's broke
  5. I'm trying to do this discovery I found on the atlas wiki called "Halycon's Breech". Wiki says it's in the Trench. If anyone finds this please let me know it's the last discovery I need in D12. I spent 3 hours underwater with my Spyglass to no avail. Breech is the butt of a cannon, before the shaft. Idk....
  6. Dojii

    GangPlank Dance (WHERE IS IT)

    jumpsuits thicc AsF
  7. Dojii

    GangPlank Dance (WHERE IS IT)

    cool going to try this today
  8. Epic or Medium? Performance
  9. Dojii

    GangPlank Dance (WHERE IS IT)

    plz BlessRNG
  10. Hey everyone, I went to D12 and did the powerstone. Previously it gave the GangPlank dance. (such is the best). But I guess they have switched it around. Anyone know where it is now pleeeeease will be indebted for ever.
  11. Dojii

    D8 Freeport Discoveries not working

    cool willl try this hopefully its a workaround ! cheers
  12. on land, tried over a few days, multiple times. logging out. leaving grid. nothing seems to work. xo