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  1. So the new trade system is coming and the devs are saying that it would be the new way to gather gold but I find that something need to be done about how farmhouses work otherwise the trade system won't work. The problem is that currently each farmhouse/warehouse creates a restriction zone around thenselves much greater than necessary. In PVP servers there is no problem with it since you can always destroy/rob the farmhouse/warehouse of the competition, but on PVE you cant and that is the real problem. Since the trade system call for the companies to have at least one farmhouse connected to a warehouse to start trade routes, and with the current restriction zones created by the farmhouse/warehouses, it becomes next to impossible to maintain the system. Any late coming players/companies will be cut short from the system because they would not be able to lay the basics for the trade system since they will find all the locations in a given island blocked from then. I know from experience that problem since I play in the only official PVE server currently and I can't find any place to lay a single farmhouse in an island I intent to relocate to (for better crop farming) thanks to these restriction zones. So its clear a solution must be found to allow that great idea to flourish. My sugestion is then quite simple: Disable the restriction zones generated by farmhouses/warehouses in PVE servers. It would be like in ARK where you could not grab another player using a flying mount in a PVE server if the said player was not from your own tribe. If that is not acceptable then rework the restriction zones to be more reasonable. For example, make the restriction zone of a given farmhouse be no larger that 1.5x to 2.0x the area around the farmhouse that gather resources, so if the farmhouse gather resources in a 10 meter radius make the restriction zone be no larger than 15-20 meters. That way everyone will be able to play, from large companies to small ones because everyone will be able to have your own piece of land to call their own. In regard of warehouses, a good system would be to allow warehouses to be connected to farmhouses in a way similar to the water pipe system. You place "Road Posts" from the farmhouse to the warehouse so that while those road posts remain active they would connect the two places. That would allow for warehouses to collect resources from distant farmhouses across a island (like those placed on mountains or higher ground locations).
  2. So I started playing this game about a month ago. After a long time playing Ark the whole "pirate" setting was appealing. After a while I noticed that the crew system is cool but there is something that is lacking and that is Shore Leave. Basically the ideia is for you to "store" your crew members when not needed by making then go on shore leave. You would build some structures, like taverns/bars, brothels and etc and when ""assigned" to those structures the crew would not cost food or money to keep, after all, after taking their salary from you for so long they are now expending it with drinks, food and women (or men after all there are women as crew members too). You need to keep the structures supplied with food, drink and other materials so that they keep running but while doing so your crew members are entertained and would not cost you anything. This system is similar in mechanics to the cryopod mechanics introduced in Ark for safekeeping of dinos, only it is setup in a manner for a pirate setting.
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